Some examples of Good Homepage Headlines from Accountancy Websites

Headlines are the most important thing. They draw attention and convince viewers to continue reading. The most important headlines on your website is the one on your homepage.

The best headlines for your homepage communicate an effective value proposition. This value proposition explains to the first time visitors what you provide and how it will benefit them. It also informs the visitor that they’re at the right spot and will be able to continue browsing your site.

The best headlines are focused on the customer and address the issues to the ones people ask on your site. They are concise, clear as well as reassuring. They are typically located in a way that it is not necessary to scroll to read it.

This week’s review of websites provides some great examples of headlines on homepages and examples from websites for accounting. I will discuss the advantages of each one.

Headlines for Accountancy Websites That Work

Let’s look at the pictures.

The headline on our homepage will begin its explorations in Scotland.

“Your Accounting Professional is located in Glasgow”

The headline is so straightforward and doesn’t seem particularly original. However this is the purpose. When you’re Glasgow seeking an accountant in the area, within a few seconds of arriving on the website, you’ll realize you’re at the right place. There’s no confusion or doubt hidden in a wildly imaginative header. Check out their website: Glasgow Accountants.

There is no need to scroll. Everything is right in the upper right hand corner and is concisely described with a benefit declaration (‘Director Contact’).


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Here’s another illustration of a place featured in the headline on the homepage. This time , it’s an accountant’s firm located situated in Wimbledon, UK. It’s crucial since the majority of accountants have a specific location or region. The addition of the location keyword offers two benefits: helping the search engine optimizer and assuring customers that the company is local.

The example below has a subheader that is much more succinct than the Scottish illustration above. It explains the person they represent, the people they support, and the benefits they provide. It is clear and focused on the customer.


“Big Firma Capacity Small-Firm Personality”

I’m always amazed when businesses can get their main message across in as little words as possible. This group of accountants from San Francisco have done exactly this.

The header has to do with the concerns that many people face when they are looking for a service particularly when it comes to finances. Customers want quality and efficiency (we instantly think of big companies) as well as a personalized service tailored to their requirements and concerns (where small companies often emerge to themselves).

Combining these two attributes can be powerful and an excellent point of sale to draw attention to.


“Accountants who you could trust.”

I’m guessing that this humorous cliché is a very popular tagline for the accountant industry, but it’s still nice. I love it. The header provides a fun and jolly to what could be considered boring by the non-believers.

The “efficient reliable, friendly, and friendly …” descriptors are crucial. When it comes to things like health and wealth people would like to have professional, friendly, as well as reliable services. This Liverpool accounting firm provides this assurance that a lot of people are looking for, right in the middle.


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In the case of benefit statements that have a header and are easily read on backgrounds the Canberra accounting firm has a solid grasp on the best practices.

Many businesses across all industries put their header text on backgrounds that are busy, making the text difficult to read at an inclination. This Australian accountants ensure that their benefit statements are easy to read and clearly conveys the message.

I’m not certain about that however, they appear as warm, modern and intimate that is perfect for their intended audience.

We all would like to have “…more room to do what is important to you in daily life”?

Accountant Headlines You Can Count On

For businesses that are service-based and have many related services, your headline on your homepage and the accompanying text must be able to connect all the things you offer, to who and also with a major advantage.

Particular headlines are more effective than elaborate headlines that make the reader wonder what exactly you’re doing. “Your accountants are in Glasgow” isn’t imaginative in any way, however it is smart in its simplicity.

Good headlines are easy to read and simple to comprehend in a minute or two. The more complicated your field is, the more important it is to add a sense of brevity and clarity to your upper portion of your website.

Disclaimer: I’m not in any way connected or associated with any of the companies listed in the article. All websites mentioned are solely on their own strengths with respect to the topic of the article.

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