[UPDATE] Installl Trials in Tainted Space Save Editor

Trials in Tainted Space’s save editor allows users to alter their characters’ stats. We recommend downloading the save editor if you are interested in using them.

One way is that I tried Trials in Tainted Space. Even though it was difficult for me to get past the first five minutes of the game, I have seen people spend hours exploring what the game has to offer. This is not for everyone, and I enjoy AAA games so I would like to find out what’s going on.

Trials in Tainted Space, despite its flaws, is a very bad game. You can create multiple characters and have access to a large world. It is filled with weapons, combat, and a map to help you on your journey.

Trials in TaintedSpace for the Uninformed (RPG) is a text-based RPG. The story is told by the players’ imaginations. The gameplay of the game revolves around players who chat, fight each other, and engage in immoral activities while exploring galaxies.

We have a trials in tainted space save editor that can be used today to help you do something new or alter your character’s stats.

Trials in Tainted Space

It is important to remember that Trials in Tainted Space’s save editor allows users to modify or delete game save files. Then, they can save the file as a new one with the most recent values.

You can alter your character’s stats, and do all sorts of other things.

Trials in Tainted Space is a relatively new game. There are not many save editors available. TiTsEd, an editor that saves the game was created by algoRhythm99, a Github developer.


Requires Windows XP or higher (which also means that it works with Vista, 7, 8 and 10) and the.NET Framework 4(full profile or client profile).

It is not compatible with Mac OS X or Linux at the moment (even if you use Wine or Mono).

Your booty. You can click the save button in the upper right corner. Next, select the file that you wish to edit. Do not use the tabs that are available to you. Next, click save to save another file or overwrite the one you have. The Trials in Tainted Space save editor. TiTsEd lets you edit your character’s stats and other future-related items.

How to Install Trials in a Tinted Space Editor

Installation of Trials in Tainted Space Save Editor is easy. All you need is.NET Framework 4.5 and later.

You can download the latest TiTsED*.zip archive from Github if you have it already running on your Windows PC.

After downloading, extract files using Winrar/7-Zip to a desired location. Then, open the application.

Click the “Open” button in the upper right corner of the tool to load the TiTS file.

Your character’s details will be loaded as soon as you import them. You can edit the saved information to match your preferences, and then export it to the game using the “Save As” option.

Do You Have A Question? Found A Bug? Want To Contribute?

You can report bugs by creating/updating issues in TiTsEd’s issue tracker.

Visual Studio 2012 Express is required to edit the program. Make sure you have the offline installer.


  • Chase-san
  • algoRhythm99

CoCEd Contributors

This save editor is heavily inspired by CoCEd and uses much of its code.

  • Perdev2 (original creator)
  • TheMadExile/tmedwards (current maintainer)
  • Bobbaganoosh
This page is intended to be a reference only. However, it should also be noted that you, the player, are responsible for all your actions within the game. Before you attempt any of these cheats, it is strongly recommended that you save your game.
Keep a backup of your original save file.


The gameplay of Trials in Tainted Space is susceptible to exploitation. The game offers many features that the player can use to gain an advantage, whether they are intentional or not. These exploits could have been included in the game at different points in its development. They are also subject to change while the game remains in development.

This page will only include cheats that have been approved by developers and acknowledged by them. These cheats will only be available in-game during play. You can refer to the save editing page for out-of-game cheats.

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