Top 23 Home Improvement and Home Decor Blogs You Should Follow

Are you willing to take your decoration to the next level?

When you are thinking about home renovations or home improvements it is often difficult to determine where to start. There are plenty of design blogs waiting to provide you with home decor ideas.

No really matter how personal your design style There’s an ideal blog to your house! We’ve identified the best blogs for home improvement online to ensure you get the best ideas. Find out more!

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The best Home Improvement and Home Decor Blogs and websites

These are the top home improvement and decor blogs you can find on the internet in the present!

1. Centsational Style Centsational Style Best Budget Home Improvement Blog

budget home improvement blog and home decor blog, centsational style home page welcoming with a laid table.

Centsational Style was founded by Kate Riley to share her passion for DIY, design and pattern-making. Kate has been fostering her blog with a creative flair for more than 10 years. The main concern is creating the perfect home decor at a reasonable cost.

If you’re in search of cheap options or solutions that are affordable, this is the blog worth checking out right now. In the blog, you’ll discover Kate’s design work styles files, artwork for companies as well as travel diary entries.

For those who enjoy life-style posts This is a fantastic blog to follow because Kate is self-proclaimed a traveler as well.

If you prefer watching movies, Kate also has you covered since she regularly posts content to her Youtube channel, too.

Visit on the Blog here, as well as join us on Instagram here..

2. Juniper Home – Best Interior Design Blog

home improvement and home decor blog, juniper home page with articles such as holiday gift guide.

Juniper Home, which is also known informally under the pen name Little Green Book was created by an ex-magazine writer as well as an interior design professional. Jenny Komenda has a wealth of experience in the world of home decor. She utilizes blogs to provide knowledge to her readers.

Jenny is determined to provide her readers the best interior decor options online through the “Shop The Best Discovers” feature. If you’re looking for recommendations on products with a clear layout it is for you!

This Juniper Home Blog also outlines the details of any historical homes they are remodeling and decorating in Arizona.

You can also buy decor from their blog Juniper Print store. The shop is where you will find home decor items including oversized lumbar pillows as well as original artworks. The website is dreamy for anyone who is a lover of interior design.

Visit this website here as well as join us on Instagram here..

3. Remodelaholic – Best DIY Home Decor Blog

home improvement and home decor blog, remodelaholic page with diy articles such as tutorial on how to build diy fire pit.

Remodelaholic keeps its readers entertained with their low-cost renovations and DIY options. It is run by Cassity and she is focused on recycling, reusing and repurposing every home decoration she is able to.

It could be through recycling old materials or using construction tools that were previously employed on other occasions, Remodelaholic will always include an eco-friendly DIY twist to it. It’s ideal for DIYers of all levels.

In the site, visitors will view the team’s past house renovations, which will show how much the team has evolved. There is also a gallery of the design inspiration for each room, which is ideal for those with a specific space to draw inspiration from.

Remodelaholic also features craft projects, holiday themes and ideas for projects, in addition to their online store. This blog provides a wealth of knowledge and is perfect for anyone who is new to home renovations.

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4. Remodelista – The Best Minimalist Design Blog

home improvement and home decor blogs, remodelista page featuring article on a rustic design-minded retreat.

The blog has categories that cover every renovation that is being considered, Remodelista is an essential read for anyone who is thinking of making changes to their home. A lot of the styles featured that are featured on the site are minimalist in nature however there are others that are featured as well!

The Remodelista blog was started by four friends who realized they shared the same design preferences. This relationship grew into a website that offers timeless ideas for home decor to anyone who is in need of it.

In the Remodelista Blog there is a remodeling 101 tutorial that teaches novices everything they need to know before they begin a project. From “5 Quick fixes” to “10 easy pieces” There are a variety of articles that will provide the basic information to beginners.

The blog also provides ideas for interior design as well as their best designs, their top picks for design, travel inspiration, and garden ideas. The blog is always updated with fresh and innovative ideas posted to be found on this blog! remodelista blog!

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5. The Home Blog – Great For People who are new to home Improvement

home improvement and home decor blog, the home blog page featuring article on 25 coat closet organization hacks.

The blog’s founder Adam Jernigan created The Home Blog because he believes that having a relaxing and well-organized living space is crucial for all.

Who would want to be surrounded by clutter and chaos in the first place? This blog has evolved from being a simple guide to sprucing up your home to ideas for contemporary design. The blog aims to provide ideas for design and organizing strategies to help you make your home a place where you feel comfortable.

The Home Blog provides advice for anyone. It’s for college kids as well as first-time home owners, people who rent homes, people who work from home high-rise houses and many more. There are even tips for home relocation to save money, enhancing your shelving and general tips for interior design.

Get started studying this wealth of information now!

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6. Retro Renovation – Best Vintage Home Decor Inspiration

home improvement and home decor blogs, retro renovation page with poopular posts such as 8 authentic vintage countertop laminate designs.

The Retro Renovation website is a haven for anyone who likes the retro design.

If you like mid-century design, this is a must-follow blog. Retro Renovation has been running for over 15 years, giving the team lots of experience in home design and finding the best retro home products.

Now the website focuses on finding the best furniture for retro remodels, but their blog is still active and their past content is still live on the website. With articles covering every room and technique, this is a guide that covers every aspect of home improvement.

The blog also has a feature called “The Museum” where fans can scroll through the history of mid-century design to learn more about the movement. Retro Renovation also stresses the importance of being safe when remodeling as older homes and pieces can be more dangerous to work with.

Find the blog here or on Instagram here.

7. This Old House – Best Experienced Home Improvement Blog

home improvement and home decor blog, this old house page featuring article on smart doorbells and recessed lights.

The Old House is ideal for anyone looking to dive into the details of transforming homes.

While some blogs focus on interior design or DIY projects, This Old House examines the more difficult aspects of floor coverings, pest prevention and tools. This blog is great for builders since it offers helpful tips, tricks and expert advice regarding everything home improvement.

The blog features an A-Z section where you can browse through a wide range of subjects to learn more about home renovation. Plumbing is covered on this site and tools for home improvement, so if your planning purchasing a house, take a look at these helpful articles to look first.

You can also catch This Old House on PBS and The team is currently on their 42nd consecutive season and they are truly seasoned professionals!

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8. Fine Homebuilding – The Best Tech Home Remodeling Blog

home improvement and home decor blog, fine homebuilding page with podcasts on talk with carpenter laura smarrito.

With blogs covering every topic possible the blog is perfect for anyone looking to remodel a complete house. From kitchens, roofing and general remodelling up to design, decking and security The editorial team responsible for Fine Homebuilding has everything covered.

You can also join The The Fine Homebuilding publication to receive continuous remodeling information delivered directly to your doorstep.

If you enjoy watching videos, browse the site’s collection of videos on various home building areas. The site also has an audio podcast with more than 300 episodes, which is perfect to learn home improvement ideas in the field.

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9. Young House Love – Best Modern Home Decor Blog

home improvement and home decor blog, young house love home page starting with a tribute to burger post.

The Young House Love blog was established around 14 years ago, when the couple Sherry and John began to renovate their first house. The couple is passionate about decorating their homes and improving the designs, which is why they decided to take their passion to the internet and soon gained followers. They even made their own backyard wedding , showing their skills in the craft and DIY industry.

On the site it is possible to view the last homes of the owner and the way they transformed their properties. There are numerous before and afters you can scroll through. Anyone with some free time should take some a glance as they’re stunning! There’s also various decorating and DIY tips as well as a podcast and an online store.

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10. Reveal Homestyle – The Best diy home renovation blog

home improvement and home decor blog, reveal homestyle page featuring post about 9 musknow ways to style your wall.

If you’re searching for a blog that is focused on repairs and remodeling of remodeling, rather than color palettes and styles look no further than Reveal the Homestyle .

This blog about home renovations gives readers about the best practices and tips for building the exterior and interior components and ensures that all procedures are well-described and safe. Additionally, you can find information regarding HVAC along with general improvement tips too.

Reveal Homestyle has several blogs about real property, smart homes, and the process of moving. Although it’s not the prettiest website on the web however it’s one you need to check out to ensure you are aware of every aspect of the process of remodeling!

Visit the blog on the internet right here.

11. Merrypad – The Best Family Home Improvement Blog

home improvement and home decor blog, merrypad page featuring post on how to clean your house.

Sometimes it’s good to read blogs written by those who live similar lives to yours. If you have children or your own family, you should try taking a look at the Merrypad blog.

It was started by Emily and Pete The blog is a chronicle of the home remodeling projects of the family as well as offers suggestions and tips to readers. The owner Emily was a writer in the form of DIY Network and HGTV so you’re in good hands her tips and advice.

On the site you will be able to view a variety of projects before and after as well as Emily’s work, as well as read various articles covering every subject you can imagine. From barns to beach houses each home can find solutions in this blog.

Emily includes articles with material for kids, like “6 summer Art Assignments For You and Your Kids” If you are a fan of lifestyle articles, they are also available!

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12. Refresh Restyle – The Top Craft Decorating Blog

home improvement and home decor blog, refresh restyle page with diy and crafts posts such as shutter shelf diy.

The idea was conceived by Debbie, Refresh Restyle Readers can choose from a variety of DIY ideas for home use to transform your home.

Debbie uses her talents in a unique method, always seeking an innovative problem to tackle. If you are interested in unconventional methods of upcycling or DIY home design, this article will be an ideal source of inspiration!

The blog also has DIY sections where Debbie offers her furniture transformations. From sofa and couch transformation tutorials to designing beautiful coffee tables There’s something for everyone!

A lot of these guides are focused on the farmhouse look If country living is what you are looking for, go through these guides! This Refresh Restyle website also has a Facebook group with VIP members with a shop, as well as an informative section on crafts.

You can find our website here as well as join us on Instagram here..

13. DIYShowOff is the Best home Improvement Lifestyle Blog

home improvement and home decor blog, diyshowoff page featuring post about diy shed door.

Based in Butler North Pittsburgh lives in Roeshel. Roeshel created the blog DIYShowOff since she’s always had a love of repurposing furniture creating interiors, and imaginative generally.

Roeshel owns a huge farmhouse, and she is devoted in restoring it and posting the progress via her blog. This is an excellent resource for those who require inspiration from actual homes to kick off your home improvement project.

Alongside her blog posts and tutorials about interior design, she also loves to inform readers about the importance of health and well-being. For those who love home improvements and are also interested in writing about lifestyle it’s a fantastic combination!

Learn more about the benefits of organic cleaning solutions, essential oils and healthcare and. sick healthcare.

You can find our website here as well as follow us on Instagram here..

14. Fun Junk Interiors – The Best Recycled Home Decor Blog

home improvement and home decor blog, funky junk interiors page with featured article on new upgraded orojects 600.

Donna was infatuated to design Funky Junk Interiors When she discovered her passion to create cool furniture from trash.

At some point in her journey, Donna realized she needed to get her life back on track and that included the construction of a new house, but without a dime. After finding thrift shops and things that were discarded on the streets, Donna was able to make unique, one-of-a-kind works that have inspired thousands of people.

The blog’s popularity grew and Donna was able to leave her job and work all-time at Funky Junk Interiors. On the site you can see her designs, all of her gallery galleries of projects, video tutorials, stencil signs projects, as well as travel journals.

This blog offers a wide range of home interior design ideas that are unique that are perfect for people who are looking for alternative designs.

You can find this website right here or join us on Instagram here..

15. Apartment Therapy – The Best Interior Design Blogs on Instagram

home improvement and home decor blog, apartment therapy page with featured article on how author celebrates diwali with diys every year.

The Apartment Therapy blog was launched in 2001, as an email newsletter that was sent out weekly to customers from Designer Maxwell Ryan. The blog has grown into a top source of home design ideas for readers.

The blog provides expert advice from professionals in the industry DIY projects, How-To guides shopping tips, and more.

The blog is every day House Tour. The features are created by readers who are real and showcase real houses, providing ideas and an opportunity to show off your style.

The blog is now home to an audience of more than 20 million people who visit the site and on Instagram. If you’re looking for inspiration, you can visit the blog that is a sister site Kitchn to get additional kitchen remodeling ideas.

Visit this website on this page or join us on Instagram here..

16. Home Adore – The Best Professional Design Blog for Interior Design Blog

home improvement and home decor blog, home adore page with featured post about kozina house by atelier 111 architekti.

Home Adore is a stylish interior design blog that is perfect for those who love the arts and architecture.

This blog was created in 2012 and is specialized in sharing innovative ideas in interior design. You’ll discover homes across the globe, giving the user a variety of styles and cultural influences to select from.

On this blog, you’ll find a way to navigate through furniture, architecture lighting, interiors, and even gardening design. Whatever you’re looking for to design there’s a solution.

The Home Adore also has an “Misc” category, which contains useful articles with information about moving your home, innovative design of furniture, contemporary fireplaces, and so on.

You can also browse the blog’s store for artwork as well as kitchenware and kitchen essentials.

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17. Decor8 – Best Neutral Home Interior Design Blog

home improvement and home decor blog, decor8 page with new posts such as whatt matters now in interiors.

Decor8 is a well-known minimalist blog about home design established in the year 2006 with the help of Holly Becker. Holly hopes to inspire readers to be more creative and innovative in their home design, so that they can experience living in a comfortable environment that keeps them content every day.

Holly is an expert in interior design journalist, designer of products speaker, author, and lecturer She is a pro at proving she is knowledgeable when it comes to home improvement.

In Decor8’s decor8 blog, you’ll discover the methods Holly renovates homes on individual blogs. Holly’s style is neutral, with a lot of cream, white and beige shades.

There is also a blog about the adventures of the author, which typically include design and gallery shows featuring cutting-edge furniture designs. If you’re looking to stay ahead of the trends in interior design it is a good blog to read.

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18. IKEA Hackers: Best Design Blog for Interior 

home improvement and home decor blog, ikea hackers page with featured post about new diy doors for bookcase.

IKEA is great for budget-friendly solutions as well as furniture for your home Have you ever wondered what you could have done more with your IKEA furnishings? If yes, then go to the blog IKEA Hackers ASAP!

This blog offers alternatives to styling Ikea items without having to spend a lot it. This is a great option if you’re designing your home with a tight budget and want to make it look distinct from the showrooms!

Since the blog has been in existence since 2006, it has a variety of posts. The blog’s homepage, you’ll see”Best Of” and the “Best Of” page which simplifies your experience. You can choose the year you’re in and look for the most popular hacks of each time frame.

It’s a great method to come up with ideas quickly without the need to go through a lot of articles. If you aren’t able to get enough ideas from these posts, it’s possible to follow them via Instagram and sign-up to their newsletter to receive weekly updates also.

Visit our website here as well as join us on Instagram here..

19. Design Sponge Design Sponge Best Home Improvement Archive Blog

home improvement and home decor blog, design sponge page with a cafe and a sign of celebrating 15 years from opening.

Design Sponge was a cult home improvement website for 15 years. In 2009, the team decided to call the quits and ended a period of stunning home interior designs as well as DIY-related projects.

But, before you skipping this article, Design Sponge is still online and their vast collection of content is still available for take advantage of! Although the team doesn’t post regular updates on their blog, they’re worth checking out for their wide range of designs and a myriad of home-based projects.

They also continue to post regularly on their Instagram page that has over 800,000 followers.

Within the Design Sponge DIY section, users will get an extensive list of the “Top DIY projects from All Time” which focus on various crafts and give you the absolute best of the most popular. These lists are ideal for those who don’t have plenty of time, but would like to have most tried and tested ideas right now.

You can also find older food and drink articles as well as travel and lifestyle ideas, and business concepts book reviews, as well as shopping at the Design Sponge page, too.

Visit this Blog here as well as join us on Instagram here..

20. Ask The Builder for the Best Renovation Tips For Builders Blog

home improvement and home decor blog, ask the builder page featuring ask the builder overview video.

Ask the Builder is managed by Tim Carter, an industry professional who is eager to assist others with home improvement issues. Tim has years of experience in the field as well as his website is among of the longest-running and most popular home improvement blogs available on the web.

Many thousands of people have benefited from Tim’s informative blog posts and YouTube how-to videos. “Ask The Builder” was one of the first 50 paid YouTube partners – showing that he’s been trusted for a long time.

Through dedication and hard work Through hard work and dedication, Through hard work and commitment, “Ask the Builder” blog became the most frequently quoted home improvement blog on the internet. Tim was named as one of the “Top 50 Remodelers In The USA” by Remodeling Magazine.

If you are looking for reliable and high-quality tips for improving your home, This is the blog to begin reading. You can also watch Tim’s show, see his projects before and after or ask him questions during his Q&A sessions.

Visit your Blog right here or on YouTube here..

21. The Family Handyman – Best Home Improvement Tips &Tricks Blog

home improvement and home decor blog, the family handyman page with features post about 49 life hacks you'll wish you knew sooner.

If you are looking for easy-to-follow DIY home tips, The Family Handyman is a great blog worth checking out.

This blog specializes in comprehensive and precise how-to guides that help readers renovate their homes without having to hire a professional.

The blog became so popular that they began publishing Family Handyman magazines to provide monthly tips to everyone who are interested in DIY techniques for home improvement.

On the site you will find several categories that assist in all aspects that involve home improvements. The “New Homeowners” category the editorial team offers clear and concise advice about each step in how to go about the homeownership process.

There are also DIY classes and online courses taught by specialists in the area. This is an excellent blog for those who want to begin improving your home as quickly as possible using online courses assistance.

Visit the blog here..

22. All Kinds of – Best Home and Fashion Decor Blog

home improvement and home decor blog, all sorts of page with featured post on rug guide: selecting the perfect size.

It was created by Interior design expert Amber Lewis, All Kinds Of is a home decor website which focuses on trendy interior design.

Amber also runs Amber Interiors, a design studio that is focused on home interiors inspired by California. In addition to design, you will also read business and lifestyle posts at the All Kind Of blog. It’s ideal for those who is interested in self-development, too.

Amber Keeps the All Sorts of blog up to date with new collections for each season. If you are someone who likes to alter your home every couple of months, then this is the blog that will provide you with some great ideas.

Amber has worked with brands such as Anthropologie to present ways you can style your home in a stylish relaxed fashion. This blog is perfect for people with boho-inspired tastes since Amber concentrates on interior design that has the laidback look.

Visit our Amber Interiors shop via the blog to get curated furniture and homeware tips.

You can find our Blog here as well as join us on Instagram here..

23. Small Stuff Matters – Top Female Home improvement blog

home improvement and home decor blog, small stuff counts page featuring three categories for articles: organazing, diy crafts, homa decor.

It was founded by Emily, Small Stuff Small Stuff Learners how to build an orderly and healthy home.

Emily started her blog on the 13th of January 2013 and has been focusing on DIY projects as well as cute interior decorating projects ever since. If she’s not working on remodeling her home, Emily works a full-time marketing job.

The small Stuff is Important website has gained a massive female readership and is perfect for anyone who would like to get their feet wet in this world of house renovations. Emily also targets mothers who wish to manage their homes, while raising children.

A lot of the tutorials and projects posted on the blog are budget-friendly and low-cost solutions. This is ideal for users who wish to update their decor but don’t want to spend an arm and a leg.

The blog provides guides, home tours managing your home and the archive for Emily’s work and an Ebook as well! Everything you need to begin your journey of home improvement.

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FAQ Top 23 Home Improvement and Home Decor Blogs You Should Follow

What Are the Home Improvements Bring the Most Value in 2021?

If you’re planning to increase the value of your house, you might be interested in knowing the most effective improvement strategies for 2021. The most reputable home improvement websites recommend that replacing the garage door, small kitchen remodeling as well as wood deck extensions are the top three projects to concentrate on this year.

What are the things that add the most value to a home?

Maybe you’re looking to increase the an overall value to your home and not just the renovations that are trending this year. If that’s the case, then property experts recommend converting your basement to as a living space, and expanding your kitchen as well as loft extensions are major renovations to consider.

Which Home Improvements Bring the Most Value When Selling?

In terms of generating more value from a resales experts suggest that a cellar renovation could bring the potential for 30% value. While there are many ways to boost the value of your property through home improvement but this is among the most difficult ways to make greater profits.

What is the cause of a drop in property value?

The factors that lower the value of a property include maintenance that is not done and poor quality materials and bad neighbors, foreclosures and more. Certain factors that lower the value of your property can be altered but the ones that aren’t can’t be. If you are looking to increase the value of your home, you should focus on repairing your house and keeping it in good condition. Paint all walls and clean your yard!

What is the Most Popular House Decor Style Right Now?

If you’re trying to keep your home trendy, you should consider the 2021 trends. Trendy styles of the moment include clashing checks, maximalism with stripes, geometric designs as well as bold primary colors or wall-mounted murals. 2021 is all about having fun and mixing patterns that clash, showcase your adventurous side in your home!

What is the best place to start in Decorating My Home?

When you’re ready to start making improvements to your home, do steps one at one time. There are so many things to consider and it’s easy to get overwhelmed quickly. Some experts recommend that you work through each room, and not make a schedule that is strict.

Where can I find the Most Effective home Decor Accessories?

For the best decor accessories, you’ll must know what you’re looking for in terms of style! Explore some interior design ideas blogs and check out what’s caught your attention. Many interior design blogs create lists that guide visitors to the top stores for home decor. Remodelista frequently shares their top choices for home accessories and home decor, which are worth a look.

What is popular in home Decor?

There’s a wide range of design trends for homes this year, particularly since we’ve been spending more time in. Trends that are most sought-after include more utilization of colors, eco-friendly furniture, lighter wood materials, and classic-looking furniture which adds warmth to houses.

The heart is at home, and that’s where the home is, which is why it’s important to make your living space as comfortable as you can. Since we are spending more time at home, with working at home becoming the norm it’s essential to be content in the space we reside. We hope these blogs provide you with some ideas to make improvements to your home.

Are you a fan of any of these home improvement techniques? Tell us what you think about them in the comments!

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