The 10 Most Iconic Bards In Video Games

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A Bard is a storyteller, music composer, sometimes even a local genealogist and historian. We find them most often in medieval games and fantasy games where the good vs evil dichotomy is key to the plot. As protagonists, we trust Bard not to steer us wrong, and to always support us.

When we played as Bard, we believed our astute observation skills and quick wits would get us out of any difficult situation. Though some are forgotten, the truly great ones will follow in William Shakespeare’s own footsteps.

10 Famous Fansy Bard

Fansy annoys Everquest players at times, but she is a standout character, especially on the MMORPG No Rules server. He’s a really good character, always seen fighting the underdogs against any and all perceived threats.

During gameplay, there are loopholes that you can take advantage of when battling bad guys causing Fansy to scream, “Go Go Good Team!” before filling into the fray. This same loophole will make him quip and jokingly retaliate against his enemies.


9 flute boy

link standing by flute boy on a tree stump in the forest

Flute Boy is a very talented flute player who appears in the games Zelda the Ancient Stone Tablet, and more famously, A Link to the Past. He is known for his love of animals and the music he plays, although his real name and real background are unknown.

He is the prodigal son of an unknown man from Kakariko Village, so he wanders around making a living musically in his father’s absence. He is not a playable character in any of the Zelda games, but becomes useful during some missions.

8 sona

sona in her splash art plays music in league of legends

A champion in League of Legends, Sona is very good at targeting and defeating other champions in battle. He was known to be virtuous, polite, and passionate, often playing the Hymn of Valor.

He is classed as a Mage in League of Legends, but is a Bard by trade – tracking knowledge and spreading music while he travels. His music earned him the nickname Maven of the Strings, and his strengths include the power Chord and Crescendo.

7 Lohse

dos2_lohse cropped image

A more classic bard by real-world standards, Lohse is a human in Divinity: Original Sin 2. He’s cheerful and energetic in nature, bringing goodness to the world, despite bringing darkness within. The demons that haunted his mind were in stark contrast to his presumptuous and friendly demeanor.

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One of her Special Abilities is called “Annoying Song”, which prompts all enemies without a magic protective shield to attack anyone near them – friend or foe. He is also thrifty and very intelligent.

6 Edward Chris von Muir

edward chris von muir in final fantasy iv

Edward is a playable Bard in Final Fantasy 4 and its sequel Final Fantasy 4: The After Years. He has a wide story as the Crown Prince, as well as being seventh in line for the title of King.

Despite his impressive ranking, he preferred to go to town with his Magical Harp disguised as a ‘Spoony Bard’. He wanted nothing more than to keep the peace in Damcyan city.

5 Leliana

dragon age inquisition - leliana leaning on a table in skyhold

Also known as the “Divine Left Hand” in Dragon Age, Leliana is a fan favorite of this game. He is classed as a Rogue in the game but is a traditional bard. She left her home in Orlais to become a Lay Sister of Chantry.

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While not a playable character alone, you can fall in love with Leliana in Dragon Age. If you connect with him and build a relationship, you can finally ask him to marry you.

4 Venti

genshin impact xingluang team 6 ventilation

Genshin Impact’s most famous bard, Venti, has a lot of personality in one small package. He’s free-spirited and loves good wine – even though he looks like 12, he’s actually 18 to 21 if you stick to game lore.

In complete juxtaposition to childlike cheerfulness is the god Barbatos inhabiting his body, making Venti’s immortal aspect more like 2,600 years. When it comes to Barbatos, Venti is quite serious and can be quite stubborn in his quest to protect a god.

3 Dandelion

witcher 3 dandelion screenshot

Dandelion is known by several different names in the world of The Witcher. His real name in the game is Julian Alfred Pankratz, and if you’re a fan of the show, you’ll recognize him as an inspiration to Jaskier. A poet, singer, and bard, Dandelion is an avid poker and craps player.

A noble by birth, not much is known about Dandelion’s life prior to becoming the Bard he is in the series; common occurrence with bards after leaving their noble lives.

2 Ezio

ezio collection

Ezio is such an iconic Bard that he has his own collectible pack of Assassin’s Creed games featuring three remastered classics with Ezio in them. Originally the Florentine aristocrat Ezio Auditore de Firenze of Renaissance Italy, he abandoned his noble path to become an assassin and a Prophet.

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It’s hard to say which Ezio was better, but he devoted his life to becoming skilled at killing as he sang and told stories. All missions in Revelations see you running around merrily and singing songs, while other assassins take out targets in the area.

1 Sven

sven looks angry in skyrim

This Nordic bard lives in Riverwood with his mother, Hilde. Despite being classed as a lumberjack, and skilled in alchemy, blacksmithing, and enchanting, Sven graduated from Bard College. He was often found inside the Sleeping Giant Inn playing the harp, and entertaining guests.

You can recruit him as a follower while playing The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, though only during certain quests. He will also sing four different songs upon request (and for free).

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