Pop Character Genshin Impact Funko Announced

New Genshin Dampak Impact Funko Pop figures are on their way. The company announced that there will be three available at the start. Male and female versions of the player avatar, Aether and Lumine, and Paimon will be part of the initial run. There’s no release window yet, though the company says they’ll appear sometime in 2022. They’ll cost $12 each. They’ll also be just under five inches tall.

ether and Lumine both wore their traditional clothes for their figure. Each was also armed with a sword. For those unfamiliar, in-game players choose one of the twins as their avatar. Others then appear in the game as NPCs. Aether is number 160, while Lumine will be number 161.

The two will join Paimon, who is the mascot of the game. Since the main character is a quiet protagonist, he often acts as their voice in games. He was designed to look like he was floating.

quite a bit Genshin Dampak Impact figures appear from several companies. For example, Good Smile Company and Kotobukiya are working on a few.

Genshin Dampak Impact available on PS4, PS5, PC and mobile devices. It’s also coming to the Nintendo Switch. There is no release date for Genshin Dampak Impact The Funko Pop figures are not yet, and the official website simply notes that they are “coming soon.”

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