How To Save GIF From Twitter

So, saving GIFs on Twitter is not as difficult as you might think. In just a few steps, I’ll show you how to easily save GIFs from Twitter.

GIF in layman’s terms is usually a loose image file format that supports the use of both animated and static images. So when someone asks you what a GIF is, you know exactly what to say.

It’s no big deal to save GIFs from Twitter if it’s possible on WhatsApp and other social media platforms then it’s possible on Twitter, but there is a notion that Twitter GIFs are not real GIFs, that’s why it’s so hard to save GIFs on your device or computer.

The fact is that the GIF you see on Twitter is an exclusive converting video format created by Twitter for all of us to use.

So, let me show you how to save gif from twitter.

Steps How to Save GIF From Twitter

How To Save GIF From PC

  1. Log in to your Twitter account on PC, using google chrome (recommended)

2. Open the tweet page containing the GIF you want to save/copy.

download twitter gif

3. Right click on the GIF and tap ‘copy address GIF’.


4. Copy by tapping on it or press and hold Ctrl + C.

5. Open a new tab and search ‘’.

how to save gif from twitter

6. Tap ‘Video To GIF’.


7. Paste the copied GIF address into the empty video URL form field.

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8. Click on ‘Uploading videos’.

video to gif converter

9. Tap ‘Convert to GIF’.

how to save gif from twitter

10. Wait for the GIF to complete the conversion, then Tap on keep knob.

how to save gif from twitter

Violin! You finally did. congrats, you just saved a GIF on Twitter how are you feeling, happy right?

How To Save Gif From Twitter On Android

First you need to update your Twitter app to the current version to get all the latest features, visit the Google Play Store and you’re done.

Once you’ve overcome that little challenge, proceed to download the Tweet2gif app (recommended), from the google play store.

  1. Open it Twitter app.

2. Explore to a tweet containing GIF you want keep.

3. Tap share button under GIF videos.

how to save gif from twitter

4. Tap ‘copy link to tweet‘.

how to save gif from twitter

4. Go to Tweet2gif the application you just installed.

5. Paste copied link.

6. Tap ‘Download Gif’.

how to save gif from twitter
How To Save GIF From Twitter 13

You can also proceed to change the Gif download location to your desired folder in your phone storage, before you start downloading.

That’s basically how to save a gif from twitter.

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How do you save GIFs on iPhone from twitter?

Using iPhone to save Twitter GIFs is not at all difficult, just follow these steps.

Open Indonesia > Go to Twitter GIFs You want to save > Tap down arrowon top right corner from a tweet > Tap share tweet via > Tap copy link to Tweet > Go to GIFWrapped app on your iPhone > Open search box or find where paste the tweet GIF link You copy > Then, save the GIF which will appear in your iPhone’s image library.

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Twitter GIF as previously stated, is not a real GIF but a short converted video format that you can convert to GIF and save for later use.

Follow my steps above and you will be able to save multiple GIFs on Twitter easily. The process is simple and accurate. I’ve done it myself, with screenshots to prove, so you don’t have to worry.

If there is any other information you are looking for, leave a comment in the comments section and you will get replies and solutions too.

I hope this article helped you figure out how to save gifs from twitter. Thanks for your time, see you later.

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