Yae Miko Story Quest Guide (Chapter I)

Shortly after Inazuma was released on Genshin Dampak Impact 2.0, Yae Miko quickly became a beloved persona. His wit and mischievous speech are highlights of his personality, one that would even overwhelm Electro Archon.

Since Miko was by nature a familiar and a servant of Archon, she had the best interests of the region in mind. Though at times, Miko did think of her own good before anyone else’s. Tourists will understand more after they play Yae Miko’s Story Quest in Genshin Dampak Impact.


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Chapter Divina Vulpes Yae Miko – Act I Story Quest Guide

First Hand Guide to Summoning Spirits

Yae Miko’s Story Quest begins with a Traveler who hears rumors about a new book. This title,Live Guide to Summoning Spirits” is said to have the ability to grant any wish if one performs certain rituals.

Mysterious Urban Legend Sub-Quest

Yae Miko at Grand Narukami Shrine

To know more about this book, players must find Yae Miko in Narukami Great Shrine. There, a man pleads with Guuji to help him. This guy, Katou Youhei, said that his brother had been acting strange lately. He asked Yae Miko to expel her relatives.

Kenji talks about Katou's brother

After finally agreeing to help, Kitsune decides to wonder about the situation. One of the villagers Kenjisaid that Youhei’s brother appeared to be a swordsman overnight and managed to defeat Domon’s disciple.

Shortly after, Youhei came running and said that he found his brother.

Tourists against Oni's spirit

Now, players must trip to the waterfall to find Shingo, Youhei’s brother. After throwing salt at Shingo, some kind of spirit will appear out of nowhere. Beat to continue with stories.

After the exorcism is complete, it is revealed that the Katou brothers made a wish following the novel “First Hand’s Instructions for Summoning a Spirit”, and Shingo was possessed by a demon. oni Spirit. But even so, Miko said that she didn’t need to get involved in this matter. He claims that possession will have no permanent impact on humans.

Yae Miko was shocked

However, after hearing that Yae Publishing House was losing market share, Guuji decided to take matters into his own hands.

Friendship in Writing Sub-Quest

Paimon Lumine and Yae Miko

Meet Yae Miko at Her Publishing House to come up with a plan on how to compete with viral novels. The clever fox said that to fight the big thing, one had to find the next big thing. Using Traveler’s experience, Miko decides to help them create their own novel.

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Now, go to Uyuu restaurant to meet the Yae Miko writing team. Here, players have to choose a total of three titles for their book.

Submitting a novel entry

After completing the brainstorming, find Nakano Shino in town to submit the full title. In order to find out how well the novel performed, players had to wait three days in the game. Tourists can speed up time using the clock feature in the Paimon Menu.

Yae Miko laughed

While Miko believes the novel will outperform “A Firsthand Guide to Summoning Spirits,” she says the work isn’t done yet as they still have to find the book’s original author.

Centuries of Dream Sub-Quest

Painting in the Yae Miko Story Quest domain

Therefore, players had to go to a Domain specially prepared for summoning spirits. In this challenge, the Traveler must turn on four Electro lights to complete it.

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Note that there are a total of six Chests in this Domain. Make sure to take them all before completing the task. Otherwise, players will not be able to return for them.

Yae Miko's Story Search Domain

Once the Electro lights are all activated, the mechanism will be triggered and set the summoning location. Since the ritual would put a person in a trance, Guuji kindly asked the Traveler to become his victim.

The story will continue with Yae Miko finding out who is behind all this trouble. The youkai involved asked Miko if they would have another one Hyakkiyakoand he promised so.

Farewell Supper​​​​Sub-Quest

Yae Miko explained Hyakkiyakou

Returning to the Narukami Grand Shrine, Kitsune explains that the Hyakkiyakou are simply a collection of Youkai. However, since the ritual will attract a lot of monsters, Miko instructs the Travelers to clean the shrine and deal with the enemies while the ritual is performed.

Lumine and Paimon saw a monster

There will be a total of four waves in the fight. After fighting the monsters, return to the Narukami Grand Shrine to witness Hyakkiyakou.

Yae Miko doing the ritual

A beautiful cutscene will begin and Traveler can watch Youkai fill the sky and block the moon. Unfortunately, after seeing all of her old friends return to where they came from, it made Miko feel a little lonely.

Move the day forward using the clock feature

To cheer him up, players will treat Yae Miko to a meal. Speed ​​up the time to the next day to continue the search.

Yae Miko at Uyuu Restoran Restaurant

The next day, Kitsune would go ahead and order before the Travelers even arrived. He ate big and sumptuous, thoroughly enjoying himself. Paimon would then comment on how the Yae Miko were cheap when she treated them last time.

Divina Vulpes Chapter - Chapter I finished

After this scene, the Act I Yae Miko Story Quest will end and players will be rewarded 60 Primogem.

Genshin Dampak Impact now available on Mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5. A Switch version is under development.

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