Review Wealthy Affiliate, Is a Scam Scheme?

Review Wealthy Affiliate – Wealthy Affiliate has become a popular platform for affiliate marketing. Many people have been very successful through it. Is it real or a scam? What is affiliate marketing and how can this platform help? The Wealthy Affiliate platform has been a valuable tool in our online income generation. We found it to be very helpful in our success, particularly since the initial start-up is free!

This blog post will give you an honest and informative Wealthy Affiliate review. We’ll also show you how the platform can help you and your business. This platform may be right for you. We want this review to be honest and authentic, not like other Wealthy Affiliate reviews. You can then decide for yourself if Wealthy Affiliate is worth your time.

About Wealthy Affiliate

What is Wealthy Affiliate, which you’ve read about a dozen times online?

Wealthy Affiliate, an all-inclusive community and platform for affiliate marketing, teaches you how set up, grow, and manage your own business. You can connect with over 1,000,000 members and receive thousands of trainings and live classes.

Wealthy Affiliate offers two types of membership: a paid premium membership and a starter membership. You will have free access to a large part of Wealthy Affiliate’s best affiliate marketing programs online. Additionally, you can get one free website from their hosting platform. You get access to all the trainings available on the platform, plus many other valuable resources that will help you take your business to the next level.

How Does Wealthy Affiliate Work?

Wealthy affiliate is a mentorship and membership program. To learn the intricacies of Affiliate Marketing, you must pay a monthly fee.

Signing up for the program will give you a brief tutorial on how to use it, how to interact with other members of the community, and how you can build your first affiliate website and make money.

Who owns Wealthy Affiliate?

WA is owned and operated by two Canadian entrepreneurs, Carson & Kyle.

Today, Kyle and Carson have grown WA to more than 1.4 million members. This makes their program one the most loved affiliate marketing courses around the globe!

Wealthy Affiliate is a name you may have heard of if you’ve been on the internet for any length of time.

It’s so popular that you may be wondering if wealthy affiliates are legit or scam.

Risk has decided to give you an honest and unaffiliated assessment of WA.

Let’s look at some of the people involved in this operation…

Why Should You Join Wealthy Affiliate?

This is something you have to decide for yourself.

I spent over 60 hours looking through the wealthy affiliate program.

I can’t recommend this course to anyone. To be honest success with wealthy affiliates is low.

The training is no longer up-to-date so it doesn’t really apply anymore.

You’d also think that they would be able send you more recent screenshots than if they were using something older than 5 years ago!

Except if it hasn’t had success in 5 years …?

But I digress.

Here are some reasons why we don’t like it.

Core training makes misleading claims

Unsolicited advice

Missing information


Is Wealthy Affiliate a well-respected company?

No, not really.

Wealthy Affiliate is owned and operated by Canadian entrepreneurs Carson Lim & Kyle Loudon.

Under the name Niche Marketing, Inc., Carson and Kyle have been in business together since 2005.

Wealthy Affiliate claims that it has helped over 1.4 million students in its years of operation, making it one of the most popular courses in affiliate marketing.

But, Wealthy Affiliate is not something I would recommend.

As someone who:

Affiliate marketing has brought in more than $200,000 in revenue for the company.

Multiple times signed up to premium WA members

Review of the training and community took 45+ hours

We have surveyed a lot of Wealthy Affiliate students

Here’s a quick summary of my major complaints about Wealthy Affiliate

A lot of the core training material has been outdated

The core training is rife with bad advice 

Core training is filled misleading claims.

The core training is badly organized 

Jay Neill and Kyle Loudon, who are the lead trainers, seem to have had limited success with their affiliate sites since 2016 

Wealthy Affiliate offers no returns 

Members are encouraged and told to recruit other members to WA 

The most successful students in WA seem to make most of their income by referring others to WA

In my review of Wealthy Affiliate, I address several of these issues.

Wealthy Affiliate is a scam that makes it difficult for students to make money.

Are Wealthy Affiliate students getting results?

It’s easy to see why, judging by the wealth of Wealthy Affiliate reviews posted on other blogs and Trustpilot.

Take a closer look at these reviews.

Often , you’ll find that the person who gave the positive review was making the most of Wealthy Affiliate by referring others to them.

Jerry Huang is an excellent example. One time, he boasted that he had earned 85% of his affiliate earnings by promoting Wealthy Affiliate.

A WA member named littlemama shares a similar story. She reports that she makes 75% of her income through referring people to Wealthy Affiliate (Jaaxy )…).

Because 60% of core training is dedicated to teaching them how to promote Wealthy Affiliate, it’s not surprising that so many WA students are actively involved in promoting Wealthy Affiliate.

This is why many people view Wealthy Affiliate in a pyramid or Multilevel Marketing scheme.

Many of the “success stories” are students who make money by convincing others to sign up for their program.

This is a complaint Wealthy Affiliate students have made repeatedly…

Inside the course, they are really pushing the students to invite others to join. I would say this is a double tragedy; they sell you a course then use you to make even more money by inviting others!

What does Wealthy Affiliate cost you?

You will have limited access to Wealthy Affiliate Community (7 days), the training materials, and website building tools.

By paying in advance for the Premium or Premium Plus memberships, you can save money. Premium Yearly is $495 Premium Plus Yearly costs $995

Wealthy Affiliate’s free training is a good introduction to affiliate marketing. The content is usually up-to-date.


You will not be able to build a profitable affiliate site or make money online with the free membership. Everything in that area is designed to convert you to a paid account.

Wealthy Affiliate is worth a try if you’re serious about giving it a shot. I recommend signing up for a free account and then taking advantage of the $19 discount on your first month of Premium.

Conclusion of this Wealthy Affiliate Review: Is it a Scam?

Wealthy Affiliate is not a fraud. Wealthy Affiliate is a legitimate business that teaches affiliate marketing in a reliable and trustworthy manner. This is not like other MLM platforms that require you only to promote the platform, but give you no training and nothing in return. Wealthy Affiliate gives you valuable information that will help you set up your online business.

But is it really worth the investment?

It’s entirely up to you. It was free to try it, but we decided to upgrade to the premium membership. We already had an affiliate website and wanted to be able to do more with it. It made a huge difference in our lives. We learned more about affiliate marketing, and also benefited greatly from the webinars and trainings.

You have nothing to lose by signing up for the free membership. You can then get a feel for Wealthy Affiliate, take a look at the platform and even create your first website with them. We recommend this before you spend even one cent.

You can decide whether you want to continue with them or not.

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