What is My Skype ID? How to Find the Skype 2021 Username

What is my Skype ID? Read on to find out!


I’ll try to keep this very short and concise.

I have met many people and asked questions like;

What is my skype ID?? How do I change my skype ID? and many other questions related to skype.

In this guide, I will show you a quick method that you can use to find out your Skype ID.

Are you ready? Let’s get started.

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How To Find Skype Username On Android

If you are using an Android device for Skypehere’s how to find and find out your skype ID, after these steps you won’t ask “what is my skype ID” again.

So, let’s say you have updated your skype App to the latest version, here’s what to do next;

1. Open Skype on your Android device.

2. Click or tap your profile icon on.

what is my skype id?

3. Tap Skype profile.

what is my skype id?

4. Next to Skype nameYou will see your Skype ID, It should be written like this directly: xxxxxx

what is my skype id?

That’s basically how to find skype username on Android, next, I will show you how to find skype username on Desktop.

I noticed that most of the people who use Skype, always access Skype from their personal computer.

How to Find Skype Username On Desktop

What is my skype id? How do I find it on the desktop? Here’s what to do;

  1. Go to web version of skype and enter.
  2. Click on your icon or profile picture.
  3. Next, click on the skype profile.
  4. Click the Skype name and copy your Skype ID.
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What does a Skype ID look like?

Your Skype ID can be numbers as well as letters, it is a unique name or number that can be assigned to you and only you. If you click your profile > open Skype profile, next to Skype name is your Skype ID. It should look like this live:yourname or live:setofnumbers. If you create a Skype account using an email address, your Skype ID will be letters and if you create an account using a phone number, your Skype ID will be numbers.

Does my Skype ID include live broadcasts?

No, your Skype ID does not include live broadcasts. When sharing your Skype username with a client or friend, you must omit the live: and send only the letters or numbers after it. When someone tries to find your Skype username, they may not find you if you include live: in your Skype ID.

What is an example of a Skype ID?

Here are some examples of Skype IDs; fabkeyz1, fabkeyzz2, fabkeyz33, 12344232, 12212112, 121212121, 111122111, becky12112.

When someone asks for your Skype What do you give them?

The best detail to give someone is your skype username, this is the easiest way for someone to add you on Skype, just click your Profile > Click Skype Profile > Next to Skype name, copy the letters or numbers after the live broadcast:


Do you still care about What is my Skype ID? Don’t, with the steps listed in the article, you will be able to find your Skype ID or Skype username easily.

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