Who Owns PO Box 340 Waite Park MN ?

Have received a mailer with Address PO Box 340 Waite Park MN and wondering who owns it? This guide will assist you.

We’ve searched online and came across companies or individuals who have a connection to this postal address.

From the location, you will see that the address is Waite Park in Minnesota MN.

In this article we will present the name of the business, its contact number, email address as well as the web address that are associated with the PO Box number Waite Park MN.

We are unable to call or contact each company individually to verify the accuracy of the information presented in this document, therefore we recommend that you verify the authenticity of all contact details.

Now that we’ve got that done now, let’s get on with the next step.

Who Owns PO Box 340 Waite Park MN?

Our research revealed that the address for postal mail PO Box 340 Waite Park MN is linked to Midland Funding LLC.

As you might have seen that this address is in Waite Park in Minnesota MN.

If you’ve received mail from the PO Box 334 Waite Park MN, 56387-0340. Midland Funding LLC may have sent you a letter.

Location Address Of PO box 340 Waite Park MN, 56387-0340

The full address that you will find on your mail is PO Box 34340 Waite Park MN 56387-0340.

In the majority of cases, Midland Funding LLC will detail the content of the letter, and provide guidelines for responding.

If you have any doubts regarding the subject matter or the best way to respond, get in touch with Midland Funding LLC to guide you in this regard.

Contact Details For The Postal Address (Mail)

If you have to reach Midland Funding LLC concerning the mail you received from an PO Box located in Waite Park, Minnesota MN please use the contact information below:

Alternative address: P.O. Box 939069, San Diego, California 92193

Phone Number: (877) 653-4161

Email Address: Not Available

Website: https://www.midlandfunding.com/

Use the contact information above to obtain more information however we suggest making an independent inquiry based upon the instructions and the information provided in the letter.

Who is Midland Funding LLC?

Perhaps you’ve received a letter of collection and are wondering “Who is Midland Funding LLC?” Midland Funding LLC is part of Encore Group, which is a publicly traded debt collection company. There are three primary entities that belong to Encore Capital Group, but the two most commonly seen is Midland Credit Management and Midland Funding LLC. The third one is Atlantic Credit and Finance. There are some distinctions between the way these companies operate. We’re planning to publish an article on Atlantic Credit and Finance.

Midland Credit Management (MCM) is a licensed debt collection agency that frequently sues for outstanding balances. You might not have ever heard of them, since they’re not the original creditor however, they could have bought or taken care of unpaid debt. Therefore, if you got an email from the address PO box 334 Waite Park MN, 56387-0340 , or unidentified phone number, such as 8582210191 and 8773659616, it could be that you have just begun your relationship dealing with Midland Funding. Midland Funding Midland Funding is a debt collector, it has a reputation for suing debtors, theyfrequently sues customers for non-paid loans possibly with the potential for a amount as low as $500.

Midland Funding LLC is one of the largest buyers of unpaid debt from the biggest lenders in the nation. According to my experience, Midland will purchase debt from banks such as Barclays, Synchrony, Chase and Citibank. Midland Funding LLC is generally the company that handles most of the lawsuits. It is important to know whether you’re dealing with MCM or Midland Funding LLC or MCM. You can reach Midland Funding directly at (877) 653-4161.

Midland Credit Management is suing me. What should I do?

The first step in the event of a lawsuit brought in court by Midland Funding LLC is to find out if you owe the debt.

If you owe the debt:

If you are in debt, we usually advise that you should either call an organization that deals with debts and ask the creditor and see if the company will negotiate, or if you can negotiate your own. However, you should really be aware of the debt relief company you choose to work with since certain people have had different experiences working for the largest companies such as National Debt Relief and Freedom Debt Relief.

Look over the total amount of debt you owe in case there’s the chance that other creditors will also follow suit by filing lawsuits of their own, therefore, have someone who is aware of the lawsuit risk of creditors look over your credit report and data for you.

  • Take a look at your entire financial picture to determine if you should try to settle the debt, or explore a different option. If you’re sued and you settle one debt Do you have any other creditors who could claim that you have resolved the previous debt?
  • Consider whether it is possible to have a payment plan set up that is within your budget.
  • Make an offer to settle for less than the amount initially due. Be sure to get the settlement agreement in written form.

If you do not do not have the money to pay off the debt, this could be an excellent reason to contact Midland Funding LLC. I am able to assist you in this discussion. If you are in need of time to bring the money to try to settle the case, you can also make a formal reply to the complaint. We have achieved great success in this field or can guide you to the right direction if we’re unable to assist.

If you don’t owe the debt:

  • If you’ve got evidence to prove that this isn’t your debt, you might be able to contest it. This basically tells the lender to “Prove that I owe the debt”. This burden is on them. If you are not in debt the debt, it may not be a problem.
  • The contract you signed was unlawful or you signed it on incorrect details. You might want to seek an outside expert to find out if this is the situation.

In this instance you might want to arrange a no-cost consultation to talk with a reputable debt collection lawyer about the options available. If you don’t know a reliable debt collection attorney and you can’t afford one, or you’d like for yourself to be represented,

A couple of points to keep in mind:

  1. If you’re able to agree to a settlement through the debt collection attorney and get it all written. Most creditors will ask you to take a pledge that states that if you don’t adhere to the payment terms, the judgment could be issued which is why it is essential to keep in mind.
  2. After the debt has begun to be processed, the lawsuit has been filed, which means there’s an outstanding lawsuit against you. The amount of discount you receive will usually be less than trying to pay off the debt after the case is filed. It is highly unlikely to receive a discount of 50.

Conclusion po box 340 waite park mn

We are convinced that the PO Box address 334 Waite Park MN 56387-0340, is owned by Midland Funding LLC. Midland Funding LLC.

The mail was delivered from Waite Park in Minnesota MN.

For more information for more information, call the toll-free number (877) 653-4161 you can contact Midland Funding LLC by sending Midland Funding LLC an email to the address that is not listed.

Please we encourage you to visit the Midland Funding LLC website https://www.midlandfunding.com/ and if possible use their contact form for more details on the letter you received from PO box 340 Waite Park MN, 56387-0340.

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