TOP 15 : Best Private High Schools in America (LATEST UPDATE)

Are you looking for best private high schools in america ? If yes, you have found the right article, because we will discuss that, but before that we will explain a little about what private high schools are.

Definition of a Private School

Independent, or private, schools are owned by private individuals and run without the aid from local, state or federal government. Middle and high school schools are private, as are universities and colleges. In private schools, students pay tuition fees to attend. Contrarily public K-12 schools charge nothing, and public schools generally have tuition rates that are significantly lower than private schools.

Types of Private Schools

There are a variety of privately-run schools. A university-preparatory, or ‘prep,’ school is a private high school that has an established goal of preparing students to enter college. Boarding schools offer minors with a quality education as well as an accommodation. Some religiously-affiliated private schools offer religious education in addition to basic studies, while others maintain strictly secular academic curricula. Universities and K-12 schools may be affiliated with a religious institution.

Why Choose a Private College

A lot of students enroll in public colleges due to their financial appeal. However, private colleges are also attractive because of their features. One of the main advantages of a private school is the size of classes, which tends to be smaller than public institutions. Less students means greater attention to each student by the professor that many students find crucial.

Private schools are also able to offer an individualized concentration. Students may choose for a college with a mission statement or a philosophy that aligns to their values or needs. This could result in an individualized learning experience that many public universities are unable to replicate. For instance, many private schools are religiously-affiliated and attract devout students of a particular faith.

TOP 15 : Best Private High Schools in America (LATEST UPDATE)
TOP 15 : Best Private High Schools in America (LATEST UPDATE)

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1. Brearley School

Brearley School established 1884 is an exclusive girls-only private Non-Denominational Christian college preparatory day school located within New York, NY United States. Brearley School has daytime students only and has a total enrollment of 690 for day classes from kindergarten to 12th. Brearley School is part of the Harvard University feeder based.

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2. Chapin School

Chapin School established 1901 is an exclusive girls-only private day school that is college preparatory within New York, NY United States. Chapin School enrolls day students only and has a total enrollment of 730 students in the daytime classes K-12th. Chapin School is a Princeton University feeder school that is based on the top 30 Princeton University Feeder Schools.

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3.Hotchkiss School

The Hotchkiss School is an independent coeducational preparatory institution for students who attend boarding or day school situated within Lakeville, Connecticut.

As an independent school of the highest caliber Hotchkiss provides an experiential education.

The Hotchkiss School provides students from the grades 9-12.

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4. Collegiate School

Collegiate School, founded in 1628, is a private boys-only day school that is college preparatory within New York, NY United States. Collegiate School has daytime students only and has a total enrollment of 630 students in the daytime grades K-12th. Collegiate School is an Harvard University feeder based on the top thirty Harvard University Feeder Schools .

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5.Groton School

Groton School is among the top private day and boarding colleges in the US situated within Groton, Massachusetts.

It is among the very few schools in the country that accepts students in the eighth grade.

In 2008 and since then, Groton School has waived tuition, room and board for students who come from families that earn less than $80,000.

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6. Saint Ann’s School

Saint Ann’s School established 1965 is a private co-educational college preparatory day school located within Brooklyn, NY United States. Saint Ann’s School enrolls day students in a single class, with a total enrollment of 1080 students from the daytime grades from PK to 12th. Saint Ann’s School is a Yale University feeder.

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7.Trinity School

Trinity School is a college preparatory independent school that is coeducational and coeducational for children in the grades of K-12 daytime students.

It gives world-class instruction for its students through intense academics and excellent programs in the arts, athletics as well as peer leadership and international travel.

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8.Stanford Online High School

Stanford Online High School is an independent school with a high-stakes selection for students in grades 7-12 situated within Redwood City, California.

The school is Standard Online High School, skilled teachers help academically gifted students discover their passion through live, online seminars.

Stanford Online High School has three options for enrollment Full-time enrollment, part time enrollment, and single-course enrollment.

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9. Phillips Exeter Academy, Exeter, New Hampshire

Exeter is a place of inquiry where exceptional students meet to explore the world around them, challenge themselves and make. Phillips Exeter Academy is a co-educational independent school that serves students who attend boarding or day school in the grades 9-12 and has a postgraduate program. It is among some of the longest-running secondary schools across the United States.

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10. The Lawrenceville School, Lawrenceville, New Jersey

One of the most prestigious school preparatory institutions in the United States, Lawrenceville was founded in 1810 as The Maidenhead Academy by Presbyterian clergyman Isaac Van Arsdale Brown. The school has nine faculties, such like English History, Interdisciplinary, Mathematics, Language and performing Arts and Religion and Philosophy Sciences, Religion & Philosophy, as well as Visual Arts.

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11. Choate Rosemary Hall, Wallingford, Connecticut

Choate Rosemary Hall is a private, college-preparatory, and coeducational school for boarding students. There more than 300 subjects in the school’s curriculum. It also requires community service as well as modern-day global studies.

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12. Lakeside School, Seattle, Washington

Lakeside School is a private and independent school. Lakeside pupils are supported by teachers and staff with a wealth of knowledge and experience in their respective fields and an interest in educating youngsters. The athletics department is huge and offers soccer, football, golf volleyball, crew wrestling baseball, basketball tennis and diving, swimming, cross country, lacrosse along with track and field. It also has the strength and conditioning program.

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13. Harvard-Westlake School, Studio City, California

Harvard-Westlake is an independent co-educational college preparatory school for students in grades 7-12 situated at Los Angeles, California. The school is split into two campuses. There are grades 9 to 9) being and the Middle School, situated at the former Westlake campus in Holmby Hills and grades 10-12 as well as in the Upper School, positioned at the former Harvard campus located in Studio City.

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14. The College Preparatory School, Oakland, California

College Preparatory School (CPS) is a co-educational private day school that is open to grades 9-12, for intelligent risk-taking students in the San Francisco Bay Area who would like to pursue a thorough continuous education along with other students who share the same sentiment. It is a private four-year high school located in Oakland, California. College Prep is a home for ideas, discovery, and rendezvous–intellectual pursuits that their students fortune.

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15. Phillips Academy Andover

Phillips Academy Andover established 1778 is a co-educational private university preparatory boarding school located within Andover, MA United States. Phillips Academy Andover enrolls boarding as well as day students, with the total enrollment of 1110 in the day grades 9th through PG boarding grades 9th through PG.

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10 Benefits of Private High School

Opportunities for enrichment in the academic world

One of the advantages for private school is the fact that they offer extraordinary and challenging learning experiences through extracurricular activities Advanced Placement courses, the International Baccalaureate programme (and the IB diploma program) and gifted programs.

Smaller classes

A thorough study of class size conducted by education researches Bruce Biddler and David Berliner in 2002 found the smaller the size of the class is, the better students perform in academic tests.

Participation of parents

The private schools have been built on an open dialogue between the administration and parents and they are keen to engage parents in the community. Through frequent meetings between parents and teachers or social gatherings like family picnics and breakfasts for parents on weekends, as well as the participation of committees for parents in fundraising activities family members become integral to their child’s education. This bonding also enhances the relationship between parents and their children.

Teachers who are dedicated

In a study conducted by the Fraser Institute in 2007, 91% of parents who were surveyed stated that the commitment of teachers was the primary motivation to opting for a private schools. The teachers are experienced and enthusiastic about their subject, usually possessing master’s degrees or higher in their fields.

A safe environment

Private schools are renowned as having high-quality standards of the discipline of students and their respect for teachers. The lower ratio of staff to students allows to have more effective supervision and management of the school’s campus. The feeling of community in private schools also deters reckless behavior. According to the Fraser Institute study, around 72% of parents who were surveyed with children who attend their private schools said that they thought their schools were secure and secure, which significantly improves the level of their child’s learning experiences and performance. The discipline that they acquire enhances their chances of achievement in postsecondary education because they’re in charge of their attendance in class and performance.

Community-based environment

According to an Fraser Institute survey, 62 percent of parents who have children attending private schools system feel that their school’s atmosphere is supportive, motivating and welcoming. Taranvir Sandhu, a Grade 10 student at MPS Etobicoke and MPS Etobicoke, says “I made friends right away,” he declares. “I really like how it’s a big family here.” Students who have graduated from MPS repeatedly state that their friendships formed at private schools have endured beyond graduation. A feeling of pride is frequently built into the graduates of private schools which creates many networking opportunities when becoming employed. This can be especially true at schools that are religious that are religious, like Christian, Catholic, Jewish and Islamic schools.

Plenty of resources

In Private schools you’ll find a wealth of tools to help students learn at the class, on the sports fields, the art studio and much more. The best resources and extracurriculars give students with the chance to explore their interests and abilities.

Extracurricular activities

While academics remain the top priority for the majority of private schools, some also place a significant emphasis on a holistic education and encourage involvement of other extracurricular pursuits that include sporting events, music, arts, or clubs.

A shared the educational concept

There are many ways to approach education. Choosing an institution or preschool that fits with one’s personal viewpoint can lead to an enjoyable, positive academic learning experience for your child.

Future-proofing for the present and future world

Private schools are more than just offering the subjects that are mandated by provincial curriculums. they are able to provide students with various specializations , including arts programs as well as sporting activities, math, sciences. Private schools have produced numerous leaders in business, politics, and society, and have the ability to quickly adapt to technological advancements and the changing world of. Today, they are also sought out by parents of children who have particular needs, such as behavior (including troubled teenage behaviour) as well as learning, developmental physical or mental disabilities.

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