Voiced by Ayane Sakura Says Yae Miko ‘Scary’ in Genshin Impact Interview

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In an interview with a Japanese Genshin Impact Youtube channel, voice actor Ayane Sakura talks about her role as Yae Miko. Apart from sharing her first impressions of the character and how she came to play Yae Miko, Sakura revealed that Yukuaki is one of her favorite characters in the series. Genshin Impact. Sakura also talked about the mission idea she wanted to add to the game. The interview contains no spoilers for Genshin Impact.

Here it is in full Genshin Impact interview with Ayane Sakura and some of the highlights below:

While playing Yae Miko, Ayane Sakura stated that she focused on the feminine and mysterious qualities of the character. In particular, miHoYo told Sakura to act in a mischievous and deceptive manner. He also remembers how he got flustered when one of his lines said that the Yae Miko “has no tail,” even though some character designs clearly show that she has a tail. Sakura added that the contradiction may have played a role in Yae Miko’s mysteriousness.

When asked about similar qualities, the voice actor denied having anything in common with the character. Furthermore, Sakura said that she would actually be afraid of someone like Yae Miko in real life, due to the character’s omniscient attitude and charismatic qualities. However, Sakura also stated that she wants to be like Yae Miko when she is much older.

Among others Genshin Impact character, Ayane Sakura revealed that her two favorite characters are Raiden Shogun and Yukuaki. For Yukuaki, Sakura cites the androgynous and asymmetrical designs of the characters as key factors. Meanwhile, on the topic of traveling in the world Genshin Impact Sakura comments that she’d like to see a mission where you collect cats and dogs from all over the world and end up having a group of 50 to 100 animals following the player.

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Genshin  Impact available on iOS, Android, PlayStation 4 and 5, and PC. A Nintendo Switch version is also in development.

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