BFCM has set a new milestone for online shopping in 2020 with a 22% spike (YoY), accounting for $9 billion. And, despite the reopening of physical storefronts, 2021 seems no different when it comes to online shopping. Seventy four percent Shoppers expect to buy online this year, according to a Publicis Sapient poll.

A poll by the Black Friday website showed that 52% of customers willing to take advantage of today’s promotional offers and discounts. In addition, internet purchases on Cyber ​​Monday are predicted to grow by 61% this year.

AI could be a game changer during BFCM

Retail businesses are experiencing a strong digital transformation, especially after the lockdown caused by the pandemic. Machine Learning (ML) powered by big data can help businesses forecast demand and personalize services by leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI).

As an eCommerce business, you can benefit from trend model which helps predict consumer behavior based on the data you have about past purchases. Because the ML engine is built on artificial neural network which can mimic the learning process in the human brain, they achieve increasingly higher levels of accuracy with more use.

AI can also help estimate the number of products and inventory holdings you need “on hand” to account for upselling and cross-selling. In addition, it allows you to efficiently plan and manage pricing, logistics and distribution during a BCFM sale.

With why behind the obvious use of AI, it’s time to know how You can leverage this BFCM AI for eCommerce success. Check out these smart ways to leverage AI and beat the competition.

Personalized Recommendations

The online shop is a witness 220% increase in traffic on Black Friday, according to Adthena data. One way to take advantage of this is to use an AI that optimizes conversions. This is where the recommender system pays off.

Recommendation algorithm pioneered by Amazon has redefined the eCommerce market as almost every online store is now using it. More and more eCommerce businesses are using data from various third-party resources to predict what customers will buy next based on their last purchase.

Product personalization is possible when you know what your customers have recently purchased. For example, if your customer buys a new smartphone on a Black Friday sale, leverage AI to offer an extended warranty and screen protection plan under the “usually bought together” suggestion. This way, you can use both AI — to sell and cross-sell products through product suggestions.

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AI-powered tools like Dialog can provide personalized product recommendations along with customized messages. His #Recommender displays auto-related product suggestions on product pages, collection pages and home pages.

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Ultimately, you benefit from analyzing the buying behavior of your customers who return to your business time and time again. Machine learning tools can help you predict customer repeat buying habits and preferences. This will help you provide a more customized experience for your customers using the right data for remarketing.

Cross-sell successful with product recommendation

Personalization is easy to do if you are a small shop in town that has a personal relationship with your customers. But most ecommerce retailers don’t work that way and have too many diverse buyers for personalization to be effective.

Most shoppers are sure of what they want to buy during Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday deals. Therefore, if visitors fail to find the product they are looking for quickly enough, they will leave your site and move elsewhere.

Using AI to understand what they are looking for is key to ending their search faster and cross-selling other relevant products. Many eCommerce giants are well aware of this — which is why you’ll see tailored suggestions including Amazon, eBay, Spotify, and Netflix.

That’s why it’s so important to provide smart product & customer segmentation to tailor product suggestions which pave the way for selling and cross selling opportunities. Online stores that personalize product suggestions with AI can drastically increase their order value and total revenue.

A preference profile that includes appropriate attribute-level product tags in addition to customer data to make suggestions on every page of your website, increasing the likelihood of cross-selling.

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Site users’ browsing activity is tracked, and they get suggestions that match their preferred profile. The recommendations of returning guests are far more significant.

Transform indecisive shoppers with custom pop-ups

You don’t want to lose a customer who has trusted you in the past by placing an order. If you run a store on Shopify, it can maximize holiday revenue by identifying and presenting relevant, interesting and complementary products based on their behavior.

For example, if your visitors scroll down to the Product Details Page (PDP) after viewing a product or jump between PDPs, it indicates that they didn’t find anything they were looking for and, in the end, may leave your site.

You need to implement methods to control those dropouts, especially in the midst of a BFCM sale. One such method involves displaying a popup that appears when a visitor is about to leave your site.

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When this browsing behavior occurs, you can place a smart opt-out pop-up programmed to show offers. That helps:

  • Retain potential customers
  • Reduce cart abandonment
  • Increase conversion rate
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When AI takes over these operations, shoppers are immediately provided with discounts and offers that match their preferences. You can decide what you want to customize the pop-up for? Upselling the latest version of a product your customers are interested in or cross-selling relevant products related to your customers’ latest interests.

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Send personalized remarketing emails

Machine learning can address the challenges of accessing real email customer touchpoints by mining design preference data and profiles.

You can also use AI-powered solutions to automate data collection, save you time and provide useful insights about your website’s customers/visitors.

AI unlocks access to key customer data to group your email marketing efforts into hundreds of internal sub-campaigns. Imagine using this data for post-sale follow-up emails with the intent to profit from brand recalls.

So you can apply this AI in BFCM to better create email subject, target users under defined categories like “frequent shoppers”, “recently acquired customers”, “frequent window shoppers”, etc. It then uses this data set to generate topics that increase your open and click-through rates, which in turn leads to more revenue.

Here’s a quick example to understand this better:

Assume that a buyer adds an item to their cart but then leaves the website without making a purchase. Some people may react positively to being pushed into action after a short time, while others choose to ignore it.

By integrating behavioral data or past data from comparable customer categories, AI helps determine the optimal moment to approach a prospect again. So if your email campaigns are auto-triggered, they will have a higher chance of success.

So, if a customer buys a new laptop on the Black Friday sale, AI can help you sell additional relevant laptop-related products on Cyber ​​Monday.

Emails can also be scheduled well in advance of Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday so shoppers have plenty of time to learn about the amazing deals they’ll be receiving.

It’s time to increase your sales

Calling BFCM’s eCommerce competition “cruel” would be an understatement.

AI can be your secret weapon. Effective AI implementation during BFCM is about engaging shoppers at multiple touchpoints to make their experience enjoyable, and leading them through the buying journey and beyond.

As a nascent technology, AI will continue to evolve, enabling you to better understand consumer behavior, and ultimately help implement strategies that will improve your eCommerce performance. But for now, it’s time to increase your BFCM sales with the tactics mentioned above.