Today I will give you more wallpapers from Qiqi and Klee, make sure you have seen the Live wallpapers from Qiqi and Klee that I have made, Klee and Qiqi are characters from Genshin Impact who have many fans, the reason is because Klee and Qiqi have cute faces and Loli Body, Klee’s cute bodies are used as wallpaper in 1 frame.

In fact, in the background, the two have differences, but that’s genshin impact, a game with lots of characters, even in the game genshin impact there is still a Loli character like Diona, a character depicted as having cat ears and a cute face. maybe when will I make a Dion Genshin Impact collection. now take a look, Funny collection from Klee and Qiqi.



genshin impact klee wallpaper android

可莉小太阳 rafaのイラスト genshin impact






qiqi doodle cuz shes a good girl login on twitter

So that 15+ Wallpaper Adorable Klee and Qiqi Genshin Impact for Phone