[SOLVED] Guide Overcome Amazon Delivered to Wrong Address!

There is nothing worse than waiting for something cool to arrive, then opening your door to find nothing but cobwebs, and the pair of tennis shoes that your wife begs you to toss. What should you do next? If Amazon sent your package to an wrong address and it went missing, here’s what to do.

Amazon Delivered to Wrong Address

Customers who received their package to the wrong address must notify Amazon customer service at the 1-800 number. Amazon will reimburse customers for any inconvenience caused by delivery service. This may change if the customer has accidentally chosen the wrong address during ordering.

This article will provide useful information and tips on how to obtain a refund for your package not arriving.

Why Amazon Packages Are Delivered to the Wrong Address

Amazon packages can be delivered to an incorrect address for many reasons. Sometimes it is Amazon’s fault, other times it may be your fault. It is important to understand how the problem might arise, and what to do if Amazon delivers to an incorrect address.

These are the top reasons Amazon may have shipped to an incorrect address.

  • Your package contained an incorrect apartment number.
  • Street direction was misspelled.
  • Missing commas, apostrophes or full stops or improper spacing between words can make one word have a different meaning. E. Abbey’s street vs Abbeys Street, Homeland vs. Home Land ES. Street Vs. ES Street, SIXTH park view vs. 6th parks view.
  • The Amazon driver was not keen to drop off packages in your neighborhood, and the result was a mix-up.
  • To avoid your package from landing in an incorrect house, verify that you have filled in the correct address before clicking “accept”.
  • These problems can sometimes be caused by buyers. Double-checking your delivery information prior to placing an order will save you a lot of headaches.

How Many Times Does This Happen?

Let’s start by highlighting how rare it is for Amazon not to deliver to the wrong address.

Amazon handled an average of 66,000 orders per hour in America at the time of writing. Amazon sent out approximately 1.6 million packages per day to US addresses.

This number could rise with the increase in online orders.

It is not uncommon for a few packages to be delivered to the wrong address . Human nature is human and there will be mistakes.

We are still likely to see a rate of Amazon accidentally delivering packages to the wrong address if we weigh less than 1%. Although this is possible, the chances of you ever having to deal with it even once in your entire life are very low.

If you have to navigate it, make sure you are ready. This is why we created this comprehensive guide!

What To Do If Your Amazon Package Didn’t Deliver

1.If a package is marked as delivered but doesn’t arrive

A package marked Delivered, but not in its place, is more confusing than any other. Amazon states that sometimes the package may be marked as delivered up to two days before it actually arrives.

If your package is not delivered but has been marked as delivered

  • You can wait an additional 24 to 48 hours for the package to arrive.

If you are still having trouble finding the item, contact Amazon customer service.

  • Log in to your account
  • Visit the Amazon Customer Service Center
  • Select “A delivery, return or order”
  • Choose the missing item
  • Select “Says Delivered, but It’s Not Here” from the right-hand side.

Try This Before You Contact Amazon

These tips might seem obvious but they can be very helpful when trying to locate a missing Amazon package.

NextDoor – My area has a strong presence in the NextDoor app which allows users to quickly report that they have not received their Amazon package.

You’ll often get a reply that a neighbor has it, or evidence of porch pirates following the neighborhood.

Ask Your Neighbors Many times, your package will be on the front porch of a neighbor’s home.

Cross the Perimeter. Some delivery people will place your package on a fence in your yard if it is not safe to leave at you front door.

You should also look behind the plants and bushes near your front door. They may have placed it there.

Help for HOAs? – You may contact your home owners association to let them know if something is wrong, or if it has been stolen.

If enough complaints are received, the HOA may offer safer alternatives to Amazon packages. This includes lock boxes that can be used for packages.

2.If Your Amazon Package Was Sent to the Wrong Address

But , What if the package ends up at the wrong address?
You can reach Amazon Customer Service by chat or phone if you believe Amazon shipped to an incorrect address. They may either send you a new replacement or a refund.

  • Call Amazon Customer Service at 1-888-283-4331 to speak with a representative or join a chat session.
  • Live chat is my favorite method of communication. It’s simple to write out your issue and receive a direct response.
  • You can also capture the conversation to see the evidence of what Amazon representatives said they would do.
  • To initiate a live chat, visit the Amazon customer support hub, and then click on the help option “A delivery order or return”.
  • Next, click the product you never saw.
  • Click on to see “Says delivered, but it isn’t here”. Next, click “I need more help” and “Start chatting now”.
  • Next, you can talk to a live chat representative and explain your situation. They’ll guide you through all of the options.

What can I do to request a refund for lost Amazon packages?

Absolutely. Amazon offers the option to send another product or a refund. This should not take more than a few minutes, unless the customer is used to it.

  • Sign into your Account
  • Choose “Orders”.
  • Select the order that includes the missing package
  • Click on “Problem with Order”
  • Select “Request a Refund”
  • Select a reason to request a refund from the drop-down menu.
  • Click “Submit”

Amazon works with third-party vendors. Sometimes, your package may have been shipped from the vendor and not Amazon. Contact the vendor in this instance and not Amazon.

Is It Always Amazon’s Fault?

Amazon is not always at fault if a package is delivered to the wrong address.

Sometimes, it is. Sometimes it is.

Amazon has it at 100%.

Sometimes the shipper responsible to deliver the package from Amazon is not as professional as they should be. Sometimes, a lot of boxes that were correctly addressed end up being delivered to the same address.

It doesn’t matter who did it wrong. What is important is tracking down the package and ensuring that it arrives at the correct address. Then, make sure it doesn’t happen again!

How to Avoid the Wrong-Address Situation

How can you prevent your Amazon package from being delivered to an incorrect address?

Confirm Your Address

Before placing an order, double-check that the address is correct. Include the street address, apartment number, and apartment name.

Remember to include two numbers that are available during business hours in case of delivery driver arriving at night.

Track your parcel regularly

Amazon offers a safety feature that tracks your package shipment status. This makes it easy to track the item.

You can find the estimated delivery time after the package leaves the warehouse. You can alert the warehouse if the package has not been received within 48 hours.

Talk to your neighbors and/or consult

Take a look around your area to find out if anyone has received a wrong delivery.

The courier may have dropped the package at the wrong address, on the sidewalk or next to another door.

You can also try to find out if your neighbor picked it up while you were gone.

Customer service representative

A working number is essential for the local post office to contact you when packages are returned.

Can I keep Amazon packages delivered to my house by mistake?

Credit to AmazonYes, you can! According to the Federal Trade Commission You are not legally allowed to return merchandise sent to you accidentally. It is your legal right to keep the item as a gift. Merchants cannot make you pay for anything you didn’t order.

It’s a sin to keep merchandise you didn’t order. Amazon can help you get your order to the right destination if you are uncomfortable with the idea of keeping unordered merchandise. If your package goes missing, you’d expect the same from Amazon.

If you decide not to make the effort to reunite the package owner with its owner, don’t be surprised if someone visits your home to search for it. The shipper will investigate every missing package and trace the steps back to the place it was last seen.

here’s a market for someone else’s package if you truly want it. Unclaimed Amazon and USPS Packages Available for Purchase These have been abandoned.


You should know what to do if Amazon sends you to the wrong address if you are an Amazon customer. It can be fixed, even though shipping may be the problem.

It is best to ensure that your Amazon order does not arrive at the wrong address.

I hope this guide helped you solve your problem with wrong delivery.

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