Mistakes Players Make When Using Xiao

The Alert Yaksha, Xiao, was an Adeptus who was watching over Liyue in Genshin Dampak Impact. A long time ago, he signed a contract with Geo Archon, and Xiao has been fulfilling his duties ever since. In Eons of Slaughter, Xiao’s way of restoring balance comes at a price, which all Yakshas pay.

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Among the five foremost Yakshas in Genshin Dampak Impact, Xiao is the only one left. Even through all the torment of Karmic Debt, Xiao continued to maintain his contract with Rex Lapis. Not only did he protect Liyue, but Adeptus could also be obtained to protect the player party. To this end, here are some common mistakes that Xiao players should avoid.

Updated on February 21, 2022, by Nahda Nabiilah: Genshin Impact new version not only brings new characters. Sometimes, players are also treated to new artifacts to play with. Most of the time, these additions will serve as the best new slot equipment for existing characters. For example, four Ocean-Hued Clams were the best set for Sangonomiya Kokomi in Genshin Impact. However, this extension also causes players to use the wrong set for the wrong character. Among them, Xiao is on the watch list that Travelers can do with the new artifact. Apart from that, here are some additional mistakes that players can make when using Xiao.

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13 Using Four Pieces of Shimenawa’s Reminiscence

Xiao during the Lantern Rite at Genshin Impact

Memories of Shimenawa is a collection of artifacts released in Genshin Dampak Impact 2.0. The two parts have the same effect as Gladiator Finals, while four pieces increase normal, charge, and plunge attack damage by 50%. Since Xiao relied heavily on his dive attacks, many players thought that 4-Shimenawa was a good choice for him. However, what most people miss is that this set of artifacts requires 15 energy to trigger the bonus.

Since Xiao needed his Elemental Burst to enter his Yaksha state, players had to make sure that it was always available. With Shimenawa, this task became much more difficult. In the end, if Travelers fail to maintain maximum uptime, then using Shimenawa will be a DPS loss instead of an advantage.


12 Swapping Xiao Out After Using His Burst

genshin xiao impact

there are some Genshin Dampak Impact a character that maintained their Elemental Burst even when they were swapped. As an example, Noelle will keep the Geo infusion temporarily Xiangling and Xingqiu can deal Burst damage off the field. On the other hand, characters like Klee, Razoror Raiden Shogun must stay in the field or Burst they will be lost.

Unfortunately, Adeptus falls into the second category. Therefore, after the player casts their Burst, the Xiao must remain active until its duration expires. So, if Travelers wanted to provide support for Xiao, they would have to do so before entering his Yaksha state.

11 Using the Wrong Sub-DPS

Genshin Impact Albedo

Unlike many teams that would work with Xingqiu, Xiao would not agree with him. Adeptus also won’t be as great as other units with Venti or Kaeya. Since Xiao’s playing style involves plunge attacks, Kaeya’s Burst will barely hit anyone in the air. With Venti, Anemo Archon’s ulti can suck enemies too high, out of Xiao’s AoE box. Meanwhile, with Xingqiu, Xiao needed to use his normal attacks to trigger the Guhua Disciple Rain Cutter.

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Therefore, when using Sub-DPS with Xiao, it’s best to use a character that deals unconditional damage, such as Albedo.

10 Playing It Without Healing

Genshin Impact Barbara and Qiqi on the party screen

Xiao’s main source of damage came from his Elemental Burst. However, major damage comes at a cost. During his Burst, Xiao was constantly losing HP, which meant he would soon be on the verge of death.

In order to deal with this matter, it was imperative to protect Xiao with a healer. Xiao is best paired with a healer who can “follow” him, like barbara or Qiqi. Bennett is also a viable option; However, Bennett’s field had limited AOE, so Xiao was unable to leave the area to maintain healing.

9 Playing It Without Battery

Genshin Impact Sukrose is an excellent battery for Xiao

Although Xiao’s damage was mostly from Elemental Burst, the skill itself had a high energy requirement. Players need to collect 70 energy to use this skill again.

Without Energy Refill, this can be difficult for Xiao to handle alone. Fortunately, players can pass this work on to other characters. These support units are called “batteries” and can generate a lot of energy through their Elemental Skills. For Xiao, players can use Anemo characters such as Sucrose, Anemo Traveler, Jean, or Venti as a battery.

8 Building Four Viridescent Veneers In Xiao

Genshin Impact Viridescent Veneer Artifact

Currently, Xiao’s best slot artifact set is 2-Gladiator’s Finale + 2-Viridescent Veneer. This composition will support Xiao’s damage before using his Burst and during his Burst.

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Some players might think that Venerer 4-Viridescent is a better choice for Xiao. While this set isn’t bad if used properly, it’s very special. This set will focus on sub-DPS to deal damage with Xiao as he crushes enemy resistance. One example involves using Xingqiu’s Burst in conjunction with Xiao’s Burst. The numbers work, but practically, not so much.

7 Playing It With Noblesse Oblige

Genshin Impact Xiao uses the Noblesse Oblige artifact

It was true that Xiao’s explosion was his main source of damage. However, the Burst itself has no personal damage multiplier. Instead, it has Elemental infusion and damage buffs.

Noblesse did not increase the damage buff, nor did it increase the Elemental infusion. For example, Noblesse does nothing for bonus damage in Mona‘s “Omen”, although it increases the damage from the explosion itself. Unlike Mona’s Burst, Xiao’s doesn’t have its own damage multiplier. This means that using Noblesse on Yaksha will practically do nothing.

6 Play It As Physical DPS

Genshin Impact's Blood-stained Knight Artifact

Xiao’s normal attack multiplier wasn’t bad, so players could definitely play without taking advantage of his signature plunge attack. However, this doesn’t mean players have to use it for Physical damage.

When Xiao’s Burst activates, the Yaksha’s weapon will be infused with Anemo. This infusion eliminates the possibility of a Physical bonus. As a result, players will lose the extra Anemo damage they can get when using Xiao Blast. Increasing Physical damage will only hurt the character’s potential.

5 Not Using His Skill During Burst

Genshin Impact Xiao uses his skills

During his Burst, Xiao would be able to jump higher, allowing him to jump in with ease. These attacks can take control of smaller enemies, throwing them everywhere. Unfortunately, that included throwing them out of Xiao’s reach.

Therefore, players must make use of Xiao’s skills to reposition. Be it reaching out to a knocked out enemy or attacking another group, Xiao had the ability to get close to them without touching the ground. This technique may be difficult to master at first, but it’s really worth it. However, it is important to note that Xiao won’t get Elemental Particles if Adeptus uses his Skill during his Burst, so use this repositioning method carefully.

4 Underestimating his Normal Attack

Genshin Impact Xiao deals normal attacks

Xiao’s plunging attacks were his most important asset; however, the player should not ignore his normal attack damage. Currently, Xiao had the highest multiplier on his normal attack among all Polearm users. This means that players can experiment more with the Alert Yaksha.

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This character can be built with four Gladiator’s Finale sets, while still increasing his Anemo damage. During his Burst, the player can use his normal attacks instead of plunge attacks. This way, Xiao will still deal a lot of damage. This build also increases his damage beyond his Burst form. However, this method meant that players would lose the fun of Xiao’s plunging attacks.

3 Not Using Him To Explore The Open World

Explanation of Genshin Impact Anemo Resonance

One of Anemo’s best assets is its supportive ability. For example, Anemo Resonance reduces skill cooldown and stamina consumption for all party members. Players should not forget this support effect when using Xiao.

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Everyone knows how annoying climbing is around Teyvat. Be it Liyue, Mondstadt, or Inazuma, the mountainous terrain requires a hike to explore. Fortunately, Xiao’s passive reduces the stamina consumption for this activity. Combining his passive and Element Resonance will make him a must-have for players’ exploration teams.

2 Increases His Attack Before His Normal Attack

Genshin Impact Xiao talent overview

In terms of improvement, all of Xiao’s talents are useful and important to his playing style. But with the game’s limited resources, players can find themselves in a place where they need to focus on one talent before another.

Xiao’s plunging attack can be increased by leveling his normal attacks. So, it’s very important to maximize his normal attacks first. Burst Yaksha increases its damage, so it should be a second priority. Finally, the skill can be leveled after the other two are taken care of.

1 Not Building Enough Critical Levels

Genshin Impact Xiao character demo

Xiao is primarily a damage dealer. His asset to the team is his ability to destroy enemies as quickly as possible. As a result, some players might get stuck in maximizing their Critical Damage without paying attention to Xiao’s Critical Level.

Not balancing Critical Rate and Critical Damage will injure this character. Better to have 80% Critical Rate with 140% Critical Damage, than 50% Critical Rate and 200% Critical Damage. Fortunately, Xiao’s upgrade bonus was Critical Tier. This means that players will find it easier to build up this stat for the Yaksha.

Genshin Dampak Impact now available on Mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5. A Switch version is under development.

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Xiao as seen in the character trailer
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Xiao was introduced in Update 1.3 as a new 5-star character. He works well in the team if the players know how to build around him.

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