[Solution] “Unable to take screenshot due to security policy”

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Nobody likes this message when trying to take a screenshot. Actually, the first time I saw a notification saying “Unable to take screenshot due to security policy”, I was not happy.

Am I giving up? Of course not.

After a lot of trying, I got the hang of it. I’m currently using a Samsung Galaxy S8.

In this article, I’ll explain why you see the “Unable to take screenshot due to security policy” notification and point out some possible ways to fix it.

Hopefully, one of my methods will work for you.

Some Reasons Why You Can’t Take Screenshots

Google Chrome Incognito Mode

[solution] "unable to take screenshot due to security policy" android

Currently, there is no known way to take a screenshot while using Google chrome’s incognito mode. I have done a lot of research to no avail. If you want to take a screenshot from incognito mode, you can do so using firefox incognito mode. But for Google incognito? This is not possible. However, if you need to have a screenshot of what’s on the Google Incognito screen, this is the only possible way to do it.

REPAIR: Get another device that has an amazingly awesome camera. Make sure the phone is incognito in max brightness. Open the secondary device’s camera app (another phone) and take a live picture. That’s the only way to fix “Unable to take screenshot due to security policy”

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Third Party Application Policy

Some 3rd party apps in . we Android The device has a predefined policy that disables the ability to take screenshots. In my country, there is an annoying bank app that won’t let me take screenshots.

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Actually, I need a screenshot of the bank App to show my workers that I have successfully paid them through the App. But the app doesn’t allow this.

There are possible ways to fix it. If you really want a screenshot. Here’s what you can do to fix “Unable to take screenshot due to security policy” on 3rd party apps.

Notes: The measures listed below should be used for good and not for evil.

Repair Method 1:

  1. Get an additional Android device.
  2. Install Team Viewer on both Android devices.
  3. Connect both phones using team viewer connection method.
  4. Use the team viewer to open the app you want to take a screenshot of.
  5. Take screenshots on phones that don’t have policy limits.

Notes: Do it at your own risk. Techytab.com is not responsible for any losses that may occur after doing this. Breaking the law is illegal.

Fix Method 2

If for some strange reason the first step didn’t work for you, here is another method you can use to fix “Unable to take screenshot due to security rule”.

  1. Go to settings on your Android device.
  2. Navigate to the application.
  3. Open the application manager.
  4. Tap more.
  5. Tap on system app events.
  6. Open media storage and enable it.

This will help fix Unable to take screenshot due to security policy in Android.

Phone Policy

This particular reason is rampant. I have a lot of users complaining to me about Unable to take the dreaded screenshot due to security policies. And after evaluation, I found that it is because of the phone policy.

Also, I came to know that this problem occurs to many Samsung galaxy users, especially the S series.

If your phone was issued to you by a company or school, you will definitely be faced with the dreaded Cannot take screenshot due to Android security policies.

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If you have added a company account to your phone, you can deactivate or delete that company account and see if it works for you. To delete an account you have to go to Settings on your Android device and navigate to account and then delete account and check if that fixes the problem.

Otherwise, you may have to take the phone to the IT department of the company or school that provided you with the device and ask them to disable the policy.


Can’t take screenshot due to security policy?

There are several reasons why you might see “Unable to take screenshot due to security policy”. The reason you’re seeing this is because you’re trying to take a screenshot of an app or device that you shouldn’t have taken a screenshot of. If the device is linked to a corporate account, you can take it to the IT department and ask for their help.

Can an app prevent screenshots?

Yes, App developers can enter certain security policies which will prevent you from taking screenshots on certain apps. Most of the apps that have this policy are financial apps like banking apps. This kind of app has confidential information which should not be screened, the whole try is to prevent the confidential data from getting into the wrong hands.


I hope this article has enlightened you on the dreaded “Unable to take screenshot due to security policy”. I know how painful it is whenever we try to take a screenshot on a certain app and it is not allowed due to certain security policies.

I hope this article helped you to fix the problem. If you have any additional questions or help, just comment below and I’ll respond quickly.

Thanks for dropping by.

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