[ UPDATE ]How to Get The Bob Badge in FnF RP

Roblox offers a wide range of 3D experiences that users can create, some of which are obvious copies of other titles. Friday Night Funk Roleplay allows you to rap against your opponents. How do you get the Bob Badge for FNFRP?

GrifyHQ created FNFRP, a Friday Night Funkin Roleplaying Game. GrifyHQ created FNFRP, a game that allows users to play multiple characters from the game or its mods on customized maps based on the original game.

It is a clone of the original game and works exactly as it does. To score points, players must use the arrow keys to move in sync with the background music. FNFRP offers many secret badges including one for Bob the evil God.

Friday Night Funk Roleplay

Friday Night Funkin’ is a rhythm game where the Boyfriend competes against his Girlfriend in singing and rapping events. FNF Mods are available online.

Roblox allows gamers to create their own 3D visual animation games. A Friday Night Funk Roleplay game that allows gamers to challenge each other in rap is one of the most recent. These options aside, the question is still, “How do I get the Bob Badge to FNF RP?”

GrifyHQ developed the FNFRP. Players can roleplay FNF characters and apply mods to a map that has been adapted from the main game.

You can earn more points by moving the arrow keys along the screen with the background music to increase your score. Bob, the evil god of death, is one secret badge in the game.

How to get the Bob Badge FNF RP

Bob is the antagonist in Friday Night Funkin’ Vs Bob mod. Poorly drawn, he quickly gets angry after losing a fight with his boyfriend. These are the steps required to obtain the Bob badge in FNFRP.

  • Go to Roblox and launch Friday Night Funk Roleplay.
  • After the game loads Teleportation from the Lobby to the Cornfarm will be possible
  • Continue following the trail to the barn. On your right, you will see a structure.
  • It’s better to ignore it, and instead walk left until the farm ends.
  • Click here to download the flower behind the rock on the floor and you’re ready to go.
  • Follow the signs to the lobby. Follow the path until you reach the bob badge.
  • Bob, click the button to transform your character into an Evil God.
  • That’s it. You can now play Bob on FNFRP.

How to get the Selever badge from FNF RP

Launch Friday Night Funk Roleplay

Use the teleporter on the right from the lobby.

Teleport to the Snowdin Map

Rotate your camera until you can see the Christmas tree in front.

Run towards it until there are no buildings to your left.

Next, move to your left so that sparkles can be found on the ground.

You can walk into the sparkles to be teleported to a platformer-like stage.

To earn the badge, play the level and reach the top to touch the red platform.

You will be spawned back in the lobby once you have earned the badge.

Walk in the lobby and follow the path that says Morphs.

You will find Badges on the right, just before the large doorway that reads “teleport”.

You must go to the end of the passage to find the last badge.

Click the button to get Selever.

You will be awarded the Selever Badge if you follow the steps correctly.

This is the complete guide to how to earn the Selever badge in FNFRP (Friday Night Funk Roleplay). You will also find helpful our Roblox guides.

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