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What is RPX Movie?

RPX is a shorthand as the Regal Premium Experience. Like the name implies, it is a specific film format that is only available at Regal Cinemas.

There is RPX at certain Regal Cinemas and Cinemark locations in addition to other theaters that are operated by Regal Corporation.

What makes these movies top-of-the-line? Regal claims it is the chance for you to “experience the ultimate in movie vision and sound” with better audio and video quality as compared to the standard movie.

RPX audio

For audio quality, RPX converts into non-compressed and powerful surround sound. The latest surround sound technology gives you a full-bodied experience, with audio that synchronizes along with the movements you observe on the screen.

They are generally Dolby speakers found in United States and Aurus in the UK however, it could differ.

RPX visuals

For visuals For visuals, an RPX theater could be set with 2D and RealD 3D, but that is dependent on the film itself. The large screen is lit by digital projectors. However, unlike different premium formats virtually every film can be converted into a screen.

An RPX screen typically measures about 40 feet in height vertically and 60 inches wide (although it can vary) and is equipped with 4K projectors.

What makes RPX differs from the other film experiences?

The RPX format offers a significant improvement over other formats for film, but in the end, it’s just one of many alternatives available to competing cinemas. This is a brief overview on how RPX cinemas compare with other formats that are popular.

RPX vs Default

If you’re in the Regal cinema and you’re given the option to watch the same movie Standard or RPX Which one do you prefer? If all else is equal there’s no reason to pick the RPX.

Simply stated, it’s an absolute improvement in nearly every aspect.

RPX theaters are designed to create a more relaxing and enjoyable filming space. The seats are bigger in comparison to conventional theaters. In addition, they’re usually more comfortable with more armrests, and greater room between the seats.

This means that you don’t need to worry about sharing hands with strangers however it could cause a bit of separation between you and your partner.

The audio quality also improves because the speakers are integrated into the seats. Higher backrests, wider seats and headrests, as well as plenty of room for pedestrians without needing to move makes it more comfortable and comfortable.

In terms of visuals, the screen is bigger and usually is of greater resolution. It’s also generally more bright, which makes watching movies more enjoyable experience.

The price is, in the end, the only downside to seats with RPX over a regular seat. At the time of writing an area Regal theater offers a 2-D movie ticket at $14, including tax. The same film available in RPX costs $17.50 However, prices may vary.

A ticket isn’t too bad. But the nearly 25% increase in price is a result of many purchases.

RPX vs Regal Premium 2D

There are a few minor distinctions in RPX as well as Regal Premium 2D, so there’s nothing to talk about. As you may have guessed the premium 2D films are exclusively 2D and can’t be changed to 3D.

One of the best things about Regal can be found in it’s RealD 3D format. Since this format isn’t available through Premium 2D It’s an improvement over RPX to provide it.

The difference is that the seats that are in Premium 2D are comfortable , but not as lavish as seats from RPX. They’re also closer and don’t always sit in the exact spots as the seats in RPX are.

Additionally, they aren’t able to sit back, they don’t have temperature controls and don’t have the same speakers.

Regal Premium 2D is an improvement over the standard formats. If you do have the option, always go with RPX in preference to RP2D. You’ll get a better, more comfortable fitting, a larger screen and crisp audio quality.


IMAX is the most formidable rival to RPX and it’s certainly an effective battle. If you’re not familiar, IMAX is a proprietary display system that has superior film projectors, as well as unique film formats to create incredibly large screens.

The seating of the IMAX theater is built around these huge screens, which are arranged in a stadium-like, steep layout. This is why the theaters have unbeatable views, amazing luxury, comfortable seating and unbeatable luxuriousness.

RPX is awe-inspiring. When compared to other screens, IMAX will often win. Screens made by IMAX are six times bigger than standard screens usually approximately 52 feet high and 72 inches wide. This makes them another twelve feet higher and larger than an RPX-style screen.

Visually the IMAX screens are difficult to beat.

The audio quality inside the IMAX theater is also spectacular. IMAX is a shining example of the perfect audio, precise tuning and the capability to ensure each seat has a perfect “sweet spot” audio experience.

RPX as well as IMAX are top of the line offering stunningly immersive audio and cinemas designed specifically for the sound.

In general, IMAX is generally considered to be slightly superior quality than RPX however, it’s not a slam-dunk. The theater is more spacious however some prefer a smaller screen, based on the location they are.

Furthermore, the audio is excellent with IMAX on both sides, and the auditoriums and seats are designed to provide maximum comfort.

It all comes to individual preference.

RPX and. Dolby Cinema | What is RPX Movie

Alongside IMAX, Dolby Cinema is the primary competitor of RPX. Contrary to that, Dolby is often considered superior.

Beginning with visual elements, Dolby utilizes laser projection technology which provides more brightness than many of its rivals. Dolby also increases contrast ratios with this method in comparison to the standard digital projection formats used in the majority of cinemas.

RPX generally has great views, however they’re not up to Dolby standards.

In terms of audio, you may recall the fact that Dolby speakers are typically found in the RPX theater. This means that there’s nearly equal audio quality between both formats, since both use Dolby Atmos.

But, many moviegoers realize they enjoy the sound of Dolby theaters are more suitable to their particular speaker brand and provide superior audio mixing.

In essence most moviegoers would not be able to discern a significant difference between these two. The screens on both are less than IMAX however, they are still considerably larger than a conventional 2D screen. Additionally, both screens offer superior audio quality thanks to Dolby speakers.

The Dolby’s picture using lasers is technically better standard than the RPX screen.

RPX in comparison with other premium formats

For other formats the Cinemark XD cinemas are almost identical based on the theater. The majority of the time, it is based on whether you are in the Regal Theater or a Cinemark.

Furthermore, RealD 3D movies are also of excellent quality, however they are not available in 3D. This is often the primary element between formats.

What Is RPX Movie Theater?

At forty feet high and 60 feet wide, the RPX screens are larger than the standard screen in a movie theater. The information comes directly from Regal themselves. Yet, it’s significantly smaller than the IMAX screen that’s typically larger than 52 by 72 inches. The the Regal’s “Premium Large Format” offering which we’d say it’s on target in terms of size. The company uses two digital projectors that have 30,000 lumens each to display films.

In the case of audio, things can get more complex because you aren’t aware of the technology the theater in your area uses. According to Regal they are using Dolby Atmos 7.1 or Auro 11.1 in RPX theaters. While many say they aren’t sure about which one they’re using, you can call and inquire with an employee. It isn’t simple to put the burden on employees since the information doesn’t seem easily accessible.

The theaters were expected to feature eight subwoofers measuring 21 inches at the time they were released however that was almost a decade back. Between 2010 between 2022 and 2010, the exact quantity could have changed dramatically. The audio however appears to be extremely praised by reviewers and seems to be a highlight of the entire experience.

Despite Regal’s claims however, we’ve observed numerous instances in which certain theaters haven’t offered this option. As an example, a lot of people have expressed displeasure about the chairs speakers, claiming that they distract from the movie and can be annoying.

Which Is Bigger Imax Or Rpx?

IMAX’s 2K screen is no match for RPX’s big screen.The RPX screen is generally 40 to 60 inches long.IMAX’s IMAX screen is taller and wider compared to it.An IMAX screen has 1 aspect ratio.We recommend IMAX as well as 90:1 and RPX because they offer better frame rates.

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