[LATEST UPDATE 2022] Otto Insurance Reviews , Legit?

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Otto insurance reviews – If you are looking for car insurance on the internet You may find Otto Insurance. Before you begin the quote procedure with Otto you must know the fact that Otto isn’t an insurance provider. It is a lead-generation site.

If you give your personal information, Otto shares it with its marketing partners. Its partners include large insurance providers like Progressive, Geico, State Farm and Allstate. The list of its partners also includes regional carriers as well as other companies that market.

If, for instance, you make your request online for quotes you might get lots of texts, phone calls and emails. The ability to get multiple quotes is beneficial in finding the most affordable cost for auto insurance however, Otto might not be the most effective option to do that.

What is Otto Insurance?

According to the Otto Insurance website, the company promises to help find the best car insurance rates in minutes for no cost. Otto Insurance works with an vast network of national insurers, local carriers and individual agents to offer you the most competitive car insurance premiums .

What type of insurance do Otto Insurance offer?

As Otto Insurance isn’t actually an insurance company, it isn’t able to offer products for insurance coverage. The company does claim to have a relationship with more than 1,000 insurance companies, which provide various types of car insurance including:

  • Insurance coverage for liability The majority of states require that drivers to have a minimum of liability for bodily harm as well as property damage liability. This can help cover the cost of damages and injuries to another driver when you are involved in an accident and are found to be the cause.
  • Collision This helps in covering the damage to your vehicle in the event that you’re involved involved in an incident with a vehicle or another object, such as an electric light pole or fence. Collision insurance will cover the cost of repairing or replacing your vehicle, regardless of who is responsible for the collision.
  • Comprehensive The coverage is designed to cover the cost of repairing or replace your car in the event that it’s damaged by an event other than collision. These covered incidents can include vandalism as well as the fire or water destruction, theft or accidents involving animals like deer.
  • Protect yourself from personal injuries (PIP): If you’re involved injured in an accident, insurance for PIP will cover medical bills as well as lost wages or funeral costs regardless of who is the cause of the accident.
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist: This coverage helps to protect you if you are in an accident with someone who has no or little car insurance.
  • Medical expenses The coverage offered is an alternative for your insurance policy to cover medical expenses in the event that you’re involved in an accident.
  • The Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP) insurance If you’re still financing your vehicle and are involved in an incident, the protection will pay the difference between the actual value of the vehicle and the amount originally financed by your loan for your car.
  • Reimbursement for rental If your vehicle has been damaged in the event of an accident policy will cover you to the maximum policy limit when you have to rent a vehicle while yours repair is in progress.
  • Towing and roadside help and towing coverage: This can help if your vehicle battery fails, you have an unflat tire or you forget your keys in your car.
  • The insurance for the non-owner is a policy that covers damages to property or injuries that caused by driving a vehicle that you don’t own. This includes the rental car, or when you borrow a vehicle from a friend.

It is also possible to get quotes from other insurance companies. Otto Insurance website also enables users to obtain quotes on different types of insurance:

  • Pet insurance.
  • Home insurance.
  • Life insurance.

While bundling isn’t available on the website but it could be possible through the partner insurance company which Otto Insurance recommends. When you request a quote you’ll be asked if you’re interested in bundling your vehicle insurance with your homeowner and renter’s insurance. The answer to this question could influence the insurance company Otto suggests to you.

How Does Otto Insurance Work?

Otto Insurance claims to be your single-source for finding the most competitive rates offered by a variety of insurance firms. On arrival at the Otto website, you’ll get asked to select one of the many kinds of insurance. These include:

  • Pet insurance.
  • Home insurance.
  • Life insurance.

Then, you’ll be asked to fill in a brief questionnaire which will ask your questions about you and what you’re looking to insure. Although the entire procedure is quite simple but you won’t be able view any of the quotes available without submitting your contact details.

For many of our customers it is this point the moment when things start to get difficult.

Is Otto Insurance legit?

Although Otto may be a legit business but it’s certainly notan insurer. It’s an lead generation website that connects customers with insurance companies and carriers. The company claims it offers auto insurance rates and estimates for home, pet and life insurance. Its headquarters are at Miami Beach, Florida.

There’s not much info available about the date Otto Insurance was founded. According to Crunchbase the owner as well as CEO, is Joshua Keller. Keller’s LinkedIn profile indicates that he’s an entrepreneur who is responsible for the creation of numerous companies, among them Union Square Media Group, the parent company of Otto Insurance.

Otto Insurance’s website Otto Insurance website gets over 1.7 million visits per month according to Crunchbase.

Since Otto Insurance isn’t an insurance company, it doesn’t hold an AM Best financial strength rating. AM Best. The company is also not listed on J.D. Power’s ranking of auto insurance firms for this reason. It also doesn’t have an updated Better Business Bureau profile.

If you decide to go through the Otto quote procedure, prepare yourself for lots in phone calls. Many of the negative customer reviews about Otto Insurance online are about customers receiving multiple calls as well as emails and texts after submitting an estimate via Otto Insurance’s website. Otto Insurance website.

Is Otto Insurance a Scam?

There’s not much information on Otto insurance online. The website is accessible via two addresses. However, this doesn’t mean that the company isn’t legitimate and Otto insurance isn’t a scam. However, the information about the company’s website is contradictory and inaccessible. According to reviews from customers it is possible that you get more phone calls than quotations.

Furthermore, you won’t discover much about the background of the company. It’s also odd that the company’s status appears to be “No Longer in Business” in the Better Business Bureau, but the numbers listed on their websites remain in operation.

The Pros and Cons of Otto Insurance

Although you can find a lot positive Otto Insurance reviews online, should you be comfortable receiving direct contact from an range of insurance companies and companies, then it could be worth a look for yourself. This is a detailed breakdown of Otto’s pros as well as cons.


  • Inputting your personal information into Otto is similar to signaling to every insurance company in your region that you’re searching for coverage.
  • There won’t be a need to wait for long before they start contact you to give you specific estimates


  • Otto is not an authorized insurance company.
  • Although Otto claims to give customers the ability to compare rates across different insurance companies, you’ll only receive a handful of quotes that don’t represent the real costs.
  • Otto requires you to input many personal data, which is passed on to its more than 1,000 insurance partners
  • The use of Otto does not give you access to quotes from insurance companies that you can compare, but it will cause a lot of unwanted calls and emails from different providers

How do you find discounts

It doesn’t matter if you’re receiving quotes from Otto or another firm one of the most effective methods to save money on your car insurance is to inquire about potential discounts.

The discounts available for auto insurance include:

  • Automated payments Many insurance companies will offer a discount on your insurance premiums for cars when you set automatic payments through your bank account as well as a credit card.
  • Safe driving You can get this discount by taking a certify defensive driving class.
  • Distance student You could be eligible to receive this offer if have an unpaid student who isn’t using your vehicle during their time at school.
  • A good student Many insurance companies offer discounts for full-time college students who have a B or higher average in school.
  • Homeowners This means that you could get a discount simply for owning a house regardless of whether your homeowner’s insurance is through the same insurance company.
  • Multi-car The possibility of saving cash if you own multiple automobiles you want to cover and put them under the same insurance policy.
  • Multi-policy: You may be able to get an additional discount by bundling your auto insurance policy with additional policies like your homeowner’s or renter’s policy.
  • Pay in total The premiums could cost less if paid in advance for six months or an entire year, rather than paying every month.
  • Secure driver If you’ve never received any traffic ticket or accidents in the last three years, you could be eligible for a safe driver discount. Some insurance companies offer discounts to drivers who utilize the right device or mobile application that tracks their driving behavior.

Conclusion Otto Insurance Reviews

Otto insurance, a legal lead-generation website that provides user data to more than 1,000 agents from insurance and their affiliates. It connects you to two insurance companies that will offer you estimates.

Although people have left a lot of reviews that were negative about Otto and claimed that they were receiving huge numbers of unanswered calls There are still positive reviews to be found.

If you’re not worried about receiving lots of phone calls Otto insurance might be worth taking a look

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