How To Use TikTok On PC

Hi, I’m going to show you a great way to learn how to use TikTok on PC.

We are all used to using TikTok on smartphones and Apple devices, which in our opinion, ‘no chance in hell’ anyone can use TiokTok on PC.

Today you’re going to learn that it’s possible and I’m going to show you in just a few simple steps how to do it.

It doesn’t matter what operating system you use, you can use TikTok smoothly and post amazing videos, just like you would on your smartphone device.

So, get your PC ready, let’s dive in and see how to use TikTok on PC.

Steps: How To Use TikTok On PC

First of all, you can’t just download TikTok on your PC like other normal PC apps that are compatible with your PC. You need an emulator, preferably the Bluestacks emulator, to allow you to run TikTok without any hassle.

These steps on how to use TikTok on PC work for Windows and Mac OS easily, via Bluestacks emulator.

Install the Bluestacks emulator

  1. download bluestacks emulatorfrom the link above.

2. Search ‘Bluestacks Installer’ download the file on your PC and click to Install.

Once the Installation is complete, do the following below.

Install TikTok For Windows

  1. Launch Bluestacks emulator on your PC. {You can find it on your desktop, or it will open immediately after installation}.
how to use tiktok on pc
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2. Your Login Google accountto have access to google play store.

how to use tiktok on pc

3. After enteropen the search bar and type tik tok.

how to use tiktok on pc

4. Click TikTok from search results and install via google play store on your emulator.

how to use tiktok on pc

6. Then, tap Openand now you can use TikTok to record videos, use filters and other editorial features, and post online.

how to use tiktok on pc
how to use tiktok on pc
how to use tiktok on pc

Install TikTok For Mac OS

  1. Launch Bluestacks.

2. Tap the search bar, at the top right and type tik tok.

3. Install apps on Bluestacks.

4. Then, open and start using the app on your Mac OS.


Can I use Tik Tok on PC?

Yes, you can, although TikTok is very common on Android and iOS, you can now definitely record and post videos using your PC too. Here’s how to solve it.


Well, now you can use TikTok on your PC easily. There’s nothing better than this.

Bluestacks emulator is like android device on your PC, so without it, you can’t access TikTok app and make any videos.

If you’re having trouble fixing this, just leave a comment, in the comments section below, and I’ll get back to you soon.

Thank you very much. Goodbye.

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