Raiden Shogun Story Quest Second Half Tells a Much Better Story

That Genshin Impact story quests and hangout events can be divisive. For example, story quests for Ayaka, Ganyu, Jean, and Kokomi tend to involve a Traveler dealing with someone who is overworked and can involve going on what might be called a “date” with them. Given Raiden Shogun Inazuma’s status, an archon, it seems a bit unfortunate that the first act of his Imperatrix Umbrosa story quest retracts a few of those beats. But now that the second half is here, it’s a much more powerful story that offers details about the character, the people he is close to, and Inazuma’s history. On the one hand, it even offers hope that the subsequent actions of other story quests could offer a similar kind of “redemption”.

Editor’s Note: There will be spoilers for the first two chapters of the Raiden Shogun story quest in Genshin Impact under.

raiden shogun story quest second half tells a much better story

To refresh your memory, the first part of Raiden Shogun’s story quest, Reflections of Death, involves showing Ei around Inazuma Town as it is now. Yes, there are story-related domains to explore as you finally help deal with the feud between the Kujou Clan and Takatsukasa. (You can’t have a character story quest without a chance to use that person in battle!) But it mostly involves casual activities with him. He got dango milk with Traveler. The two of them saw several light novels published by Yae Miko, such as The Good Thing About Reincarnation as Hilichurl is I Only Need to Eat Sunsettias to Become Stronger. He took the picture. It has the same “date” atmosphere as visiting the Amakane Island festival with Ayaka. That’s fine. However, it’s also not as weighty or informative as character quests like Childe, Itto, or Zhongli.

Temporary Dreamsecond part of Raiden Shogun Genshin Impact story quests, different in every way. Rather than starting casually, we saw Ei at work. Rifthounds appeared on Narukami Island, and he was also out there investigating and exterminating them. In doing so, we learn more about the Sacred Sakura, the fog and danger that plagued Inazuma during the Khaenri’ah Catastrophe, and the role of Ei supporting his younger brother Makoto, the real Raiden Shogun. As we went from battle to battle, following the sap like blood, we were ridiculed with details and shadows. The “ghost” of people from 500 years ago appeared, hinting at what had happened. Ei’s creature acts strangely, with things looking even more awry as he tries to keep fighting. There are still serious moments to connect over tea, such as photo sessions and casual discussions during the first part. But throughout this latest segment, there’s a sense that he’s building something. And since the pacing involved a conversation with Ei that was broken up by a brief battle, they felt like a reward for every fight.

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traveler and paimon

All of which culminate in a boss fight that feels even more satisfying. Especially how to handle it. Yes, this finally unlocks the weekly fight against the Raiden Shogun. The first time though, the combat is more story-based. We took part in the duel between Ei and the puppets directly. Traveler and player characters are removed from it all. We see its power in full view. We looked at the puppet’s abilities as well. Then, when we come back, we get this multi-phased attack against the enemy with a callback attack to the playable character. It’s executed fairly well, both in terms of how the boss relates to the narrative and offers a recurring challenge.

As for the future, both Ei and Zhongli’s second story quest actions show hope for the future Genshin Impact story. Zhongli’s first and second actions were both strong. Each installment offers insight into his past. They also offer the opportunity to learn about other people who influenced Liyue’s history. With Ei, the story quest initially follows the concept of “dating” by sending her around Inazuma Town with Travelers as they drink dango milk and view light novels. The second half is very clear about her past, her role when Makoto was alive, and even some additional references to Khaenri’ah. Considering these are the two characters who get a second act, it shows that this could set a new precedent. This means that stories that are initially more frivolous, like Ayaka’s, can become more serious and look at their lives, their role in the world, and the history of Teyvat.

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raiden shogun story quest second half tells a much better story

All told, the second act of the Shogun Raiden story quest shows that with enough time, Genshin Impact character can be developed better over time. The first part of the story was fine. Maybe it’s a little more relaxed and calm than one might expect. Mainly because it followed the pattern set for the female story quests in the game so far. But this new installment makes a big difference. It demonstrates continued growth for the heroine while offering increased insight into her life. The whole experience is more enjoyable, and could even be considered as a glimmer of hope for other characters’ story quests that aren’t immediately satisfying.

Genshin Impact available for PS4, PS5, PC and mobile devices. It’s also coming to the Nintendo Switch. The first two Raiden Shogun story quest actions are available in-game soon, and a Raiden Shogun rerun banner will appear on March 8, 2022.

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