What Is the Green Diamond in Google Chat?

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What is the Green Diamond in Google Chat

what is the green diamond in google chat?
What Is the Green Diamond in Google Chat?

Google is now rolling out features such as setting Space Managers or guidelines.

The Manager role allows for healthy conversations and the control of space in an organization.

This is a position that Space creators automatically get, but others can be designated managers. They are awarded a green diamond beside their name. They can remove members from groups and set useful descriptions.

When creating a new space, you can add a description or click “View space details” to view information for existing spaces on mobile and web. You can view space descriptions when you are in the “Browse spaces” view, or select “View space details”

So , Green Diamond in Google Chat is a person who has a space creator position and has the right to add and remove space members, assign or remove space Managers,delete a space,delete messages, edit the space description and guidelines

Managers can create longer guidelines and/or rules in order to “create safer community experiences” such that Spaces in Google Chat are larger than group chats.

These features will be available for personal and workspace Google Accounts in the coming weeks.

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Below is the improvement besides the green diamond in Google Chat

Manager role – Provides tools for healthy conversations and control over the availability of space in an organization

Space descriptions – This field can be added to a space when it is created or by clicking “View space details” on a mobile space. This field can be used for the purpose of the space. For example, it could be used to discuss all things asteroids.

Space guidelines – Managers may describe space guidelines to establish expectations and rules for members. This ensures safe and effective communication.

The Space Manager feature has begun rolling out to Google Chat mobile users. It is expected to be complete by March 14, 2022. It will slowly roll out to the web users beginning on March 8, 2022. Later this month, the descriptions and guidelines will be available.

now , you already know that Green Diamond in google chat is a improvement from google spance , so what is google spaces?

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What is Google Spaces?

Google Spaces is an app that is in the suite of productivity platforms on Google Workspace (formerly G Suite). Its main function is as a medium of communication and discussion for internal companies. This application allows all elements of the company to be able to interact directly, including leaders with their employees, both within divisions or across other divisions.

Google Spaces is part of Google’s plan to build a more dynamic hybrid ecosystem. Spaces are said to be able to facilitate company communication, especially those related to projects, updating company developments, to building team work and projects.

Updates on Google Spaces

There are various latest updates on Google Spaces in February 2022, Google also announced the latest updates regarding the Spaces feature. It is said that Spaces now has the capability to help its users not only communicate, but also collaborate. Because the Google Spaces feature is now integrated with various other Google Workspace products such as Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs and Meet.

Google is also improving search, discoverability, and enterprise-level compliance and security, this also includes data protection, data loss prevention, and Vault support.

Of course, with this change to Google Spaces, it will provide a collaboration experience on a large scale that reflects how the world works today. Spaces provides a centralized service that invites all team members to engage in topic-based discussions, share knowledge and ideas, develop projects, build communities and a better team work culture.

Google Spaces features

You can use Spaces in Google Workspace to keep everyone in the same place discussing a topic or team project. These spaces can be managed by admins or room creators. Members can follow conversation threads, collaborate on documents, and organize meetings anywhere.

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So there are differences when you use Spaces and group conversations, namely:

Google Spaces: A central place where people can share files, assign tasks and stay connected.
Group conversation: Chat directly with the group. For example, using a group conversation for a brief discussion after a meeting.

But did you know the significant difference that Google Spaces has compared to the Group conversation app? When creating Spaces you are asked to appoint an administrator. But by default the creator of Spaces is the administrator. So each Spaces has its own manager. The following roles according to the Space manager assignment are for:

Space Management: Spaces manager who can edit the name, description, and guidelines for Spaces.Assign Chat Roles: Spaces Manager can assign management rights to other users.
Member Management: Spaces manager can add or remove users from Spaces.
Message Control: Spaces manager can delete messages.

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