Work! How to Connect Xender To PC In 2021

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Here is everything you need to know about how to connect xender to PC.

Xender!….An app that lets you transfer files from one android phone to another via the use of Wi-Fi. I can literally beat my hands on my chest and say xender has the edge over the old “cousin” flashshare. Xender is enough extraordinary because it offers some cool features.

Basically, file sharing is the goal of xender that every normal user will use. But for some, it actually serves as a tool for things on Android.

want to know additional uses of xender?

I know you did.

Sorry to burst your bubble but for the sake of this post I’m just going to share how to connect xender to pc

Don’t be disappointed, keep an eye on Techytab. Other technical features of xender that are not related to file sharing will be posted.

So, did you know that you can actually connect xender to PC and transfer files from your Android device to PC via wifi?

How to Connect Xender To PC

I like this method of sharing files from PC to Android because it is quite technical. Transferring files from Android to Pc or vice versa (Pc to Android) has been made possible through the use of Xender. This unique process takes only a few steps to complete setup.

why should i use this?

maybe your usb cable is damaged.

or your PC doesn’t recognize your phone.

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or you want to share large files without fear of the transfer being interrupted by the wrong USB cable being loose.

or just for fun.

I will show briefly the steps to connect xender to PC.

Note: The image shown below is for xender v3.1

Steps: How To Connect Xender To Pc

Step 1:

Open your xender and click/tap the cursor like symbol at the bottom right of your phone screen as described in the image below. If yours is not like the image below? You can upgrade your xender to v3.1.

how to connect xender to pc

Step 2:

When step 1 is done, the interface will appear as below, click/tap PC/mam.

how to connect xender to pc

Step 3:

Another interface will appear, click on the hotspot symbol next to your screen as shown below.

how to connect xender to pc

Step 4:

On your PC, turn on your wifi, find a hotspot, and connect. Hotspot name will look like this Xender_Ap46d5

Step 4:

Now on your PC open a browser, preferably UC-browser or chrome, and enter this code in the address bar. then press enter.

connect xender to pc

Step 5:

After opening the address, you will see a pop-up message on your phone asking you to accept the process.

Your Android should now be successfully synced with your PC.

That’s basically how to connect xender phone to pc

I have many people ask me, how to download files from xender to my PC. This is very easy.

Once you connect xender to your PC, you will see the files and folders on your Android device displayed on your PC screen.

Just click on the file you want to download to your PC and then click download. The file will be automatically downloaded to your PC.

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PS You may need to specify the directory where you want to save the file.

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That’s basically how to connect xender to PC, I hope this article helped you. If you run into any issues trying to make this connection, leave a comment and I’ll be there to help right away. One of the most common errors is when it refuses to connect and displays your smartphone files on PC, all you have to do is turn off your hotspot and try to reconnect from scratch.

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