Why You Should Volunteer in College (& How to Do It)

In college, you may be asked to volunteer to earn academic credit, qualify for certain scholarships, or compete on an athletic team. Some students may find it difficult to volunteer because their schedule is filled with homework, classes, clubs, and other activities. There may also be days when you feel like you barely have time for yourself, let alone time to help other people or groups. However, taking the time to volunteer will help you grow as an individual and give back to those in need.

On other days, you may have time but lack motivation. It may be difficult at first to use your free time to help, but volunteering is beneficial for almost everyone involved. You may be wondering, “How does volunteering help in college?” Read on to learn more about the benefits of volunteering for students.

Why should I volunteer in college?

Volunteering can provide many benefits for others, the community, and yourself. There are many reasons why you should volunteer, and in college, you have access to many volunteer programs and organizations to facilitate your efforts. We’ve compiled a list of the best reasons to volunteer as a student.

1. Help Others

The main reason you should volunteer is to help others. There are a lot of people who were born at a disadvantage, a lot of students who struggle to learn the material even after the teacher explains it, and a lot of organizations that just need one more set of hands. Would you choose to work at a food bank, teach students, or help out Habitat for Humanity, volunteering can help you feel like you are using your time more effectively. You will definitely feel appreciated for helping those in need.

2. Make a Difference

Volunteering can make a huge difference in the world. Many people do not have proper food, clothing, or shelter; volunteers can feel good that they are providing for these people’s needs and giving them hope for a better future. Volunteering reminds you to be grateful for what you have and teaches many lessons.

3. Help the Environment

Volunteers also play an important role in protecting and preserving the earth. If you are interested in helping the environment, you can start by picking up trash or helping with other clean-ups around your area. You can also volunteer to help plant trees, keep the ocean clean, help protect endangered wildlife, and more!

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4. Promote Personal Growth

The volunteer experience, at its core, is about helping others. However, they often provide personal benefits as well. Giving to others can bring you happiness, and it can help you develop purpose. If you’re the type of person who’s always on the go, volunteering can be a positive escape from your busy reality and give you a chance to slow down.

5. Build Your Resume & Skills

Building a great resume is necessary to get an internship or future job. For those who haven’t graduated yet, volunteering can also help you stand out when applying for scholarships! Employers and colleges love to see volunteer work on job candidate resumes because it helps show that the candidate puts others first. It can even increase your chances of being selected.

6. Visit New Places

If you love to travel and need a good reason to do so, consider volunteering. You can plan a volunteer experience as an “alternative spring break,” or you can volunteer for a summer in a foreign country. There are many companies for national volunteers that help others around the world and give you a great experience. Many groups organize trips to places like New Zealand, Africa, Thailand, India, Peru and many more.

7. Participate in Your Community

While volunteer trips abroad are eye-opening and important, sometimes the areas where you need help most are right under your fingertips. There are many how you can volunteer in your community and get more involved in your community organization. In addition, you will be able to meet new people and learn about the area; this is very useful for those who are new to the area.

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How can I find volunteer opportunities in college?

You’ve made the decision to donate your time and help make the world a better place. We respect your decision. So how do you get started? Luckily, there are plenty of volunteer opportunities around. You just need to know where to look. To find what’s right for you, consider the following tips.

1. Check with your college

There are many clubs, organizations, and community service programs on your campus whose main purpose is volunteering. There are many others who add a little volunteer work to their annual agenda. If the time commitment to either of the two options is still too much for you, you might consider taking a service-learning course offered by your college. These courses combine volunteerism and learning into your regular class schedule. In addition, you will receive academic credit for it.

2. Ask friends and family

If you want to help someone you know, the best thing to do is ask your friends and family if they need help. Try posting on Facebook to see if anyone you know needs additional help. You can also use your social networks to discover more volunteer experiences and get referrals for new opportunities.

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3. Consider your interests and skills

Consider your favorite things to do. Do you enjoy sports, the outdoors, or pet? You can volunteer to teach an exercise class, plant trees in your community, or help play with pets at your local animal shelter. You don’t need any special skills to volunteer, but your talents and interests are worth considering. If you’re great with kids, consider volunteering at a school or daycare center. You should choose volunteer opportunities that suit you, so you can do your best and help others.

4. Choose your volunteer location

While there are many volunteer opportunities for students on campus, you don’t have to dedicate all your time there. While your community, surrounding cities, and neighboring states are all options for volunteering, some of the most exciting trips take place around the world. Many colleges or community groups plan trips to other countries to help build schools or help with clean-up after natural disasters. Volunteering abroad is a great opportunity to give your life purpose while seeing the world.

Student volunteerism can take many forms and can impact many lives. The time you dedicate to volunteering at college benefits you and everyone you help. It can make you feel satisfied, and it will look great on your resume. Plus, you get to choose your volunteer location and category of work.

Even though most students have busy schedules, you can still find ways to do some volunteer work, such as service learning courses. Even if you can only give an hour a week, it will be appreciated. It’s never too late to start; Go out there and discover how you can make a difference by volunteering today.

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