What You Should Know about Essential Oils Vape Pen

What You Should Know about Essential Oils Vape Pen-Vape was firstly introduced to the public around 2007. At the beginning, vape came with the combination between nicotine, flavoring agent, and other chemical materials, and its consumers were dominated by teenagers or young people. However, as the time drags by, it is then widely used by middle-aged people, and the producers also try to make an improvement in some aspects. One of which is an innovation called essential oils vape pen that was released for the first time in 2014. It is also known as diffuser sticks or personal diffusers.

What You Should Know about Essential Oils Vape Pen
What You Should Know about Essential Oils Vape Pen

Essential oils vape pen tends to be an alternative for those who want to quit smoking because it does not contain nicotine. They think it is healthier and safer than conventional cigarette. From its appearance, it looks like colorful hard plastic cigarettes. In the product, the producers use a combination of essential oils, water, and vegetable glycerine, but its composition is mostly water. When essential oils vape pen is heated by suction, it will create a white cloud of aromatherapy vapor that looks like smoke at a glance. Thus, this kind of vape is quite similar to traditional vape in term of its mechanism of working. The use of essential oils vape pen is getting more popular from day to day. It is claimed to help the consumers reduce their anxiety and increase their energy especially due to the essential oils contained in it. Moreover, it becomes a different way to avoid nasty ingredients like nicotine. People who use it declare that they experience significant benefits and use it for their medicinal, holistic, and recreational properties. This claim causes the increase of demand for essential oils vape pen and also raises the support from public and professionals.

What You Should Know about Essential Oils Vape Pen

Nonetheless, products for vaping essential oils are still very new. Since there is no research yet investigating the effects of essentials oil vape pen, its use is still a matter of dispute and provokes controversy. Many people reject this kind of product, and some of their arguments are presented below.

·   Vaping without nicotine is still a dangerous thing

Even though there is no nicotine in e-cigarettes or diffuser sticks, it may contain other dangerous substances. These substances will have some level of health risk. For example, e-cigarette aerosol often contains flavoring agents which are linked to lung disease, metals like lead, and some other cancer-causing agents. Hence, it is not surprising that neither e-cigarettes nor essential oils vape pen are approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a smoking cessation aid.

·   There lies some risks of using essential oils

Essential oils themselves are Volatile Organic Compound (VOC), in the sense that it can convert into abnormal compounds when heated over 150° to 180° Fahrenheit. When we heat vegetable glycerine to more than 536° Fahrenheit, a substance called acrolein is produced. It is known as a respiratory irritant and carcinogen and can damage our lungs, mouth, teeth, and nose as they contact with this burning compound. On the other hand, when essential oils are not heated to a high enough temperature, it may cause problems as well. Furthermore, there is also a high chance that essential oils trigger an allergic reaction. Although they are natural items, which are 100 percent plant extract, it does not mean that they must be safe. Essential oils are so concentrated that using them straight-up can cause rashes and burns. Mixing them with water is not a good choice as well for oil and water will not ever mix.

·   It is uncertain what chemicals are created when essential oils vape pen is heated

Essential oils have the potential to change and become toxic when heated for vaping. Other chemicals commonly used in vaping liquid which are known to cause some health problems are propylene glycol, methyl cyclopentenolone, acetyl pyrazine, ethyl vanillin, and diacetyl. There is no way to be sure what compounds are being inhaled when the mixture of glycerine, water, oils, which are the composition of essential oils vape pen, is heated. Again, it is mainly because Food and Drug Administration testing for essential oils vape has not been performed yet.

·   Vaping essential oils can induce side effects

According to Healthline, the side effects of essential oils vape pen depend on the type of oil used. These effects may include coughing, bronchospasm, aggravation of asthma, itching, and swelling of the throat. Other than that, long-term use of essential oils vape could cause symptoms which are similar to any other type of inhaled product, such as worsening asthma, chronic bronchitis, frequent lung infections, and immune changes from frequent infections. It is important to emphasize that there is currently no exact or even scientific proof of the benefits of essential oils vape pen. Waiting for evidence-based research that shows its safety and benefits will be a great decision to a person before trying it. Those who use essential oils vape pen should be aware of the potential dangers. As the preventive effort to minimize the risk, the consumers have to make sure that they have the correct vaporizer or a good vape pen. They are recommended to invest their time to select a top-quality product as the cheaper one may burn too hot or the oils may contain dubious materials. It is not just about the price, though, it is more about their transparency of the ingredients and the quality of those ingredients. People have to be careful and read all the ingredients on the package. Make sure that it is organic and free of all chemicals. Until enough research is done in explaining the chemicals which are created when essentials oils are heated for vaping, and its effects on their bodies, it is better off limiting the use of essential oils in home diffusers, spritzers, bath, and body products. In case essential oils vape indeed does not change that much, it certainly will not be a harmful one. Or, in the safest and simplest way, the only thing we can do is just breathe in and relax, and no smoke or vapor required.

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