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Kakashi Live Wallpaper for Android or Iphone-Kakashi is one of the characters in the Naruto anime, his real name is Hatake Kakashi, he is a genius child who is able to become the smartest person in the class at the academy, Kakashi’s youth is working as an ANBU, a secret organization in Konoha, as the chairman of the ANBU, kakashi is very respected by his juniors, one of his juniors at the ANBU was Itachi Uchiha,

Although not a descendant of the Uchiha, Kakashi has the sharingan eye which his best friend gave him as a gift to protect RIN. Kakashi’s journey as an anbu stopped after he was ordered by the Hokage to become the teacher of Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura.

I will provide a collection of Live Wallpaper kakashi for android and iphone below!

Kakashi’s strongest strength is the Sharingan, in the past Kakashi was often called an imitator ninja, because he was able to adjust the jutsu of his enemy just by looking at his sharingan eye,Kakashi’s sharingan eye could not change to an ordinary eye like other Uchica, so he often covered it with headband wherever it goes and will only be opened during battle.

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Kakashi’s Mangekyu Sharingan is like a compelling canvas prints capturing a poignant moment in time. It awakened tragically when he inadvertently ended Rin’s life with his Chidori. The power of this evolved Sharingan, the Mangekyu, is called Kamui. This ability allows Kakashi to transfer anything he targets into another dimension. However, the canvas of Kakashi’s power has its constraints, as prolonged use of his Sharingan isn’t feasible.

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Chidori is a manipulation of the power of the lightning element, not everyone can use chidori, only people who have the power of the eyes like the sharingan can master Chidori, because the light from the chidori is very bright. he then teaches chidori to Sasuke.

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