Yae Miko Nerf Will Roll Back Following Feedback on Changes

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When Genshin Impact Patch 2.6 appeared, finally changing how one character works. The change to Yae Miko changed her Elemental Skill, which caused a nerf. Due to the new targeting system, sometimes it doesn’t work properly or gives crashes. Now miHoYo announced it would roll back the changes on April 6, 2022. It will also award Primogems to players as compensation.

This is what happened. When Genshin Impact Change 2.6 occurred, accidentally resulting in a nerf to Yae Miko’s Yakan Evocation: Sesshou Sakura. Usually, when he uses this, he basically places up to three “towers” called Sesshou Sakura. It will deal Electro damage to enemies when active. As a result of the patch, it will prioritize attacking nearby enemies. The new patch will randomize enemy targets.

As for the free Primogems, everyone would get 100 of them. It will be shared in a message in the in-game email between April 6-9, 2022.

This is not the first time five stars Genshin Impact characters are changed following feedback from players. After Zhongli launched in 2020, it received two rounds of buffs.

Genshin Impact available for PS4, PS5, PC and mobile devices. It’s also coming to the Nintendo Switch.

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