HoYo-MiX Year Review Features Genshin ImpactHonkai Impact Music

To take a look back at what the HoYo-MiX team did in 2021, miHoYo shared a 2021 review video. Nearly five-minute snippet discussing music from Genshin Impact, Honkai Impact 3rdand Themis’ tears. Tracks from composers and arrangers Dimeng Yuan, Frex, Gon, Hao, Jiade He, TetraCalyx, Vinchi, Yu-Peng Chen and Zoe appear. Each offers only a brief sample of the song. However, before the album appeared it appeared in the pop up.

First, here are the songs from Genshin Impact soundtrack that appears in the HoYo-MiX music video.

  • “Bard’s Adventure”
  • “Destined Farewell”
  • “Fragile Fantasy”
  • “Inazuma”
  • “kitsune mask”
  • “Let’s Go, Pink Knight!”
  • “Moon Smile”
  • “Pance Qilin”
  • “Rage Beneath the Mountains”
  • “Rex Incognito”

Follower Honkai Impact 3rd the track appears during the 2021 Year in Review music video as well.

  • “Dominate”
  • “Gathering Speed”
  • “Little Kids”
  • “Hello Moon”
  • “Fortune-teller”
  • “Rubia”
  • “Thunder”
  • “Yesterday”

Finally, there is one Themis’ tears song there. As a reminder, this is a miHoYo mobile adventure game with an otome tone.

Here’s a full review of the 2021 HoYo-MiX. It jumps back and forth between game soundtracks.

Genshin Impact available on PS4, PS5, PC and mobile devices. Honkai Impact 3rd is on PC and mobile devices. Themis’ tears only available on mobile devices.

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