(UPDATE – TOP 10) Which country has the best education system?

Which country has the best education system in the world – The pursuit of excellence in educational attainment has been a top goal for the human race. Education is what separates us from each other, frees us from the chaos and allows individuals to take action for the advancement of society. While a variety of writers, poets, and academics have written extensively about their appreciation of the value of education, however as technology advances in life, its importance is becoming more pressing. Countries across the globe are beginning to offer top-quality training in a variety of fields to students across the globe, and also to their own citizens. But have you thought whether or not a country has an education system that meets your needs and assist you to get a job in the field you want to work in? In this blog, we’ll look at some of the best countries with the top education systems across the world.

Which country has the best education system?

If you are looking to pursue higher education abroad, every country has its advantages and disadvantages. While one nation might be renowned by its facilities, another could be famous for its unique and innovative degree programs. For instance, if we look at factors like levels of living or teacher-student ratios, as well as the accessibility of resources from public sources to conduct research. The list will include countries like Finland, Denmark, Norway, Japan, Russia, and many others that have shaped the modern educational system. Let’s find the most effective education system around the globe when we consider the good quality Index as well as its opportunity Index.

Top 10 Countries with Best Education System in the World 2022


Rank Country Quality Index Opportunity Index
1 United Kingdom 78.2 69.79
2 United States 72 68.74
3 Australia 70.5 67.52
4 Netherlands 70.3 67.21
5 Sweden 70.1 66.96
6 France 69.9 66.3
7 Denmark 69.8 62.54
8 Canada 69.8 61.01
9 Germany 69.5 60.64
10 Switzerland 68.3 60.12

1) Quality Index

  • Public education system
  • Willingness to attend university
  • Number of research institutions
  • University funding and endowment
  • Specialization expertise
  • Industrial linkage
  • Academic educational professionals effectiveness
  • Institutional output by research
  • Higher education institutions perform in the various global rankings

2) Opportunity Index

  • Adult literacy rates
  • Graduation rates
  • Primary school completion rate
  • Secondary school completion rate
  • High school completion rate
  • Collegiate-level school completion rate
  • Government expenditure on education, total (% of GDP)

Source: CEOWORLD magazine

If you are considering the pursuit of an education in a foreign country each country has its own pros and pros . While one country might do excellently on infrastructure, another may provide degrees that are innovative and distinctive. For instance, if we look at factors such as quality of life the teacher-student ratio and the availability of resources from the public sector for study and research, we will find the countries that have contributed to the modern educational system such as Finland, Denmark, Norway, Japan, Russia, and so on. Therefore, it is somewhat difficult to choose the country that offers top-quality education. Based on quality index and opportunity index params, CEOWORLD magazine compiled an alphabetical list which country has the best education system in the world

10. Switzerland

Quality Index : 68.3

Opportunity Index : 60.12

Population : 8,740,472

Switzerland’s educational system is one of the most sophisticated worldwide. Switzerland is the preferred choice for a lot of students wanting to learn abroad. The system is solid and efficient with delegated accountability and management.

The supervision and control of schools of Switzerland is handled by the cantons with a defined guidelines from the federal government. Each canton decides on its school calendar, curriculum, as well as the criteria for its schools. This is managed by the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI). Decentralization can have its advantages but it also makes it difficult for families to relocate your children between cantons the next.

The distinctive aspect that is unique to The Swiss educational system is that it takes into consideration the desires and capabilities of students. This is accomplished by varying the options a student has after they’ve completed their first education. Though the cantons oversee the educational system, one thing that they all have in common is this variety.

9. Germany

Quality Index : 69.5

Opportunity Index :60.64

Population : 83,369,843

Germany is a world leader in the field of social and economic justice. The country is trying to make it back into the world’s Top 10, in education development. After being left in the Top 10, for the past two years, Germany faces a new issue to overcome to achieve an Top 10 finish in 2017.

8. Canada

Quality Index : 69.5

Opportunity Index :61.01

Population : 38,454,327

Canada is generally thought of as one of the most educated nation around the globe. But, it has the fourth highest education system worldwide in 2022.

There are four phases of education throughout Canada Pre-school (also known as early childhood) Elementary or primary school secondary education; and secondary or post-secondary education which include universities and college programs as well as vocational and technical education. Canada has an education score of 0.890.

In Canada is a top priority for the federal government. Canada has an official system of public education that is funded, provided, and managed by the federal, provincial and local government officials. The education system is compulsory until 16 years old in all provinces in Canada Except for Ontario as well as New Brunswick, where the mandatory age is 18.

Canada is a multi-cultural country which warmly receives thousands of international students every year.


Quality Index : 69.8

Opportunity Index :62.54

Population : 5,882,261

Denmark’s system of education is well-known to offerhigh-quality education. Denmark is also acknowledged as among the top 10 education systems around the globe. The Academia system in Denmark is extremely well recognized and acknowledged for its distinctive university settings that are geared to the teaching of healthy concepts for their students.

There are many reasons behind that the system of education is so successful in Denmark has been so effective.

The first is that Danemark has an extensive history in making investments into education. In reality, Denmark spends more on education as a proportion of its GDP than any other nation within the OECD.

The second reason is that secondly, the Danish educational system in Denmark is highly open to all. Every child, regardless of their background in society have the chance to attend top-quality schools. This is why Denmark is among the lowest rates of social mobility within the OECD.

Three, thirdly, the Danish school system has been extremely centralized. This means there is plenty that is localized control of teachers and schools. The decentralization of schools and teachers gives them the opportunity to experiment and try out new methods of teaching.

In the end, the Danish education system is highly cooperative . Teachers, parents and students work together to ensure that each child receives the highest quality of education they can get.

6. France

Quality Index : 69.9

Opportunity Index : 66.3

Population : 64,626,628

France is the fifth-best educational system of any country in the world. The system of education is divided into three phases: elementary instruction, second education as well as higher school. In France the education system is compulsory for children aged up to 16 years old.

The majority of French primary as well as secondary school, along with numerous universities are public institutions which have extremely centralized administrations. The system of education offers an unchangeable method of education that grants complete authority to teachers.

5. Sweden

Quality Index : 70.1

Opportunity Index : 66.96

Population : 10,549,347

Sweden along with its Arctic siblings Finland, Norway, and Denmark have done well to keep its place in the most desirable countries around the globe that have the most effective education system. You might be thinking about how a tiny nation as Sweden could have an outstanding education system. It is because they place a high value on academic excellence and learning as well as the quality of education more than grades.

They place a high priority on the development of team members. This way students are properly equipped for a rewarding career. Sweden is well-known to be being a progressive country. Swedish university research has always helped in developing important innovations like Bluetooth and pacemakers, Skype and Spotify. Students from abroad who study in Sweden are from all parts of the world.

4. Netherlands

Quality Index : 70.3

Opportunity Index :67.21

Population : 17,564,014

The top ten country in the last World Top 20 Poll, Netherlands dropped one position to the 11th spot in this year’s selection of pre-polls.

A major component of the annual rankings is those of the Netherlands Primary and, more specifically, Secondary student rankings are still up-to-date as we start the new year.

If their scores on international tests are improved in Math, Science, and Reading are able to improve for both of these categories, the Netherlands will end this year with a higher score than last year’s ranking.


Quality Index : 70.5

Opportunity Index :67.52

Population : 26,177,413

Australia is one of the most populous and sixth-largest nation by landarea, is renowned for its high-quality educational and career opportunities. Australia is a sought-after study abroad destination because it provides a broad range of programs in administration, engineering as well as media, architecture business, communication and art. There are seven Australian universities on the top 100 of QS’s 2022 rankings the education system in Australia is among the top anywhere in the world. Australian universities run research institutes across several countries.

2. United States

Quality Index : 72

Opportunity Index :68.74

Population : 67,508,936

The US is the most prestigious education system in the world. Its American education system provides many options for students from abroad. There’s a wide range of programs, schools and sites that the options can be overwhelming for students. The education index in America stands at 0.900 and is among the highest anywhere in the world.

The USA offers a high-quality education to the numerous students who enroll every year. The nation also offers a flexible and adaptable education system that does not need physical presence of students. The country has a high degree of efficiency with its ICT and network technology that enable online learning with minimal or no obstacles.

Each year, the US is home to thousands of students from around the world who come to America to get a taste of an education of the highest quality. The most sought-after courses for international students are Computer Science, Engineering, Business Management, Law, and Arts.

Additionally, the US educational system puts greater importance upon research and innovation. This makes it the desired destination for students from abroad. US is the home of Harvard University, University of OxfordYale University, US Columbian University, Michigan State University, Johns Hopkings University as well as MIT,etc.

1.United Kingdom

Quality Index : 78.2

Opportunity Index : 69.79

Population : 338,289,857

First country has the best education system in the world is UK, It is said that the United Kingdom is the second most popular destination for education worldwide and has more than half a million students from around the world participating in a range of programs. For all ages in the past, it has been the United Kingdom has been a place of learning. Students from all around the world are attracted to the UK education system because of its distinctive combination of the rich English culture and diverse learning opportunities. The UK is home to one of the best universities in Europe, with 18 according to QS rankings. According to QS, the United Kingdom has the second-best education system worldwide, offering classes in literature, arts and design.

Final Thought

The above list of world’s Top 10 Education System has been based on specific criteria and also recently conducted surveys around the world. If you have a comment regarding the above list please let us know via a comment.

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