[NEW UPDATE] 80+ List of Banks that Accept Ach Transfer , FULL LIST!

List of Banks that Accept Ach Transfer – There are many ways to transfer money from your bank account to other banks. The ACH transfer is one option. Other methods include wire transfer and direct deposit. You can use money transfer agents like Wise and Zelle, Western Union and MoneyGram to make wire transfers. Although ACH transfers are slower than wire transfers in speed, experts claim that they are more secure. Here is a list of banks that will accept ACH transfers.

ACH stands for Automated Clearing House. This electronic bank transfer system facilitates funds transfers, similar to Visa, Mastercard and American Express. It is important to remember that ACH transfers are made within the United States under Nacha’s management, originally called NACHA (National Automated Clearing House Association). It is also known by the ACH network and ACH scheme. It is so ancient that it was even used in the 1970s.

Two types of ACH payments are common. There are two types of ACH payments: direct deposits and direct payment. Direct deposits are payments from government to consumers and businesses. While direct payments include payroll, government benefits and employee expense reimbursements. Direct payments are payments that individuals or organizations make when they purchase something from a company.

What is ACH Transfer?

An ACH transfer refers to the electronic movement between banks via the Automated Clearing House Network.

ACH transfers can be used to transfer external funds, pay person-to-person, bill payments, and direct deposits from government benefit programs and employers. Another example is business-to-business payments. (If you are a small business owner, refer to our guide for ACH transfers for businesses.

Many transfer providers, including banks and third-party apps such as PayPal, Venmo, and Zelle, use the ACH network to send money to family and friends.

Types of ACH transfers

ACH types are not to be confused with the ACH categories I just mentioned. There are two types of ACH transfer: the first is the one I have just mentioned.

  • ACH credit
  • ACH debits

To get ACH credits, money is transferred from another bank account to your bank account. This means that your balance will shift upwards. Your employer or government agency can arrange an automatic ACH credit transfer.

ACH debits, on the other hand refer to ACH transfer from your bank account. Your balance will drop after such transactions. To avoid having to manually initiate the monthly payment, you can set up automatic monthly payments from your account to your internet Service Company, water supplier, or electricity company. Your account will then be debited.

ACH debit is the opposite. ACH credit means funds are being pushed into an account.

How long does ACH transfers take?

ACH payments can take up to three working days to process. There are many factors that can affect the time it takes to receive your funds. The time it takes to process an ACH transfer will depend on the date you submit your request.

If you submit your request after the bank’s working hours, the transaction request will be marked as initiated the next day. The same applies if you initiate a transaction on a weekend. Your transaction processing will start next Monday.

The currency you use may have an impact on the ACH transfer. There is a chance that your transfer will take longer if you use a local currency to move your money.

Is ACH faster than wire transfers

It’s not true. ACH transfers are more time-consuming than wire transfers. They are however more secure. Wire transfers are instant. This means that funds can be transferred immediately from one bank account to another bank account.

The funds cannot be reversed. Because wire transfers cannot be reversed, they are less secure than ACH transfers. If you send funds to an incorrect account number via wire transfers, you are done.

ACH transfers are pending for a certain time. You can cancel the transaction during this period. The funds will remain pending for a time so that the appropriate officials can review them. ACH transfers are slow but secure and.

ACH transfer vs Wire transfer

[NEW UPDATE] 80+ List of Banks that Accept Ach Transfer , FULL LIST!
[NEW UPDATE] 80+ List of Banks that Accept Ach Transfer , FULL LIST!

ACH transfers are different from wire transfers. This is a faster and more expensive type of bank transfer. While ACH transfers can take several days, domestic wire transfer may take minutes or hours.

ACH transfers are relatively inexpensive, but sending a wire transfer to a U.S. bank can cost anywhere from $20 to $30. There is usually a fee for receiving one. However, the wire network processes transactions in real-time so U.S. wire transfer can usually be delivered within hours if not minutes. A wire transfer is the best option for large sums and urgent transfers, both in the U.S. and abroad, due to its speed and cost.

What are the advantages of ACH transfers

ACH transfers offer many benefits that are not available with other money transfers. These benefits include the following.

1. Low-cost

Banks usually charge low fees for ACH transfers. Transfer money via ACH may be free for some institutions. The median cost of ACH payment processing is $0.29. You will save significant money compared to other methods of transfer. ACH transactions for large amounts are generally cheaper than those for low amounts.

2. Secure

As I mentioned, ACH transfer are secured because they go through the clearinghouse. You can cancel any incorrect transaction without delay. This allows you to save money on transactions that were not completed as expected.

3. Open to Everyone

Anyone in the US can make ACH transfers. The transfer method can be used by both consumers and businesses to withdraw money to the account.

ACH transfers are a great way to transfer funds in an emergency situation, but they can take a while to complete.

Can I use an ACH transfer to move money from a prepaid card to a bank?

You can transfer money from a prepaid card to a bank account. You can move money from a prepaid to a bank account by using the ACH transfer method. Because a prepaid account is considered an independent bank, it’s possible to transfer money from a prepaid account to a bank account by using the ACH transfer method.

Perhaps you are wondering what a Prepaid Card is. A prepaid card is a type of payment card that allows you recharge money and then use it for different transactions. It does not have a bank account connection. You can add the card at your discretion. Prepaid cards work the same way as debit cards but must be linked to a checking or savings account.

List of banks that accept ACH transfers

ACH transfers are supported by a variety of banks. These are some of the credit unions and banks that support ACH transfer. Many of them offer no-cost online checking accounts that do not require opening deposits or credit checks. Check out the list of banks that allow ACH transfer.

  1. Bank of America
  2. Bank of the West
  3. BankPlus (MS)
  4. Bank of the Ozarks Personal
  5. Bank of the Cascades
  6. Union Bank & Trust – Personal
  7. Union Bank & Trust Company – Personal
  8. BB&T
  9. BBVA Compass
  10. Bank of America
  11. Bank of the West
  12. Bluebird by American Express
  13. BankPlus (MS)
  14. Bangor Savings Bank
  15. Beneficial bank – Personal
  16. Capital One
  17. Charles Schwab
  18. Chase
  19. Citi
  20. Citizens Bank
  21. Dubuque Bank and Trust
  22. Denison State Bank
  23. Fidelity
  24. First Tennessee
  25. First Hawaiian Bank
  26. First-Citizens Bank
  27. GoBank
  28. Gate City Bank Personal
  29. Golden Plains Credit Union
  30. Gulf Coast Bank & Trust Company – Personal
  31. Glens Falls National Bank and Trust Company Personal
  32. German American Bank Personal
  33. Huntington Bank
  34. Block Emerald Card
  35. Heritage Oaks Bank
  37. IH Mississippi Valley Credit Union
  38. IU Credit Union, Indiana University
  39. Illinois Bank & Trust – Personal
  40. Inwood National Bank
  41. Jacksboro National Bank
  42. Liberty Bank (CT), – Personal
  43. Liberty Bank and Trust Personal
  44. Nevada State Bank – Personal
  45. Navigant Credit Union
  46. Old National Bank
  47. Ocean City Home Bank
  48. Police and Fire Federal Credit Union
  49. Potlatch Federal Credit Union
  50. Pioneer Federal Credit Union
  51. Pen Air FCU
  52. Pinnacle Bank (TX) – Personal
  53. PrimeWay Federal Credit Union
  54. Skylight Visa Prepaid Debit Card
  55. SAFE Credit Union, (CA)
  56. State Employees Federal Credit Union
  57. San Francisco Fire Credit Union
  58. Service Credit Union
  59. Schools Financial Credit Union
  60. Southside Bank of Tyler in Texas
  61. Scott Credit Union
  62. TD Bank
  63. Teachers Credit Union, IN
  64. US Bank
  65. USAA
  66. Union Bank
  67. Umpqua Bank – Business
  68. Union Bank & Trust – Personal
  69. United Heritage Credit Union
  70. Velocity Credit Union, Austin, TX
  71. Vantage West Credit Union
  72. Valley National Bank, NJ
  73. CA Valley First Credit Union
  74. Valley State Bank, Syracuse, KS
  75. Wells Fargo
  76. Walmart Prepaid MoneyCard
  77. Webster Bank
  78. Wood & Huston Bank
  79. Westbury Bank Personal
  80. The Washington Trust Company
  81. Xenith Bank – Personal
  82. Xceed Financial Credit Union
  83. Xplore Federal credit union
  84. Zeal Credit Union


ACH transfers are the Automated Clearing House. It’s an electronic money transfer system that allows money to be transferred from one bank into another. ACH transfers are less expensive than wire transfers. They are slower than wire transfers and take longer to complete.

ACH transfers are more secure than wire transfers. The Automated Clearing House processes ACH transfers; wire transfers are handled only by the banks.


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