The Best Books on Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact still going strong one year after it was published. Inazuma’s release, combined with the recent consistency of new areas has managed to maintain the fan base content (at least for now). Players now constantly have things to look forward to in each version.

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Among the many things that players can get Genshin Impact, one of the available collections is a book. Some of them consist of a single volume, while others require several attempts to collect. Either way, each title contains a story that players can enjoy. Whether it’s the history of Teyvat or a simple childhood fairy tale, Genshin Impact books have it all.

8 The Story of the Waves

beidou at the alcor

As the title may have hinted, this story revolves around a sea captain. The main character, Skipper, is based on real life people who lived about 1,000 years ago. Prior to his death, Skipper sought revenge against a certain sea monster. This book explains why.

It tells the story of his achievements on the sea, and his relationship with his navigator, a young girl with a melodious voice who would sing a hut as they sailed. Through calm waters and storms, the song always echoes in the wind, so don’t be afraid to lose it.

7 Moonlit Bamboo Forest

xingqiu in qingce bamboo forest

Moonlit Bamboo Forest tells the story of a boy who gets lost in the bamboo forest of Mount Qingce. This story brings back memories of the boys when their elders told various legends, full of warnings to keep the boys in line.

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In this forest, he met a woman dressed in white. He tried to remember the elder’s words to find out who or— What the woman, but he couldn’t come to any conclusions. The woman took the boy out of the woods, told the story of the three months as she did.

6 Single Sword Legend

legend of the lone sword genshin impact buku book

The book is four volumes long, but many players might expect more. It tells the story of a swordsman who seeks revenge. Although the story is quite short, the star of the show is the diction. Given that this book was translated from Chinese, it’s always nice to see how the authors managed to retain the poetic aspects of the original.

Three volumes of Legend of the Lone Sword can be obtained free of charge, while the final volume can be purchased from the Wanwen Bookhouse for 3,000 Mora.

5 Heart’s desire

yae miko in inazuma city

Each area of ​​Teyvat has its own antique shop, so it is not surprising that there are legends revolving around them. It is said that there is a mysterious antique shop, which can be found by performing certain actions. The owner is a person with “fox-like eyes with a thin line in the pupil”.

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For those who like to dive into the knowledge Genshin Impact, they will find that this store contains many references to existing in-game items. Just a decoration for the mystery that shrouds the shop and its owners.

4 Heart of Clear Springs

diona at springvale

Heart of Clear Springs is a Springvale folktale. It tells the story of a young boy who meets a Spring Fairy. Elves learn a lot from humans, and they quickly become friends. However, as immortals, the lochs eventually had to let go of the mortal.

This book is quite melancholic, where it emphasizes the contrast of two different worlds; about how immortality can lead to loneliness, while mortality causes a lifetime of regret.

3 Roald the Adventurer’s Diary

raiden shogun on tsurumi island

When Genshin Impact first released, said Highway nothing but a name. Travelers often find his diaries throughout Mondstadt and Liyue, where most of the books are not kept by their owners in camps or tents. Finally, in Version 2.2, along with the release of Tsurumi Island on Genshin ImpactmiHoYo put a face on the name.

Roald’s diary recounts his experiences as he goes on adventures throughout Teyvat. Most of his writings were very accurate, but the one thing that Roald always did wrong was keep his notes. Adventurer writes because of his poor memory, but it also makes him forget his diary. That’s one person Qiqi can relate to.

2 Ballads Of The Squire

diluc at dawn winery mansion

In old Mondstadt ruled by the aristocracy, the knights were the defenders of the city. But who can claim to be protectors when what they are protecting is the oppressor? This was something that Ragnvindr kept on reckoning with until he met the Swordsman.

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The book is only two chapters long, but if players take the time to read it, they will find themselves digging deeper into the lore of the Wandering Troupe. It tells the story of Ragnvindr (Diluc’s ancestor), who at that time was just a bodyguard. The title then, the Knight of Dawntaken directly from the Dawnlight Swordswoman.

1 Boar Princess

lily and rudolph at mondstadt church

The Boar Princess is a children’s book that may seem very… strange to read. Most of the lines in the story involve the onomatopoeia of animal “sounds,” which is probably why it’s considered a book for children. Each volume will be accompanied by a note from the father-daughter pair, Rudolf and Lily.

For those who stopped reading halfway, then they really should consider finishing the story. However, the best part of this book lies in the last few lines of the fairy tale. Why else would Rudolf donate the book to the library after finishing it?

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