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Anemo is one of the seven elements in Genshin Dampak Impact, global sensation miHoYo. This element utilizes gusts of wind, bursts of air, and even tornadoes to deliver devastating blows that will send enemies flying through the sky. Anemo is a great element on its own but is best used in conjunction with other elements. Several characters in the game take advantage of this ability, but one of the most important of all is the player character.

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Anemo users tend to wear a lot of green and white, symbolizing nature, peace, and the free spirit. Many characters in Genshin Dampak Impact are Anemo users, like the polearm wielding Xiao and the prestigious knight Jean. Here are some facts that players should know about Anemo.

Updated on March 4, 2022, by Scott Vengel: Genshin Impact fans are more looking for new characters than ever before. With the release of Yae Miko, there are no more characters in sight for release that appear in the game’s archon quests. As such, now players are looking deep into the lore of Genshin Impact to find out who the next release might be, for characters like Kamisato Ayato and Shikanoin Heizou. That said, many fans are also excited about the prospect of banner reruns for their favorites, such as Kaedehara Kazuha’s Anemo character. To update the five-star list in anticipation of reruns, and to add more information about using Anemo, this article will be updated.

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13 Anemo Is The First Of Many Tourist Elements

genshin impact female traveler in pause menu on misty green background

The protagonist of Genshin Impact first encounters the element of Ameno, a powerful wind-based magic. However, travelers can also take Geo elements by interacting with the Geo seven statue in Liyue later in the game.

This hints that as future updates open up more territories, travelers will be able to take advantage of every element. With Pyro, Electro, Hydro, Cryo, and Dendro remaining, players are excited to see which element the next traveler will take.


12 No Anemo Status Effect

genshin impact female traveler with wet status effect and water jelly enemy behind her

Hydro, Cryo, Electro, and Pyro all have status effects associated with their elements. Anemo is one of the few who no. It is a powerful element by itself, but when used in conjunction with other elemental users, its power can be increased.

Switching characters to take advantage of the elemental impact of Anemo’s abilities is a smart strategy. It can be upgraded with different items that increase the character’s attack or critical chance when switching characters.

11 It Can Activate Elemental Vortex

genshin's impact character activates the vortex ability on the enemy's green magic vortex

While Anemo may not have any status effects associated with it, Anemo users have a unique ability: spinning. When Anemo’s abilities interact with attacks of different elements, a devastating magic vortex occurs. It deals area-of-effect damage to all enemies in the area, using elements mixed with Anemo’s energy.

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This skill has a relatively low cooldown and can deal enormous damage to enemies, especially in groups. However, only one element at a time can fuse with Anemo, so players should be wary of typing in their enemy’s element.

10 Anemo Is A Crowd Control Element

venti exploded in genshin dampak impact

Support in Genshin Dampak Impact came in a variety of different forms—stat boosts, possible, some would even argue that healing was a form of support. Anemo characters tend to specialize in crowd control. This includes moving large groups of enemies to a single location, or immobilizing them.

Sucrose and Venti are two of the most iconic crowd control characters, as their elemental blasts suck in opponents while doing a lot of Swirl damage. On the other hand, Jean and Anemo Traveler could use their elemental skills to push the opponent multiple times at a time.


8 Anemo Is Great For Exploration

genshin impact traveler male aether gliding anemo windblume event particles

Genshin Dampak Impact is a very big game, so having great exploration potential is a must. Anemo could be called the “exploratory element” — most Anemo characters have features that make the task of exploring easier.

For example, Venti, Kazuha, and Xiao all had skills that made traveling through the air easier. Recently, Sayu was able to travel long distances using the spins of her elemental skills. Many also offer very useful passive abilities — Kazuha has increased sprint stamina, and Venti can glide longer.

7 Anemo Absorbs Other Elements

genshin impact player duels with anemo and pyro abilities

When Anemo’s abilities come into contact with other elemental abilities or attacks, it only occasionally triggers a vortex effect due to the cooldown. But every time the anemo ability collides with another element, the absorption of the element will be triggered.

This passive ability allows Anemo’s ability to pick up any element it hits, dealing damage to that element in return. For example, if Anemo’s ability collides with Pyro’s ability, Anemo’s ability will deal Pyro damage.

6 Wind Element Resonance Ability

genshin anemo sigil over blurred environment background

Anemo’s elemental resonance ability is Imppetuous Winds. This passive ability is triggered when two Anemo characters are in the same party. This ability reduces the player’s stamina consumption by 15% and the cooldown time on abilities by 5%.

In addition, Ipetuous Winds increased movement speed by 10%. This is a great ability for players who like fast-paced gameplay and want to use multiple Anemo characters in their party at once.

5 This is Five Star Element

genshin impact jean 5-star gacha illustration standing in flower valley holding straight sword

Anemo is the ace of the element di Genshin Dampak Impact. Almost every playable Anemo character in the game has a five-star rarity. The only ones that don’t are Sucrose and Sayu, but even they are four star characters. This shows that Anemo users are a force to be reckoned with. Their breezy abilities will knock enemies off their feet, or dozens of feet in the air. The current five-star Anemo characters include:

  • Jean

  • Kaedehara Kazuha

  • Venti

  • Xiao

  • Anemone Wanderer


The Best Batteries In Genshin Impact

Getting an Anemo character is not only rare but an achievement. Anemo characters are some of the rarest in the game, so scrolling one through wishes is always of interest to players.

4 Enemy Anemo Hypostasis

genshin impact players fight hypostasis anemo cube enemies

Anemo Hypostasis is a formidable foe who lives in the Stormbearer Mountains near Mondstadt. This boss was once a human Anemo user who left his form to become pure Anemo essence.

Defeating one of these bosses will give players a drop that will help improve their Anemo character. The key to taking them down is to constantly do damage while avoiding a lot of Hypostasis attacks.

3 The relaxed nature of the Anemo Archon

genshin impact barbatos in front of yellow and blue window holding harp

One of the few archons still roaming the world Genshin Dampak Impact is Barbatos, archon anemo. He held sway over Mondstadt, but preferred to roam freely and let his people rule on their own.

Barbatos is a carefree spirit who values ​​freedom, so she doesn’t hold much control over her people. Because of this, he was much liked by the people of Mondstadt. Before the archon war, Barbatos formed a bond with a nameless bard and became a bard herself.

2 Mondstadt Is The House Of The Wind

genshin impact monstadt arial view city island surrounded by water with windmills

The city of Mondstadt is home to many Anemo users. It was also the location that the archon Anemo called home, and where he had the most power. Mondstadt is the first city that players encounter Genshin Dampak Impact and quite large at that. With lots of shops and buildings to explore, it’s easy to see how the free-flowing and winding roads are home to wind-based elements.

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The people of Mondstadt revere Barbatos, their nation’s archon. Their way of life is about freedom and relaxation. But not to be confused with laziness—they are very hardworking people.

1 Venti Is An Archon In Flesh

genshin dampak impact ventilation

Venti is an Anemo character who wields a playable bow in the game. They are often called wind-bearing poets because they are musical travelers, though Paimon would jokingly call them “tone-deaf poets” out of spite.

Venti is fun and cheerful but has a deep secret: he is actually Archon Barbatos himself. Venti will speak differently when appearing as Barbatos, wanting to keep his two identities a secret.

Genshin Dampak Impact available for mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5. A Switch version is under development.

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