10+ Beautiful Live Wallpaper LUMINE Genshin Impact Game

These Genshin Impact travelers are two of the many travelers in the world, but have a tragic story that comes to escort their struggles in exploring every world and dimension.The traveler in the Genshin Impact game is a person who usually travels from one world to another. They have good fighting strength and are talented in carrying out a mission that involves strength.

Aether and Lumine are two brothers (brothers) who are together on a dimensional journey from one world to another. But while on their way they were separated by Adepti or a god from the world called Teyvat.

They are separated from each other, with one brother stranded in Mondstadt and the other still on a search mission. Depending on which character we choose, we will try to find the god who separated the two brothers. This is where the adventure of Genshin Impact begins.

Well, today I will share a very beautiful Live Wallpaper from Lumine, but before that I think you should get to know the characters from Lumine below.

Profile of Lumine at Genshin Impact

Lumine is one of the two main characters in Genshin Impact. He is the twin brother of Aether. Here are some other details on his profile that you may not have known.

Genshin Impact Lumine Age

Lumine is 15 years old. She is a girl who is on an adventure to find her twin sister again. After you create an account and choose Lumine as the main character to travel in Teyvat, you will be sent to the coast of Mondstadt. Then, Paimon will accompany Lumine on the adventure and provide her with useful information during the adventure.

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Aether Height in Genshin Impact

Lumine’s height is 158 cm. She is slightly shorter than her twin sister Lumine who is 164cm. He is of medium height among Genshin Impact players. The main character is short and small enough to dodge several of the Hypostasis boss laser attacks. In addition, he can run to sneak through small holes in underground tunnels.

Aether’s Best Build in Genshin Impact

Lumine is a strong support type. He has three elements for you to choose from, including Anemo, Geo, and Electro. If you created an account prior to the Inazuma update, you can only choose between Geo and Anemo elements. You can make them a powerful supporter if you choose the best weapons and artifacts to build them.

10+ Beautiful Live Wallpaper LUMINE Genshin Impact Game

After you know some information from lumine, it’s time to show you some beautiful Lumine live wallpapers
angry lumine-min
Angry Lumine-min




halo lumine relax-min
halo lumine relax-min


lumine alone-min
Lumine alone-min




so it is Live Wallpaper Lumine from genshin Impact, i hope you like it, thanks

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