[NEW PREDICTION] Rivian Stock Price Prediction 2025 , Important to Know!

Rivian Stock Price Prediction 2025 – Do you want to invest in Rivian Automotive stocks? This page will provide useful information on the price dynamics for Rivian Automotive stocks in 2025. What will one Rivian Automotive stock worth in 2025 dollars?

Is it better to take profit or lose on Rivian Automotive stock right away than wait? What are the forecasts of analysts for Rivian Automotive stock

Rivian Automotive stock performance forecasts are made using neural networks that draw on historical Rivian Automotive stock data. When forecasting, technical analysis tools and news factors are also considered.

Below are the Rivian Automotive stock predictions results. They can be viewed as a table, graph and text information.

Rivian Automotive stock predictions are adjusted once per day based upon the closing price on the previous trading day.

What is Rivian?

Rivian, a U.S. electronic vehicle manufacturer, is based in California. It currently sells the R1S SUV, and the R1T pickup truck. It also offers fleet services for vans. All of these run on the Rivian operating systems. It also sells accessories and ancillary products.

Rivian Chart

Rivian Will Be Successful?

Rivian has created a brand that is targeted at adventurers as well as environmentally-conscious consumers. Robert Scaringe is the CEO. His mission is to make transportation more sustainable.

The company has created an ecosystem of products that can support a future recurring revenue model. It also has its own charging network and insurance services.

Rivian doesn’t appear to have any competitive advantages. Rivian is currently struggling to make vehicles on a large scale, and faces stiff competition from rivals like Ford and Tesla.

Rivian Stock: Is it a buy?

Rivian was worth more than $150 billion at its peak. The company’s current value is $33 billion. It still has $15 billion in cash and its equivalents, as of Q2 2022. It must be a bargain. Not necessarily.

Burning Cash

Rivian’s aggressive cash burning has put it in a difficult spot. It is estimated that Rivian will burn through more than $21 billion of cash by fiscal year 2025. The company also spent $1.6 billion in Q22022 alone. The company’s revenue for the quarter was $364 million. This is not enough revenue growth.

Rivian will lose money if it continues to spend cash so quickly without seeing an increase in sales volume. Both its stock price and valuation are likely to decline in tandem.

Production Problems

Rivian Management also mentioned inflationary pressures as well as supply chain issues, which were both reasons for high costs limited production. These factors may take time to resolve.

Rivian’s Q2 2022 earnings report stated that the company would meet its year-end goal of producing 25,000 vehicles. However, it produced only 4,401 units in the second quarter according to the shareholders letters. Some investors are still skeptical.

George Soros, a billionaire, is one of these. His investment company sold millions in Rivian shares during the second quarter but instead invested in rivals Tesla or Ford. This could be a diversification strategy but it doesn’t register for Rivian as a vote.

Following the news in late July 2022 that Rivian would be cutting 6% of its employees, the earnings report was prepared.

What is the forecast for Rivian stock?

What do analysts think about Rivian stock shares? Its price has been weighed by twenty analysts.

The median 12-month price target is $53.20. The stock is being followed by 20 analysts. 13 of them gave it a buy rating while six others have hold ratings. One analyst says the stock should be sold.

Rivian and the Bull Case

Rivian was the first manufacturer to successfully deliver an all-electric pickup truck. It has the potential to capture a large portion of the market as customers switch to EVs. As of June 30, the company had 98,000 preorders and an additional 100,000 electric vans from Amazon.

Rivian, however, is still a long way away from fulfilling these orders.

The Bear Case for Rivian

Rivian continues its rapid cash burn and had only produced 8,000 vehicles between June 1st and June 30. Even if Rivian were to reach its goal of 25,000 vehicles by 2022, it is still very small compared to other companies within the automotive sector.

For example, Tesla produced more than 254,000 vehicles in Q2 2022 while Ford sold almost 4 million vehicles in 2021. Despite all the hype surrounding Rivian’s launch, the company still needs to deal with real world economics. It may not be able to fulfill its promises if it isn’t able to produce its product or generate revenue due to inflation or supply chain problems.

Analyst Estimates Rivian Stock Price Prediction 2025

The overall prediction for the stock price of Rivian in 2025 is $37.28

A five-year price target, however, is only a guess given market conditions, stock prices volatility, and uncertain macroeconomic environments. These forecasts will be heavily revised by analysts in the years ahead.

The 20 analysts who will be following the stock and setting year-end price targets for the company have many opinions. Forecasts range from $27 to $83, with a median forecast at $53.20.

Rivian FAQ: Stock Forecast

What is the Rivian Stock Forecast 2022

The Rivian stock prediction 2022, Rivan Stock price prediction 2022. Price expected to reach a maximum $52.25 by the end 2022. (Will be updated once every 15 days).

When does Rivian Stock reach $5,000?

According to the most recent data from AI-based Technical analysis (and Elliott Wave analysis), Rivian stock can reach $5,000 2046-47. The forecast will change as future data changes occur and will be updated every month.

Is Rivian stock a good investment idea?

Rivian Stock recently reported that June 2022 quarter earnings data was not as expected. This did not encourage short-term investment but predicted a strong demand for stocks and fundamental information for future returns. Rivian Stock encourages great investments but is only open to long-term investments. You should research the stock before you invest.

Rivian Stock: What is the Value of in 2040?

Rivian Stock Price Prediction 2040 Data shows that RIVN stock price could reach the highest price $1780 in 2040.

What is the forecast for the Rivian Stock Price in 5 Years?

According to the Rivian Stock stock price analysis, RIVN is expected to reach the highest $112.75 price in 5 years.


Rivian, has seen a huge drop in its valuation from the highs it was previously valued at, along with many other hyped up stocks starting 2020 and 2021. Despite showing some promise, the company still has a lot to do.

Even those who are tolerant to high risks should be cautious about the shares falling by 62% in 2022.

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