What did marjane satrapi study in college?

what did marjane satrapi study in college – Marjane Satrapi, (born 1969, Rasht, Iran), Iranian artist, director and writer who’s graphic novels examine the gap and the intersections between the West and East.

Satrapi was the sole one of Westernized parents. Her father worked as an engineer, and her mother was a fashion designer. Satrapi was raised within Tehran and was a student at the university in which she went to school at the Lycee Francais. Following it was the Iranian Revolution of 1979 the family’s Western style of living attracted to the notice of Iranian authorities. By 1984, her parents decided to take their daughter for a trip to Austria in order to take classes. A relationship that failed in the city caused her feelings of isolation and led to the downward spiral that saw her homeless and addicted to drugs. Her return to Tehran when she was 19 years old, was a student of art and, after a brief marriage, relocated back in Europe at the age of 23 in. In France she received a master’s degree in art in the late 1990s, she was permanently living in Paris.

Biography of Marjane Satrapi

Satrapi was born and raised in Tehran and attended The Lycee Francais. She was a rebellious teenager who loved punk music and was a fan of Western clothes and fashions (such like Nike and t-shirts with images that depict rockers). She was fond of wearing makeup and was involved in social events that were taboo. She was kicked out of school in her teens after a confrontation with the principal who had warned her that she was not allowed to wear jewelry. Her parents took Satrapi for Vienna, Austria when she was 14 in the worry that her outspoken personality could draw the attention of Iranian guards, and result in devastating consequences. Although Satrapi had planned to stay with her mother’s best friend in Vienna during her time at high school, her friend had placed her in the boarding school operated by nuns. Then, she was kicked off the board home after arguing with her mother’s superiors over her remarks that were unkind to Iranians. For a time, she was on the streets and also sold drugs. However, she was able to finish her high school education and even graduate.

What did marjane satrapi study in college

After spending five years of living during her time in Vienna, Satrapi then returned to Iran to pursue higher education. For college, she attended an institute called the Graphic Institute and studied visual communication. She later obtained a master’s degree in visual communication at the School of Fine Arts at Tehran Azad University. At the age of 21 and had a wedding with a man by the name of Reza and the marriage ended in divorce three years after. Then, she relocated in Strasbourg, France, and pursued a degree in decorative arts. She made a living teaching aerobics and teaching French in addition to attending school.

Satrapi moved to Paris, France in the mid-1990s. She joined the Atelier of Vosges, a cult group of contemporary comic book creators. They would frequently entertain them with stories from her youth in Iran and her life in Vienna. After receiving numerous encouragements from other artists to make comic books to recount her tales beginning in 1999. The result was the publication of a graphic memoir of her childhood called Persepolis. Persepolis came out published in four installments (two within the US) and the first graphic novel being titled Persepolis 1..

Soon after its release in bookstores, Persepolis became the top-selling book in France that led it to be translated into English as well as other languages. The book then became a top seller across the U.S. and several other countries, bringing Satrapi into the spotlight. However, the story of a young woman’s coming of age under a dictatorship that was repressive enticed readers (especially since political events in the early 20th century attracted attention to Iran as well as Islamic radicalism). Satrapi continued to investigate the lines between graphic novel and the memoir , with Broderies (2003; Embroideries) comprised of the accounts of Satrapi’s grandmother, mother, as well as other female relatives and acquaintances regarding their experience as females in Iran. The book was published in 2004. Poulet with Prunes ( Chicken with Plums Film 2011) tells the story of her great-uncle, who is a famous player of the tar (lute) performer who decides to die because the lute he plays is not able to replace the instrument he lost.

As it appears to be that the book she wrote about, Persepolis,famed her writing abilities The novel actually started the career of a filmmaker and a producer. When Hollywood was interested in bringing Satrapi’s tale onto the screens, Satrapi did not believe it when she was able to recall the film Not With My Daughter, a 1991 film that depicted Iranians as primitive and uninformed. Not wanting to risk Hollywood directors making a film that depicted Iranians incorrectly, Satrapi decided to direct the film herself. She recruited her acquaintance Vincent Paronnaud as a co-director and scriptwriter. They raised $8 million dollars and recruited a group of 90 animators. The film in French, called Persepolis was screened in the Cannes Film Festival in May 2007. Similar to the books it made an incredible impression and earned the Cannes Film Festival’s exclusive jury prize. The film was released in English version followed and, in 2008, the movie was nominated in 2008 for the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature Film. Film was additionally nominated to numerous other awards, both in the US and Europe as well, including The Annie Awards, Golden Globe, European Film Award, Bodil Award and the Independent Spirit Award.

Satrapi was in high demand after the release of the film. She toured more than 20 cities across the US in the US, giving talks at universities, colleges libraries, as well as other places. She stressed during her talks that her novels and film aren’t political statements regarding Iran and that her tale could be the story of anyone in a nation with an extremist or dictatorial leader. She has repeatedly stressed she has a responsibility in her capacity as an artist be able to ask questions, not to be able to answer them. She has also said that her biggest satisfaction is hearing laughter from viewers who go to her film.

Personal Life Marjane Satrapi

Satrapi has provided illustrations to a variety of magazines and newspapers including The New York Times. She has designed posters, and even an artwork to the Center of Contemporary Art in Barcelona, Spain.

She is a volunteer for a long time at the International Federation of Human Rights (FIDH) and a huge Bruce Lee fan. Satrapi studied karate for three years and earned her a green belt. She is also a fan in Western music, including frequenting an Iranian nightclub located in Paris while listening to music of a musician she loves, Iggy Pop (whose voice was the voice from her grandfather in the film Persepolis). She also designed an album’s cover for the limited-edition Iggy Pop CD. She is fluent in 6 languages, including Farsi, French, German, Italian, English and Swedish.

Satrapi is currently engaged to the wife of a Swedish man, and the couple reside in Paris. She has not returned to Iran since her first novel was published in 2000. She stated that she believes that it’s not safe to travel there following her critique against the government.


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