Top Heavy Hitters, Ranked By Base Damage

In most combat-centric games, there’s a clear difference between the two different types of damage dealers: agile, fast fighter, and heavy hitter. Although there may be many unique combat features in Genshin Dampak Impactit also follows this general distinction.

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However, despite how important combat is in the game, many players still don’t know the best characters in the game. In general, heavy hitters are characters that do a large amount of damage per hit, often at the expense of speed and basic attack rate. Although there is no one different measure of combat power in Genshin Dampak Impactlooking for the highest basic attack can be a good indicator for the player.

Updated on February 27, 2022, by Scott Vengel: Genshin Impact has seen major additions to its story and cast in version 2.5. With the release of the Yae Miko banner, the lore behind the character and his partner, Raiden Shogun, has become more refined. However, in addition to an increased understanding of events in the world of Teyvat, such as Cataclysm, players are also impressed by the impressive firepower of Yae Miko. Because of this, this article will be updated to include Yae Miko, as well as some of the missed characters.

Notes: All characters are listed with basic attack stats of level 1 and level 90.

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15 Qiqi (22/287)


He may be a healer, but Qiqi can also deliver shocking blows. Even as a healer, players will want to build Qiqi attacks; his healing ability scaled by this stat, not by defense or HP.

Qiqi itself has a lot of potential as a dealer of physical damage. His own basic attack stat is at the top end Genshin Impact’s thrown, and its fast attack speed allows it to deal damage in both quality and quantity. This combined with Cryo’s application of his elemental skills make Qiqi a great addition to any team in Genshin impact.


14 Mona (22/287)

mona attack animation in genshin impact

Catalyst user in Genshin Dampak Impact comes in two types, attack-and support-centric. Even though she can work with both, Mona is a great Hydro catalyst. In addition to the usual attacks that deal punches, Mona’s unique moves make her one of the faster characters in the heavy-hitting realm.

However, Mona’s real damage comes with her elemental explosion. Dealing with Hydro’s explosion damage, Mona’s explosion also greatly amplifies Elemental damage. This meant that his normal attacks, which had already attacked by themselves, were now even more powerful.

13 Kazuha (23/297)

genshin impact kazuha trailer

One of the recent heavy hitters in the game, Kazuha has become quite an innovation amongst the game’s high damage community. To be fair, Kazuha is one of the few high-damage characters who doesn’t lose too much agility.

On the other hand, Kazuha offers a build that combines high mobility and damage. Best paired with a Pyro, Cryo, Electro, or Hydro character, Kazuha can also be a source of ready-to-use swirl damage.

12 Tartaglia (23/301)

tartaglia of the genshin dampak impact official artwork

Some of the characters have the battle-hungry energy that Tartaglia, aka Childe, has. In terms of knowledge, this Fatui Harbinger has mastered almost all weapons (he uses the weapons he knows best for training) and lives for battle. Naturally, with his qualifications, it made sense that he would be a heavy hitter regardless of how much agility he sacrificed.

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That said, a few differences set Tartaglia apart from other high attack characters in Genshin Impact’s cast. First, he can attack both at close and long range due to the uniqueness of his elemental skills. This makes Tartaglia one of the most tactically diverse characters in the game.

11 Shenhe (24/304)

shenhe from genshin dampak impact

A striking addition to version 2.4, Shenhe offers a good mix of high-level support and continuous DPS. His elemental skill applies the Icy Quill effect, which adds extra damage to Cryo attacks from teammates.

Interestingly, this makes Shenhe a heavy hitter when not on the court. Icy Quill adds more damage if more than one opponent is hit, doubling the modifier for both enemies. However, that being said, Shenhe was limited by the fact that he needed an additional Cryo character on the team.

10 Klee (24/311)

genshin impact klee explosion trailer

Few people think of bombs as low damage. And quite simply, even in the hands of a child, the bomb will turn any character into a heavy hitter; this of course applies to Klee.

The reason Klee became a DPS is very easy. He blows up enemies with his bombs, using elemental skills that throw small bombs to the ground and blasts using laser cannons.

9 Yoimiya (25/323)

genshin impact yoimiya fireworks idle animation

The fireworks maker of the Naganohara family, Yoimiya is an interesting case for Genshin Dampak Impact character in general (not just among heavy hitters.) After all, he is the only bow user who does damage mainly with his normal attacks rather than attacks charged to him.

This makes it only character which really benefits from using Rust (which lowers charged damage in exchange for higher normal damage.) And of course, its elemental blast only helps increase its naturally high damage, by marking enemies for increased damage.

8 Keqing (25/323)

genshin impact keqing burst . animation

Sword users rarely lose in speed and agility. That’s why the top 10 characters based on basic attacks only have two sword users; they make for the most agile fighters, given that they can use more hits per second than claymore users. However, Keqing did not follow this trend in particular.

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Among sword users, Keqing makes the most distinct DPS character. His damage has a naturally high base stat combination, while his elemental and explosion skills use fast, offensive attacks for high Electro damage.

7 Diluk (26/335)

genshin impact diluc abyss mage story quest pyro

On Genshin Impact’s release, Diluc is the original heavy hitter. In fact, most fans still considered him to be top of the line in DPS until Xiao and Ganyu were released, with their fascinating Pyro talent pool.

However, times do change. While the Dawn Winery tycoons have fallen under characters like Ganyu and Xiao, Diluc is now definitely one of the easiest heavy hitters to use. After all, there’s not much of a placement problem for his attacks (beyond directing his blasts) and there’s no HP gimmick associated with his talent. Truly, his talent is among the easiest to master in Genshin impact.

6 Ganyu (26/335)

ganyu element explosion genshin impact

Liyue Qixing’s secretary’s placement on this list shouldn’t surprise most people Genshin Dampak Impact fan. After all, Ganyu doesn’t place a top DPS character for no reason.

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Ganyu’s charge fire is huge, hitting multiple opponents with high Cryo damage. And of course, Ganyu also takes his critical hit and high damage, often at half to one hundred percent of his critical time.

5 Raiden Shogun (26/337)

shogun genshin impact raiden

The Archon is meant to be a force of supernatural powers, and few say this at face value as much as the most militant so far. Raiden Shogun is an excellent DPS, Electro polearm user, which gives him advantages in attack speed and normal attack scaling.

That said, the brunt of Raiden Shogun’s attack power goes to his elemental blast, replacing his normal polearm attacks with Electro-infused sword slashes. This stat features an increase in attack speed, which destroys enemies when paired with attacks such as Xiangling’s explosions.

4 Yae Miko (26/340)

yae miko burst animation from genshin impact

Like Klee and Mona, Yae Miko is a catalyst user with great DPS potential. In general, Yae Miko is an expert in clever kill zone placement, using her elemental skills to create small pockets where opposing groups are bombarded with Electro energy.

And when the push came to push, Yae Miko’s lightning bolt of elemental explosion was amazing both visually and statistically. Matched with the carefully placed Pyro or Hydro stats, the Yae Miko can literally blow swarms of foes away.

3 Ayaka (27/342)

genshin impact ayaka explosion animation

Of course, Ayaka must have looked like a strange character to find here. After all, Ayaka’s playstyle was almost purely using her sprints. However, Ayaka’s quirk was that her damage didn’t mainly come from her elemental or explosive skills, but rather from her normal attacks.

As a matter of fact, the attacks charged at him have a greater potential for damage than others Genshin Dampak Impact characters (enough for maybe Keqing). And this is advantageous because his charged attacks also work against the crowd, multiplying his total damage by the number of opponents he takes.

2 Eula (27/342)

genshin impact eula lumine traveler paimon story quest

Few characters fit into the heavy hitter category as well as Eula. His normal attacks deal massive damage and his ultimate is famous for his well-timed shots that also do a lot of damage.

In addition, Eula is one of the most suitable physical DPS characters. His normal attacks were actually quite high in terms of damage compared to his own elemental potential. This can make for some interesting team compositions for Eula, given that she doesn’t need to rely on a catalyst for her reactions.

1 Xiao (27/349)

genshin impact xiao trailer anemo polearm

Frankly, many who saw Xiao might question whether he was a heavy hitter or not. However, based on damage alone, Xiao definitely qualifies as a heavy hitter (if the player avoids some major blunders) — Xiao has the highest basic attack in Genshin impact.

However, Yaksha makes a heavy hitter with the peculiarity that he does not lose agility, but he increases vulnerability (through karma) and has a high cooldown. Players should be aware of this when choosing a strategy for Xiao.

Genshin Dampak Impact available for mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5. A Switch version is under development.

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