How To See Your Comments On Facebook 2021

Want to know a quick and easy way to see your comments on Facebook?

I once made a comment on an old post, I was quite angry at that time.

A few days later, I regretted posting that comment on the page, but it was too late.

“If only time could be turned back”.

I didn’t know that Facebook had a feature you could use to view past comments made on pages, groups, and individual posts.

After discovering this cool feature, I was able to find the comments I made and delete them.

Today, I’m here to show you how to see your comments on Facebook.

Ready? Let’s go;

Steps: How To View Your Comments On Facebook

1. Open, and login Facebook.

2. Tap your profile icon at the top.

how to view your comments on facebook

3. Tap on 3 horizontal dots ‘again’ icon, beside add to story tabs.

how to view your comments on facebook

4. Tap ‘activity log’.

how to view your comments on facebook

5. Continue to tap ‘Filter’ on the top left.

how to view your comments on facebook

6. In the dialog box that will appear below, tap ‘Category’.

how to view your comments on facebook

7. On ‘Category’ screen, tap ‘interaction’.

facebook interaction

8. A drop-down menu will appear, tap ‘comment‘.

facebook comments

9. You will be taken to your comments screen, where you will see all the comments you have ever made from creating your Facebook account.

facebook comments

Comments will appear with the date posted. You can also continue to view comments, and posts you commented on > Tap the 3 horizontal dots again icon in the comment body > Tap view.

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How can I see what I’ve commented on on Facebook?

Open the Facebook app > Tap your profile icon at the top > Tap the ‘more’ tab 3 horizontal dots, next to, ‘add to story‘ tab > Go to ‘activity log‘ > Go to ‘Filter‘, at the top left > Tap ‘category’ > Tap interaction > Tap on comment > Then all your comments will be visible for you to see.

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how to find posts i commented on facebook?

If you want to find posts you commented on on Facebook, you have to go to activity log > filters > categories > interactions > comments. Once you find the post you are looking for, you can tap on the comment and it will take you to the post.


We have come to the end of this guide on how to view your comments on Facebook, after accessing the comments section via the activity log, you can delete or view your previously made comments from there.

I hope this article was useful. Thanks for dropping by.

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