Navajo Nation Scholarship(Guide ,Eligibility, Deadline, Application) 2022/2023

Brown and Caldwell provides a scholarship to support and encourage students who are as members of the Navajo Nation and have a determination to make a difference in the world by enhancing their abilities and understanding to be prepared for a successful career in the field of environmental science.

The applications for all scholarships in 2022 have been accepted. Scholarships will open again in 2023. This year’s applicants were informed about their eligibility.

What is The Navajo Nation Scholarship?

The Navajo Nation scholarship is a grant program offered through the Office of Navajo Nation Scholarship Financial Assistance (ONNSFA). Students who are eligible can join the scholarship program to receive help to attain their goals in school. This scholarship was created in 1972, and has since provided many thousands of American Indian students pursue higher education.

There are a variety of scholarships available through the ONNSFA. Students are able to receive money for undergraduate and graduate programs and are offered by merit-based or need-based awards.

The ONNSFA receives funding from a variety of institutions, like The Higher Education Grant and trust funds, corporate funds, as well as the Navajo Nation funding. The ONNSFA granted more than 6000 students who earned degrees in 2018.

What Is ONNSFA The Scholarships

The Office of Navajo Nation Scholarship & Financial Assistance provides scholarships to students of in the Navajo Nation. They offer a variety of scholarships to students in the undergraduate as well as graduate students. It includes the need-based as well as merit-based scholarships.

The Chief Manuelito Scholarship is one of their scholarship programs. The Chief Manuelito Scholarship is merit-based award which honors the top high school students of their Navajo Nation. The winners of the scholarship receive $7,000 for the academic year.

In order to be considered eligible for the scholarship, applicants must meet the minimum GPA and ACT requirements.

The scholarship requires that students take classes within the Navajo language as well as Navajo government. Students not having access to classes may fulfill the requirements on the internet..

The recipients of scholarships must complete 12 credits each semester and keep an average of 3.0 GPA.

Here are some additional great organizations that provide Navajo Nation students with scholarships.

What does the Navajo Nation Scholarship Provides

Scholarships are awarded to students according to a family’s financial position. The ONNSFA provides financial aid for eligible students in merit-based or need-based awards. Each award type is accompanied by various requirements, amounts and conditions.

What is an Award Based on Need?

Need-based awards are usually awarded by universities, federal institutions, or by the state government. Prior to receiving a need-based award the recipient must fill out an Federal Student Aid application to determine if their family is qualified for a need-based grant.

The ONNSFA gives need-based scholarships that can be as high as $2,500 per semester. Students who qualify for the award must show their financial situation by filling out their Financial Needs Analysis form filed by their school or by themselves. This is typically awarded to students whose families lack sufficient funds to cover the costs of attending college like housing, textbooks tuition, and books.

Students who have the financial means to pay for going to college may be eligible for awards that can be as high as $1,000 per semester.

Eligibility Criteria and Selection

  • The selection process will be based on academic records along with extracurricular activity. Financial needs will not be taken into consideration.
  • The applicant must be working towards one of the bachelor’s degrees in any discipline.
  • It is required to meet the requirements of at least a U.S. Citizen or Permanent U.S. Resident.
  • You must have been a Navajo student who is enrolled (or admitted) at an approved university or college and intending to continue next year.
  • High school seniors who graduate and have met the criteria above may be eligible for the program.
  • Minimum of 30 quarter hours or 30 semester hours that are not completed.
  • Consent to providing an image of yourself in digital format and a quote to be displayed on in the event that they are notified as an winner of the award from the committee that selected them.


The awardee will be informed at the end of the deadline. The award will be delivered directly to the winner via cheque to the permanent mailing address provided on the form.

Award winners from academic competitions who win over $600.00 in prize money over an entire year will receive the IRS tax form 1099 (or the equivalent). Contest winners will be required to submit to with specific personal details prior to receiving their prize money.

How to Apply navajo nation scholarship

American Indian students must maintain a high GPA (varies in different the scholarship programs) and have to take courses that focus on Navajo administration and Navajo language in order to qualify to receive the scholarship. If students aren’t able to access the classes in person, they can take the courses on the internet.

Here are a few conditions for obtaining all of the ONNSFA scholarship programs:

  1. A GPA of 0 or more
  2. Students must have Indian blood
  3. A total of four community hours per year
  4. Two recommendation letters

Application Steps for the Navajo Nation Scholarship

  • To be eligible for one program of Navajo Nation Scholarship programs , students have to provide a number of documents, like:
  • It is also known as the ONNSFA Application Students can access an application on website of the official ONNSFA website.
  • official transcripts Students must send in or deliver their transcripts that are not opened in an official ONNSFA Office of the agency.
  • Certificate of Indian Blood: If it’s the first time a student is trying to apply for an ONNSFA scholarship, they must to present an official certificate in the form of Indian Blood to an official agency office. This is a once-in-a-lifetime requirement because the ONNSFA will hold your document in their system in case you want to apply for scholarships in the future.
  • Form for Financial Need Analysis Form: Full-time students must complete the Form for a Financial Need Analysis form to their institution of choice, so that they could complete the form and submit it to ONNSFA. ONNSFA.
  • A Free Application For Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) Every student who would like submit an application in the competition for the ONNSFA scholarship must submit an FAFSA. Find information about the FAFSA on the university’s website.
  • Admissions Letter Students must submit an admissions letter from the school they would like to attend. The institution must get accreditation from an institution that is recognized as such by ONNSFA.
  • Course Schedule Part-time and full-time students are required to submit a class schedule in order to submit an application for a scholarship.
  • Graduation ChecklistStudents have to provide an outline of the courses they need to complete to get the degree they want to earn.

Required Documents

  • All candidates must submit with a complete application:
  • An essay of 500 words or less, “My role in creating a sustainable world.”
  • Two written recommendations, with at least one from a high school or university official (eg advisor, professor).
  • Name, phone number, and email address of the high school counselor or university academic advisor.
  • An official transcript of your academic record.
  • Resume (including previous work experience)
  • An official transcript of your academic record.
  • The evidence is declared major.

Navajo Nation Scholarship Deadline 2022-23

The ONNSFA’s online application for Academic Year 2022-2023 closed at 5 pm on June 27, 2022. The application will reopen for the Spring/Winter 2023 Term on Sept. 25, 2022.

Graduation Information & Resources to Navajo Nation Students

Navajo Nation students are one of the student groups that are historically not represented in colleges and higher education. Issues with the system like income inequality and a lack of accessibility to services have been a factor in this. This is why having the right information could to make it much easier for Navajo students beginning their college journey to overcame these challenges.

Whatever college and degree pathway you decide to pursue to fulfill your career goals, getting your degree could be costly. Students should make use of grants, scholarships and loans as often as they are available. There are numerous scholarships that are made especially designed for Native American students as well So it’s crucial to conduct your own research on the opportunities that are available to students. Another option is to complete your degree online to have more flexibility and convenience. Also, supplementing your college degree by taking online college credit classescan aid in reducing the overall cost. For students who require extra instruction, for example, mathematics tutoring or Chemistry tutoring There are many choices that are available.

Tips for Winning Navajo Nation Scholarship

The committees for scholarships would like to know what the scholarship can do to help you achieve your goals. In your application, you should explain what the award will do to assist you reach your objectives. Your job is to make them believe that the money will be used wisely. Learn to create a powerful private statement.

Personal statements often ask you to write about your relationship with your tribal members. Do you intend to go back to your tribe following your graduation? If yes what are you planning to do to impact the community you live in with your education?

The application for scholarships might need letter of recommendation. We suggest you find the school’s faculty or teacher who is familiar with you..

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