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15+ Cool Wallpaper Nezuko-Chan for Phone! – Kimetsu No Yaiba

2019 was a happy year for Kimetsu no Yaiba Anime, this year KNY anime is one of the most watched anime worldwide, even the comic sales beat One Piece and managed to record the most sales, all caused by the amazing anime

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The storyline and characters are really cool, easy to understand even by beginners, one of the characters that is quite known is Nezuko, Nezuko is the Little Sister of Tanjirou who survived the devil’s slaughter, although nezuko survived eventually becoming the devil, she is a unique girl because she can live without drinking human blood, only by sleeping her energy will return, but nezuko can get out of control when her older brother is hurt by his enemy , she can unleash the power of a demon that is so crazy, nezuko can even use the devil’s techniq as we saw in episode 19.

Although it looks creepy, nezuko is an innocent and funny girl, she is also very beautiful when she becomes human, she is very much in love with her brother, so tanjirou will do anything to make this only little sister become human again. If you look at the manga, you will shed tears in a many moments, Kimetsu no Yaiba is really awesome anime, so, I will give you a Collection of Wallpapers from Nezuko, enjoy

so thats it 15+ Cool Wallpaper Nezuko-Chan for Phone! thaks for read it!

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