Mercy Smart Square : How to Login and Review!

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What is Mercy Smart Square?

Mercy Health Care Centre is a non-profit multi-speciality health care system that has more than 1,000 clinics across the United States and internationally. Mercy is among the largest private employers in the United States, with more than 215,000 employees.

Mercy Health Care Centre is pleased to provide its patients with the opportunity to gain access to their healthcare. From October 1st, 2018 patients will be able to log in to their account on the Mercy website by using your Mercy Health Care Centre identification number (MHCIN).

This number will be listed on the summaries of discharges for all patients as well as on medical orders that are that Mercy electronically submits through its Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software. It will be much easier for patients to receive the medical care they need and communicate with their doctors and nurses.

If you have any questions about this change or how it works, please don’t hesitate to contact us at We’re eager to help get connected with your doctor and nursing staff at Mercy Health Care Centre.

What is Mercy Smart Square work?

If you sign in to Your Smart Square Mercy account you will see your customized dashboard. With this feature, you will be able to manage your schedule for your staff by controlling your settings in the dashboard. You can add and delete the user to set up emergency personnel. Not just the top officials, but also staff members can use Mercy Smart Square and check their schedules for the day and other information regarding their appointments with patients. In contrast to other scheduling systems, you are able to easily control Smart Square Mercy and customize the system to suit your needs to help you efficiently manage your schedule.

Login to Mercy Portal Smart Square

If you want to access to the Smart Square Mercy Portal, you’ll need to meet a few fundamental prerequisites. Below are the required requirements.

  • A device that is electronic and using which you can connect into the website. It could be a smartphone, computer or tablet.
  • Credentials to log into your account.
  • Connectivity with a high internet speed.

You are now able to sign in into Smart Square Mercy’s portal. Smart Square Mercy portal by following these steps:

  • Frisrt, start any of the browsers that are available on your device. Then, search for an official site of Smart Square Mercy Portal;
  • Fill in the necessary login details to access your accounts including the username as well as password.
  • Then click on the “Login” button.

This is the procedure that allows you to login to your account on Smart Square Mercy Portal. Smart Square Mercy Portal.

Requirements For the Smart Square Mercy Login?

To be able to use to use the Smart Square Mercy Login, you’ll need an email address and password. Also, you must be registered on your account on the Smart Square platform.

The prerequisites required for to sign up for the Smart Square Mercy Login are not difficult, but they are important. First, you’ll need your email address. This is where Mercy will provide you with instructions for logging in after you have signed up with Mercy’s Smart Square platform. The second thing you’ll need is an account password. This is the password you use to login to Smart Square Mercy Login. Smart Square Mercy Login.

Once you’ve completed these steps, you’re prepared to login to Smart Square Mercy Login. Smart Square Mercy Login. Simply type in the details of your username and password on your login page on the Mercy website, follow the prompts to hit “Login”. Then, you will be taken onto the primary page on the Smart Square platform. From there, you are able to begin using the functions offered by Smart Square Mercy Registry! Smart Square Mercy Registry!

Purpose of Smart Square Mercy:

Mercy is a health care organization that offers free medical treatment for those who are unable to afford it.

A few methods that Mercy assists in providing free medical treatment is making use of the intelligent technological squares. The technology lets patients access their medical records and get medical treatment through Mercy doctors without leaving their home.

For access to Smart Square Mercy, patients are required to login using the Mercy login as well as a password. This allows them to quickly access the medical treatment they require without having to visit a doctor or hospital.

Smart Square Mercy is an important method by which Mercy assists in providing free healthcare to people who require it the most. It allows patients to access the healthcare they require, without leaving their homes or incur on unnecessary costs.

Features of Smart Square Mercy

Nursing leaders are informed from the Co Workers

Utilizing the Mercy smart boards, patients are able to write reminders on the board and include notes to their caregivers. This software also permits nurses to view the schedules of their coworkers along with other personal information. Mercy Smart Square tool help the healthcare team to handle the work of their employees effectively. It is also possible to manage appointments through the use of this program. It’s an excellent tool for the non-nursing department as well.

Easy to Use Interface

A user-friendly interface is another advantage that is a part of Mercy Smart Square. It allows you to manage this application within a established manner and to ensure that all employees have access to important information that is that is communicated. It also assists nurses and staff to organize their day-to- daily schedule. Smart Square Mercy helps the managers monitor their timetable and the performance of their staff. Utilizing this software, nurses will be able to manage appointments for patients without a lot of effort. Additionally, they’ll be in a position to spend more time with their patients. This is all possible because of Smart Square intuitive design.

Employees will be able to get mobile accessibility for Mercy Smart Square software

Nurses, employees and all other staff members have access to the mobile version of Mercy Smart Square software so there is no requirement to open the laptop or computer but they can manage their schedules from their mobile. When it comes to scheduling shifts, it appears to be more efficient. Smart Square Mercy is much more efficient when communicating with clients and employees. Managers are able to monitor their team members using Smart Square Mercy program and also manage their schedule.

Restrict access to specific areas

One of the main characteristics in Mercy Smart Square is its capability to limit access to specific areas. It is possible to restrict access of the software based on the user group, status, and internet connectivity. The IP address may also be concealed. This will ensure the security of both you and your patient since you’ll be able to learn about the person trying to access your personal information.

Premium Version of Mercy Smart Square

In the premium edition of Mercy Smart Square, patient information is entered in a more precise way. For visits to the clinic on a regular basis, the simple version is adequate, however the premium version comes with more advanced features, such as educational modules for patients. The premium version also available on mobile. You are able to safely navigate the web using this program.

If the Mercy Smart Square software is successfully installed on your computer then it will show your company’s logo and website. The network IDs for each of employees will be displayed with this program. It is easy and convenient to utilize. In only a few seconds you can make appointments making use of this program.

Wrapping Up

In this article , we’ve attempted to provide you with an description on Mercy Smart Square and its other features. Through this software, employees are able to manage their schedules, and managers are able to monitor their employees.

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