How to Remove Image Blur in 5 Ways

To remove photo blur is not a big problem at all, it is possible and also easy to do, just follow me and you will learn how to remove image blur a bit.

I know it can be very frustrating if you take a picture of a friend or a family photo and you don’t check it right away to see how it looks and it turns out to be a burry, don’t panic, I have a solution for this little problem.

There are steps, online tools, and websites you can use to restore those blurry images to look like detailed, clear-quality images.

It might cost you some data connections and maybe some time, depending on the size of the image you want to remove blur from.

To unblur the image, you use a PC for this process, it’s faster and more efficient. but if you want to use a totally free phone that will work too.

The online software and tools we’ll be using today to remove image blur will be tools like, GIMP, Photoshop, and many more.

So, let’s get started.

How to Remove Image Blur | Step

First things first, before you start deleting any images on your phone or PC, you need to back up the original image files, make a copy and store them in a safe folder.

This is very important, just in case if you don’t get it right, you won’t be left with a horrible version of the original image. Here’s how to remove image blur in 5 ways.

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Method 1: GIMP Free Image Editor

how to remove image blur

1. Open GIMP.

2. Click on blur/sharpen tab in the toolbox.

3. Click hone.

4. Drag your mouse over the part of the image you want to sharpen, and select that part.

Release your mouse and GIMP will automatically get the job done for you in no time.

This online tool is free and fast. You can also download applications on your PC to speed up your own work.

Method 2: Snapseed (for Android/iPhone)

snap see unblur photo
  1. Launch Snapseed on your PC.

2. Click on Equipment.

3. Find and click detailson.

4. Click on Hone.

5. Click on structure.

6. Then, click ‘show more details’

Now that you have completed the unblur process, your image will be clearer than ever.

Method 3: (PC)

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  1. Go to and download for your PC (recommended)

2. Click on Effect.

3. Click on Taking pictures.

4. Then, click hone.

5. Adjust the slider on the sharpen tab to the level that’s perfect for you.

6. Click on Okay and Keep.

The difference may not be that much, it also depends on how blurry the image is. If the image is too blurry, then you need to use another software on my list.

Method 4: Photo Blur

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  1. Open the Fotor Photo Blur online tool.

2. Import the image you want to remove the blur from.

3. Go to menu options.

4. Apply filters and effects to gradually erase the image.

Use the feature on Fotor Photo Blur to be able to delete any image you want.

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Method 5: Adobe Lightroom

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  1. Launch the app.

2. Go to detail.

3. Adjust the shaper slider.

4. Adjust the Radius slider.

5. Also adjust the details slider.

6. Then, finally, adjust the Exposure slider.

Now you are good to go. You can check before and after pictures of the same and see the big difference this app has.


So that’s all I have for you for today. The 5 ways to unblur an image that I mentioned earlier are not all methods that you can use to unblur an image, there are many more, but these methods are easy to do.

They won’t give you any trouble and they are completely free and fast. You can download some, or just use them on Google chrome without downloading.

If you have any more questions, let me know and comment below, and I’ll solve them in a minute.

Thanks for your time, see you later.

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