The Best Batteries In Genshin Impact

Incoming battery Genshin Impact is a character that can generate a lot of Energy to feed Burst dependent units. For example, Xiao desperately needed his Elemental Burst to always be available, but he couldn’t generate Energy fast enough. Therefore, he needs Battery to do this work for him. Since the same Elemental Particles will provide a larger amount of Energy, Xiao’s best Batteries will include characters like Sucrose, Kazuha, Jean, and Venti.

There are two types of Batteries in Genshin Impact; which makes a lot Elemental Particles and which gives a flat energy recovery. Each has its own positives and negatives, so players should know which one works better in their team composition.

So ,What is a Battery In Genshin Impact?

Batteries In Genshin Impact  is characters who create a lot of energy particles, or produce energy by their skills.

Most of the time, batteries are made up of the identical element to your primary DPS because if you obtain an energy particle from your same element , it provides you with three more energy. But, there are a few characters that are universal batteries.

A case study using cryo: Kaeya is a good cryo battery due to his ability. His ability generates three energy particles, but Eula’s skills only produce one particle. Therefore, she’s not a great battery.

10 Xingqiu

xingqiu at genshin impact

So far, Xingqiu is the only reliable Hydro Battery in Genshin Impact. His Elemental Skill actually had a long cooldown, but with the help of the Sacrificial Sword, he could always produce double the number of Particles. Normally, Xingqiu uses this Genshin Impact Sword so he could easily regain his Burst.

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Xingqiu produced five Elemental Particles (10 with Sacrificial Sword) every 21 seconds. This means the effective production is around 0.476 Particles per second. If Disciple Guhua used another Sword like the Primordial Jade Cutter, then players would have to be careful with their Energy management.


9 Bennett

genshin impact bennett karakter character

Bennett is easily one of the best supports in Genshin Impact. It offers everything a DPS needs in a game; healing, cleaning, buffing, and even Batteries. Normally, his tap skill produces two Particles every four secondsbut if the player used Benny in his AoE Burst, then it would be two Particles every two seconds. Depending on when Traveler makes use of his abilities, Bennett’s effective production is 0.5 or one Particles per second.

While this may seem overwhelming, players should also note that Bennett’s short cooldown means he may have to use his Skill tap a few times before he can fully charge the main Elemental Burst DPS.

8 Venti

genshin impact venti the anemo archon

Venti used to be one of the strongest characters in Genshin Impact, but the developer continues to reduce its effectiveness by creating enemies that are immune to his Crowd Control. Thankfully, while his CC may be less than decent now, his survival as a Battery remains intact. Archon Anemo produces three Particles with his Skill tap. This means he has 0.5 Particles per second of production.

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In addition, Barbatos also offers flat energy recovery through his Elemental Burst. If Venti absorbs an Element with his Burst (Cryo, Hydro, Electro, or Pyro), then after his ultimate ends, all party members with the appropriate Element will regain 15 Energy.

7 Kaedehara Kazuha

genshin impact kaedehara kazuha

Currently one of the most beloved units in the game, Kaedehara Kazuha continues to offer top tier supportive abilities. Apart from being a fan of Elemental DMG, Kazuha is also a great Battery. Similar to Venti, Kazuha’s tap Skill give three Particles every six secondswhile his hold Skill generates four every nine seconds. This means the tap version of Kazuha is a better choice for generating Energy.

However, if players equipped the Wandering Samurai with the Sacrificial Sword, then they could easily reset its cooldown. Use his hold skill twice or use his tap after hold.

6 diona

genshin impact diona cat tail

When it comes to protecting and healing, Diona always comes to mind. With how easy it is to use her and her supportive abilities, it’s hard to doubt Diona’s potential in Genshin Impact. Like an ordinary shield, he has a long Elemental Skill cooldown, has an effective rate 0.266 Particles per second. However, if the player equips it with a Sacrificial Bow, then its value doubles to 0.532.

If the player has Diona in C1, then Genshin Impact Constellations will be of great help in recovering Diona’s Elemental Burst.

5 Sucrose

genshin impact of sucrose

Before Kazuha removed him as Anemo’s favorite supporter, Sucrose used to be one of the characters spammed in every damage storefront. He only earns four Particles every 15 seconds, but like the other units, he is often paired with Sacrificial Fragments. In fact, Sucrose is actually one of the best users for Sacrificial weapons. That Genshin Impact Catalyst offers Elemental Mastery through its sub stats, a stat that Sucrose desperately needs.

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By doubling the production of Elemental Particles, Sucrose can provide 0.534 Particles every second. If the player had C1, Sucrose could easily use his Elemental Skills three times in a row, allowing one to enjoy large amounts of Energy early in the battle.

4 Traveler

genshin impact traveler destroys jade chamber

There is no doubt that Traveler is one of the most underrated characters in Genshin Impact. Often perceived as “weak”, “unsatisfactory”, or simply “free”, the protagonist can actually bring some utility to the table. Anemo Traveler is a decent Battery that can reduce Elemental RES, Geo Traveler is a great Battery and can provide Crit Rate buffs, while the Electro version is one of the best Batteries around. Genshin Impact.

Geo Traveler can offer the extraordinary 0.583 Particles per second, but Electro Traveler takes this number to another level. Besides that 0.222 Particles per second are awarded when a Skill is cast, Electro MC increases the character’s Energy Recharge (ER) and can provide more Energy recovery through his Abundance Amulet. Characters who absorb this item will regain four Energy. Considering that there can be three Amulets at once, players can recover in total 12 Energy every nine seconds. To add to the facts, Elemental Burst MC also had a similar Energy recovery effect.

3 Kujou Sara

genshin kujou sara impact

Kujou Sara is often forgotten because she is completely closed off by Bennett. While the Adventurer is much easier to use, C6 Sara can be a great support for Electro characters. In addition to the 100% uptime Buff and extra DMG Electro Crit he can provide, the Tengu Warrior is also an excellent Battery. His Elemental Skill only produced three Particles every ten secondsbut if the player accumulates Energy Recharge on her, at 200% ER, Sara will give 2.4 Energy when his Crowfeather (Created from his Skill) hits the enemy.

This ability is further enhanced if the player has Sara’s Constellation in Genshin Impact. In C1, his Elemental Skill Cooldown was lowered to nine seconds, while in C2, he could give 4.8 Energy every eight seconds (Instead of 2.4).

2 fischl

genshin impact rust bow

Fischl has always been known as a great Battery. Not only is Oz a lot of additional damage, Fischl is also a stable Energy generator. Every second, Oz will generate 0.6 Elemental Particles. Considering his Skill has a Cooldown of 25 seconds and a duration of 10 seconds, Fischl’s effective production is 0.24 Particles per second. However, Fischl can also summon Oz using his Elemental Burst. This way, Fischl can store Oz for 20 seconds every 25 seconds, increasing the number to 0.48.

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If the player succeeds in maximizing the Fischl Constellation in Genshin ImpactOz can now stay on the field for up to 24 seconds, allowing Fischl to earn 0.576 Particles per second.

1 Raiden Shogun

raiden shogun genshin impact

Not surprisingly, the top three Batteries in Genshin Impact dominated by Electro characters. These Elements might be weaker than the others, but it was clear that they were the best in terms of Energy regeneration. Raiden Shogun produces 0.4 Particles every 0.9 secondsmake it effective value 0.444.

In addition, of course, Electro Archon can recover a large amount of Energy when he hits the enemy with his Mussou Isshin. Every 18 seconds, players can get back 12.5 Energy with the help of the Raiden Shogun.

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