10+ AMAZING Uciha Itachi Live Wallpaper HD for IPHONE, Android and Mobile

Uciha Itachi Live Wallpaper-Itachi Uchiha is a very important character in the world of Naruto. He is one of the characters who moves the plot of this series from behind the scenes. Itachi is the one who continues to encourage his younger brother Sasuke to become stronger.

Itachi is known as an antagonist in the Naruto series, but his own motives sometimes seem mysterious to some people.

Many people know Itachi as the slayer of his own clan, the Uchiha clan. However, this moment occurred thanks to the political turmoil involving the Uchiha clan.When joining the Anbu, Itachi was asked to spy on Konoha so that the Uchiha clan could carry out a coup. Itachi knew that this coup would lead to a new Shinobi World War, so he decided to become a double spy and report the Uchiha’s actions to Konoha.

As time went on, negotiations between the village of Konoha and the Uchiha clan reached a dead end. Peace efforts are impossible. Danzo then gave Itachi a choice: support the coup so that all the Uchiha clan members were massacred, or Itachi massacred his own clan before the coup and let his younger brother Sasuke live. Itachi finally chose to slaughter his own family. When Sasuke was left alone, he used Tsukuyomi to traumatize Sasuke and put a grudge against him to hide the reality of the massacre.

Surprisingly, Itachi is actually a pacifist and tends to avoid conflict. As a child, he saw firsthand the chaos caused by the Shinobi World War. He then has the ambition to become a ninja to end all wars. Itachi himself was a calm, intelligent, humble person, and even matured at a very young age. He doesn’t have many friends, but his solitary nature makes Itachi good at judging people based on their strengths. Itachi is a very loyal and loyal person. Even when he massacred the Uchiha clan, he didn’t do it for personal motives, but for the good of the village of Konoha and Sasuke himself.

Even when Itachi joined Akatsuki, Itachi still prioritized the safety of Konoha and Sasuke. With the power of the Sharingan eye, Itachi was able to increase his ninjutsu to genjutsu abilities. Apart from being able to see the flow of chakra and predict the opponent’s movements, Itachi’s Sharingan can reverse the opponent’s genjutsu using the Izanami technique.

After obtaining the Mangekyō Sharingan, Itachi gained access to even more powerful techniques. An example is Tsukuyomi’s genjutsu which can trap targets in an illusory world. Then there is also Amaterasu who can burn opponents just by looking at them.

The highest technique that can be used with the Mangekyō Sharingan is Susanoo. However, these Mangekyō Sharingan techniques were extremely dangerous if used for too long. In addition to draining chakra, Itachi’s eyesight will also continue to deteriorate until it leads to blindness.

10+ Uciha Itachi Live Wallpaper

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Download Itachi Uchiha Live Wallpaper


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