[NEW] What Companies Are in The Consumer Services Field ?

Are you curious about what businesses are within the field of consumer service? These firms provide services customers use every day, such as transportation, communications and utilities. The market for consumer services is huge and constantly evolving and new companies are entering the market, while old ones going out of business.

What is the Consumer Services Field?

The field of consumer services is a significant aspect of the economy since it offers vital services to the consumers. Without these services, consumers will have a hard time moving around, keeping connected with their loved ones, or maintaining their homes and businesses operating.

The field of consumer services is always changing and growing with new businesses entering the market, while old ones depart. This means you will always have new possibilities available to businesses in the field of consumer service.

Tips to Finding Good Companies in the Consumer Services Field

When it comes to locating excellent firms in the consumer service sector, there are a few things to bear in your head:

Find out about the various firms in the market and determine which have a great reputation. This is done by reviewing reviews online or speaking with people in your family and friends who have utilized their services with these firms.

Compare the costs of various companies before choosing one. This will help ensure that you get the most value price.

Review all the conditions and terms of every company prior to signing up for their services. This will allow you to avoid any charges or fees that may be unexpected.

Which industries fall under the category of the umbrella of consumer services?

In search of an answer to the question of what businesses are involved in the consumer service area, you might be interested in knowing which industries fall under the umbrella of consumer services.

Consumer industries supply products and services to customers. They include retail companies and restaurants, hotels and hospitality companies and all are companies that provide services to consumers.

Consumer services comprise the financial sector, real estate, health care as well as education in addition to other occupations. There are many other occupations that can be found in the field. Bureau of Labor Statistics divides these businesses as service-producing or goods-producing industries.

Here’s a complete list of the industries that are part of the field of Consumer Services:

  • Media and Entertainment
  • Tourism and travel
  • Banking And Finance
  • Consumer goods
  • Lodging and Resorts
  • Cable and Direct
  • Broadcast Satellite (DBS) Providers
  • Recreation and leisure
  • Retail Stores
  • eCommerce Stores
  • Technology Products/Services
  • Personal service
  • Health Care
  • Airlines
  • Restaurant
  • Training and education
  • Hair Salons and Beauty Salons
  • Leasing and rental services

These industries all offer a range of jobs in the consumer service sector, which you’ll find out more about in this article.

What Companies Are in The Consumer Services Field ?

Companies that are in the consumer services industry are located across a variety of industries, including the hospitality and hotel industry, the tech industry, banking and finance , among others. Here are a few of the top companies that you can discover within consumers services and the relevant details about them.

1. Geico Insurance

Its title GEICO refers to an acronym that stands for Government Employees Insurance Company. It is an U.S. private insurance company founded through Leo Goodwin. The company initially had their focus at U.S. government employees and military personnel as their main market, but it has since increased its reach.

In the present, GEICO offers its insurance packages to the public at large which include the insurance of autos. The portfolio of the company is extensive with more than 18 million auto insurance policies currently running and counting. The company has , in its ranks, 43,000 associates.

Headquarters: Chevy Chase, Maryland

Jobs provided via GEICO insurance

GEICO has numerous departments within which a variety of jobs are available. The departments include Auto Damage claims and claims, Corporate Customer Service, IT as well as leadership, legal and many more. The jobs offered by Geico are:

  • Experienced Auto Damage Adjuster
  • Insurance Customer Service Representative
  • Mechanical Breakdown Insurance Examiner
  • Director Campus Recruiting
  • Senior Machine Learning Scientist (REMOTE)
  • Research and Development Analyst

2. Airbnb

AirBnB is an California Technology company with its headquarters in California. It has set itself up as a substitute to motel and hotel industries through allowing homeowners or property owners to accommodate guests in the additional spaces they have. The service connects homeowners to travellers since 2008. Brian Chesky, Joe Gebbia and Nathan Blecharczyk are the founders of Airbnb..

Headquarters: San Francisco, California

Jobs at Airbnb are available

AirBnb as a consumer service player, has a variety of departments that help the business to run its day-to-day activities across the globe.

Airbnb offers jobs in departments such as Administrative, Business Operations/Analysis, Community Support, Data Science/Analytics, Design Employee Experience, Engineering, Finance, Information Technology, Intern, Legal, Localization, Marketing, Operations, Product, Program Management, Public, Policy/Communications, Sales & Partnerships, Strategy & Planning, Trust and Worldwide Sales Operations.

The following jobs are available by Airbnb.

  • Market Manager
  • IT Support Engineer
  • Senior Manager, Finance
  • Systems Engineer
  • Compensation Programs Manager
  • Senior Payments Risk Operations Specialist
  • Integrity Operations Lead

3 . Walt Disney Company

The Walt Disney Company is a media and entertainment company that has an international presence. It comprises Disney parks and other products as well as distribution of entertainment and media as well as live theater and streaming platforms such as ABC Entertainment.

Disney is a market leader in the hospitality and leisure sector of services for consumers, using technology to provide individualized experiences. From providing memorable experiences at theme parks to helping guests to stream their favorite shows or sports programming, The Walt Disney Company is a major actor in entertainment.

Career opportunities in The Walt Disney Company are numerous for tech professionals who want for work within entertainment or media consumer services.

Corporate Headquarters: Burbank, California

Walt Disney Company Offered Tech Jobs:

  • Full Stack Python Developer
  • Technical Program Manager – Web Engineering
  • Lead Software Engineer tvOS

4. Amazon.com Inc.

Jeff Bezos’ Amazon.com is the next company in our listing of businesses involved in the field of consumer services. The giant of E-commerce was founded in 1994, and has since evolved into a multinational business that is not just known for its E-commerce offerings, but also Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and streaming digitally.

Headquarters:Seattle, Washington and Arlington, Virginia U.S.

Jobs provided by Amazon

Amazon.com runs around 34 departments, and has thousands of jobs available throughout all of the U.S. and other countries the departments. The departments include:

  • Administrative Support
  • Amazon Design
  • Audio / Video / Photography Production
  • Business & Merchant Development
  • Business Intelligence
  • Buying, Planning, & Instock Management
  • Customer Service
  • Data Science
  • Database Administration
  • Economics
  • Editorial, Writing, & Content Management
  • Facilities, Maintenance, & Real Estate
  • Finance and Global Business Services
  • Fulfillment & Operations Management
  • Fulfillment Associate
  • Hardware Development
  • Human Resources
  • Investigation & Loss Prevention
  • Leadership Development & Training
  • Legal
  • Machine Learning Science
  • Marketing
  • Medical, Health, & Safety
  • Operations, IT, & Support Engineering
  • Project/Program/Product Management-Non-Tech
  • Project/Program/Product Management-Technical
  • Public Policy
  • Public Relations & Communications
  • Research Science
  • Sales, Advertising, & Account Management
  • Software Development
  • Solutions Architect
  • Supply Chain/Transportation Management
  • Systems, Quality, & Security Engineering
  • The jobs available are:
  • Network Development Engineer
  • Security Engineer, AWS Shield
  • Amazon Dedicated Cloud Engineer
  • Media Relations Manager
  • Marketing Manager, Amazon Live
  • Product Marketing Leader, Security Services

5. Walmart Inc.

Walmart is an U.S. company involved in the retail sector. It is perhaps the biggest retailer in the world which operates chain stores throughout the U.S. Additionally, it has an E-commerce platform that allows customers to purchase products online and have it delivered.

Headquarters: Bentonville, Arkansas. U.S.

Jobs are offered by Walmart

Walmart like other companies operating in the field of consumer services has departments that have a variety of jobs that provide different job opportunities and exciting careers that can help people build their careers. The departments comprise:

  • Walmart Store and clubs jobs
  • Distribution and Fulfillment Centers
  • Drivers & Transportation
  • Fleet Maintenance
  • Optical
  • Pharmacy
  • Walmart Health
  • Cybersecurity
  • Data Science and Analytics
  • Information Technology
  • Project and Program Management – Technology
  • Software Development and Engineering
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Administrative and Support Services
  • Asset Protection
  • Aviation and Travel
  • Business Operations

A few of Walmart’s positions offered at Walmart includee:

  • Senior Manager II, Corporate Development and Integration
  • Director, Finance Planning & Analysis – Sourcing
  • Director, Tax – Sales Tax Operations
  • Certified Medical Assistant
  • Dentist
  • Primary Care Physician – PRN
  • Senior Incident Response Specialist, Cybersecurity

6. JPMorgan Chase & Co

JP Morgan Chase is a financial services giant that operates across more than 60 countries. It is a market leader in private banking, asset management commercial banking, and asset management.

JP Morgan Chase also has an extensive consumer banking division that has over 5,000 branch locations throughout the United States and employs over 271,025 employees in consumer service in a variety of jobs.

The JP Morgan Chase has a long-standing history which dates to the beginning of the history of American banking. JP Morgan Chase traces its origins back through its predecessor, the Chemical Bank of New York founded in 1824.

Jobs in JPMorgan Chase & Co.

  • Wealth Management – Private Bank – Banker
  • Software Engineer for Blockchain Platform
  • Senior Cloud Engineer
  • Technology Recruiter
  • M&A Business Development – Associate
  • Commercial Banking – MMBSI Specialized Industries – Business Management – Associate
  • Asset Management – Internal Client Advisor

7. Pfizer

Pfizer is an New York based multinational pharmaceutical and biotech firm that is thought to be among the top companies in the field. It was established around 1849, by Charles Pfizer and Charles Erhart.

Headquarters: New York, U.S.A

Size of the workforce:88,300+ (2019)

Employment for Pfizer:Some of the jobs available from Pfizer include:

  • Computational Biomarker Statistician
  • Clinical Pharmacology, Early Clinical Development Anti-Infectives
  • Process Engineer Packaging
  • Automation Engineer
  • Solution and Service Management
  • Field Medical Advisor

8. Marriott International

Marriott international is a chain hotel brand that is a leader in the world of hospitality. With more than 30 brands and 8000 properties in more than 139 countries and territories, Marriott is an iconic global brand. It was established around 1927. J. Willard and Alice Marriott.

Headquarters: Bethesda, Maryland. USA

Marriott International Jobs offered

  • Concierge
  • Commis
  • Manager – Catering Sales
  • Front Office- Guest Services Associate
  • Special Events Coordinator


What are is consumers services ?

Services that are beneficial to consumers are called consumer services. Insurance, banking and healthcare are but some of the numerous kinds of services that fall in this category.

What are the types of businesses that can be considered to be as consumer services?

Are you wondering about the companies that are involved in consumer service? There are a myriad of examples of services provided by consumers around you. Hotel firms as well as personal insurances, travel insurance healthcare, education and catering tourism, finance and entertainment are just a few examples of consumer-related services.

Why would you like to work in the consumer services sector?

Customer service can be rewarding work. You are able to directly help customers succeed by helping them reach their goals. Since this profession is a professional development field that you can apply to any profession you wish to pursue.

How can you tell the distinction between goods for consumers and services?

Consumer goods are those that consumers purchase and uses. They also represent the final product, the product of manufacturing and production.

If a consumer purchases an item, the buyer’s experience with the service is the direct interaction between the buyer and the representative from the company. It is essential to ensure customers satisfaction and driving the customer to come back for more.


There are numerous outstanding businesses to join in the field of customer service. The market for consumer goods and services will surely grow if people would like to purchase these items. Employees of the company can be assured that they will be paid an income that is consistent as a result of this trend.

Also, if you are interested in working in the industry, you should begin creating your resume right away. You must, however, have the required qualifications and abilities to obtain the job. This blog hopefully answers your query “What companies are in the consumer services field?.”

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