[Overview] Is vivid seats legit? Here the Answer!

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Is vivid seats legit ? – Vivid Seats is a third-party ticket marketplace that has gained popularity in the past couple of years. In this article I will go over Vivid Seats in depth.

I will provide an honest review of the site . I will also offer comparisons with other ticket sites from third parties that are available, to see which one has the advantage and are the best to utilize.

What is Vivid Seats?

Vivid Seats, a privately-owned LLC and is one of the biggest tickets resellers online across the United States. Utilizing professional ticket resellers as well as individual sellers, it gives discounts for the general public on a vast array of occasions. Vivid Seats is the intermediary between

both buyers and sellers to ensure legal transactions and then deliver the tickets either electronically and physically.

The possibility of buying counterfeit tickets is a major concern on every online reseller site. Vivid Seats strives to offer buyers peace of mind by scrutinizing all sellers and ensuring the quality of the product but they must take some risk when taking advantage of their platform. If the buyer is willing to accept the risk and willing to adjust their seats, they may often get a great deal.

Is vivid seats legit?

Yes , Vivid Seats is a 100% legal entity and has been in operation for more than 20 years. Vivid Seats is only accessible within the United States to those who reside in the United States. While they boast about their buyer’s warranty program some customers have complained of purchasing counterfeit tickets or receiving e-tickets even though physical tickets were required. This happens often, in the light of customer feedback and the level of customer service to correct the mistakes appears to be shoddy, at best.

There aren’t any reports of malware or viruses related to the website, or reports of data theft. If you are considering a reselling website such as Vivid Seats be sure they’ve been around for since a long time, and provide protections to their buyers. There are many websites that pop up and then disappear in a similar manner and you should always read reviews prior to entering your credit card details.

Is Vivid Seats reliable and trustworthy?

In general, reviews of customers of Vivid Seats are not very good. The most frequent complaint is non-reliability of customer protection programs. The second most frequent complaint is customer service which is followed by tickets not being delivered or being the wrong kind of ticket was delivered by the buyer. The buyer protection program is a loophole that the business may use to stop paying the purchaser, which makes it hard to obtain the refund. Reviews from customers are as follows:

  • Consumer Affairs – 2.1 / 5 stars (1315 ratings)
  • Site Jabber4/5 five stars (1967 ratings)
  • Rezeller Ratings4.17 / 5 4.17 5 (8,365 ratings)
  • Best Review. Legit Reviews(1.3 / 5) 1.3 5. (user score)
  • BBB– 1.03 /5 (769 ratings)
  • Glass Door – 3.8 / 5 (320 ratings)
  • TRUST Pilot— 2.8 5. (2,282 ratings)

The proportion of scams versus positive reviews varies depending on the review websites you visit. There were a only a few scam complaints on Site Jabber as well as Reseller Ratings and the positive reviews were far more than the negative ones. The two sites weren’t an exception however. Each review site featured most of the time scams or customer service complaints, and they frequently accompanied.

Vivid Seats Shipping Info

The shipping duration of a typical package differs based on the kind of ticket bought. There are six different ways to deliver your package:

  • Mobile electronic ticketsYou must be using either an IOS or Android phone
  • Email/InstantYou must have an printer that can make a paper copy the ticket
  • Physical Shipping– Once the seller has accepted the purchase the buyer will receive an email with the shipping date. Tracking numbers are included with every physical shipment.
  • Special DeliveryLocal pickup Will Call, Paperless. Tickets will be on sale during the actual event.
  • E-Transfer
  • AXS Mobile ID

Shipping costs also depend on the shipping method that is selected. The shipping costs are displayed at the time of checkout. Be aware that shipping times are dependent on the availability of tickets and not the date of purchase. Orders are tracked via an email confirmation as well as an tracker code (physical delivery only). At present, Vivid Seats only ships to North America.

Does Vivid Seats offer excellent customer service?

In general the customer service provided by Vivid Seats is not reliable at most. A few customers have reported experiencing a positive experience, particularly when they encounter difficulties in navigating the website.

General questions are also likely to be addressed in a manner that is friendly and on time. The issues begin when attendees encounter issues with tickets being not arriving on time or not functioning properly during an event. Customers have reported receiving numerous excuses and no response from the technicians they’ve talked to, and rude or unintelligible technicians, and being even delayed. In the end, there appear to be more complains regarding the customer service offered by Vivid Seats than happy customers.

How do I cancel an order placed on Vivid Seats

On Vivid Seats All sales are final. You are not able to cancel a ticket after you’ve bought the ticket.

Do Vivid Seats offer Promoor Discount coupon codes?

Vivid Seats uses promo codes to entice buyers to purchase. There is also Rewards system that awards buyers credit for purchases made in the app and can be used towards the price of a ticket.

Do Vivid Seats have any return policy?

Vivid Seats doesn’t offer an exchange policy for tickets purchased. All tickets are sold out. You can buy back tickets at any time if you decide not to purchase the item or have changed your mind since buying.

Vivid Seat Payment Methods

  • The majority of credit cards— (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover)
  • Google Wallet– Only available as an app
  • Apple Pay– App only
  • Google Pay Pay with Android – App only
  • Paypal— Only online orders
  • Paypal Credit – App only

All telephone orders must be made using the credit or debit card. US dollars are the only currency accepted.

Pros of Vivid Seats

Vivid Seats, a firm that is specialized in selling tickets for performances, sports events and concert tickets. The company was established in 2009 and is located within Dallas, Texas. They are among the biggest ticket retailers around the globe, with more than 10,000 customers.


Vivid seats offer a broad selection of seating options for all kinds of events.

They offer discounts on tickets

Tickets can be delivered to you , or print them yourself at your own home

Their website is simple to navigate and includes many useful features

Cons of Vivid Seats

There are seats that don’t provide the most optimal viewing angles

Seats may not be accessible in the section you want.

The seating quality does not always match across occasions.

The website isn’t user-friendly, and there aren’t any real-time customer support representatives

Additional FAQs Is vivid seats legit 

How can I find tickets on the website?

In the search bar located on your homepage, enter in the name of the event or the artist you’d like to locate. You can change the location by clicking the location pin located below the search box.

How can I sell tickets through Vivid Seats?

To sell tickets through Vivid Seats, simply click the “Sell Tickets” tab on the menu bar. Next, you can click “Sell Tickets” and enter your event’s details into the drop-down bar. If you find the event select it, then click proceed. The next step is to sign up for your Vivid Seats Account. Fill in all the necessary information and accept the Terms and Conditions for Sellers and then click “Submit.” That’s it!

Do Vivid Seats have a fee to show my tickets?

Listing is completely free. However, Vivid Seats charges a 10% commission when the ticket is sold.

Can I contact a seller to negotiate ticket prices?

There is no need, Vivid Seats does not offer the seller or buyer details to safeguard the personal information of the entire group of parties.

How does the Vivid Seats Rewards Program work?

The buyer earns one stamp per ticket bought. When you’ve received 10 stamps, you’ll receive credit for the average cost of 10 stamps. If, for instance, you purchase ten tickets at $100 each, you’ll receive a credit of $10. Members of the program can also earn birthday rewards, upgrades to tickets as well as access to events and much more!

Can I buy multiple tickets for events at once?

No. Since a different seller is the one selling each ticket Vivid Seats will only allow buyers to buy just one ticket per transaction. In the case of multiple listings buyers must make several transactions.

Is Vivid Seats flexible in changing the number of tickets in a listing?

Vivid Seats will try to meet the buyer’s requirements for a quantity of tickets on an inventory. The purchaser must contact support at customer service for this.

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