The emergence of Genshin Impact Ganyu Live Wallpaper

Something new Genshin Dampak Impact live wallpaper, and this one stars Ganyu. The background displays him in Liyue. She poses with an umbrella. People with N0va Desktop desktops apps can set it up on their Android PC or tablet.

While Ganyu had his back to the audience, from time to time he would move and see someone. He was standing on the edge of Liyue Harbor.

Although this Ganyu live wallpaper is not available on Android phones, there is one on N0va Desktop mobile Genshin Dampak Impact part. People can find “A Night in Liyue Harbor” there. It is based on a teaser of the character of the same name. You can see it in the previous trailer. The wallpaper version features the poses shown in the first 17 seconds of the video.

Some more recently Genshin Dampak Impact The live wallpaper option also features returning characters. Following their rerun banner, banners for Eula and Xiao appeared.

Genshin Dampak Impact available for PS4, PS5, PC and mobile devices. A Nintendo Switch version is also in the works. It may take a while before Ganyu banner is re-aired Genshin Dampak Impactbecause the last two appeared in January 2021 and January 2022 around the Lantern Rite event.

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