How to Minimize YouTube on Android and iOS Without Any Apps

how to minimize youtube on android and ios without any apps

YouTube can be described as one of the most diverse media platforms around the globe It’s also easy to locate instructional videos, show on TV as well as the most recent music videos. However, it’s not all about the viewing the videos. Sometimes all you would like to listen to is YouTube while in background(Minimize Youtube)  while doing something else on your smartphone. Shutting down the YouTube app will end the playback However, there are some simple alternatives that allow you to watch videos while you work. 
There are methods to create the YouTube player in a small pop-up window when you are browsing elsewhere. This is our easy guide you can watch YouTube on the background(Minimize Youtube) on both iOS as well as Android devices. Are you looking at music videos on YouTube to play on the go? Maybe you’d like to check out our tutorial to downloading music off YouTube and listen to it on any device.

How to Minimize YouTube on Android and iOS Without Any Apps

YouTube Premium (Android and iOS)

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YouTube Premium is a service for subscriptions that eliminates ads on mobile and desktop devices allows access to exclusive videos and permits the downloading of videos. However, for the purposes of this review is that it allows users to listen when you turn off the phone’s display or moving to a different application. YouTube Premium is also available with an ad-free experience to YouTube Music (the replacement for Google Play Music) and Premium offers the option to disable the app’s screen as well. What’s the draw? Like you’d expect that it’s money. YouTube Premium costs 12 dollars per month, and $18 for a family-based subscription that can accommodate up to six users But you can also get a one-month trial at no cost. It’s no secret that YouTube’s app is accessible for the two platforms: Android as well as iOS.

Videos are playing in specific browsers (iOS)

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Although closing the screen and continuing play YouTube is not recommended for both Safari and Chrome, it’s possible to utilize the Apple Control Center with certain other browsers to get around YouTube’s restrictions. Firefox along with Opera Touch are two browsers that work using this method. we would recommend trying out all other iOS browsers you’d like to use. Here’s how you can put this technique to be effective.

  1. Then, go to YouTube via your browser of preference.
  2. After that, you can search for the desired video.
  3. After you’ve found and viewed the video, switch to the desktop-friendly version of this website. Be aware that this may differ according to the browser you’re using. However, it’s generally accessible by clicking by clicking the Options tab on the upper-right corner followed by tapping at the Desktop Site option.
  4. Start the video to play.
  5. Go back to your home screen and swipe upwards to open you’re Control Center.
  6. You must be able hit the play button to continue playing your video, even when your screen goes off.

Beware, you will not be able to turn off the video by using Control Center. Control Center again, but you can use the browser in order to stop it.

Video streaming using Firefox as well as Chrome (Android)

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Minimze YouTube videos on Android is possible using the help of both Firefox as well as Google Chrome. Both browsers are available however, the version you are using that you are using Chrome must be 54 or greater.

  1. Start Firefox or Chrome like you normally and visit YouTube. YouTube website. Be sure to enter “” into your URL entry, since clicking YouTube in Google search results can bring up the application.
  2. Choose the video that you would like to play for Minimize.
  3. You can access The Settings menu by pressing three dots on the upper right edge of your window. Afterward, tap Request Desktop Site.
  4. Play the video until it starts, and then press the home button in order to quit your internet browser. Be aware that if the video isn’t playing when you use Chrome it is possible that you be required to open the notifications bar before pressing play. Be sure to not close the screen prior to hitting the home button since that could trigger the video to stop.

Picture-in-picture mode on Android 8.0 Oreo and later

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This is cheating since it’s not an app that’s all. Since Android 8.0 Oreo, Android has enabled a ” picture-in-picture mode,” which automatically pops out a mini-viewing window when you are far from YouTube. The window can be moved across the screen and then tapped to open playback controls. It was initially available only to Premium subscribers only. However, in the year 2018, Google started offering picture-in-picture on YouTube to non-subscribers as well provided you’re located in the United States. But, it’s not compatible for content that is classified as music and you’ll have to pay for it. On the majority of Android phones, figuring the version that you’re running is fairly simple. Go the following menu: Settings, About Phone and then Android Version. Look through this guide to find out the date your phone was updated with the Android Oreo update, and then learn all you should be aware of the most recent version of the software, Android 11.

Picture-in-picture mode for iOS

After a long time, YouTube is finally rolling out the picture-in-picture feature to the majority of users with premium U.S. subscribers on iOS. It will soon be made available to non-premium subscribers. This means that everyone iOS subscribers who reside in the U.S. will be able watch YouTube videos through an open window once the application is shut down. It shouldn’t take long to wait to get this feature, however in the meantime, while you wait for release, you’ll still be able to utilize this Apple Control Center workaround we previously mentioned.

Playing videos using awesome pop-up video (Android)

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Although android 8.0 Orea has built-in features to support YouTube viewing, if have an older version that you have, you can download an application. Amazing Pop-up Videos will play the selected video with a pop-up display which allows you to do various things even while it plays. Download Awesome Pop-up video from Google Play, and then use the app directly for the particular video you wish to play. Click it and it will appear in a new window you can move around the screen like the Oreo picture-in-picture mode. If you shut off the screen, your video will end. But, using the picture-in picture format it is possible to be able to use the main screen while keeping the audio behind the scenes. Awesome Pop-Up video also provides an option to view videos downloaded offline and eliminating advertisements. However offline viewing isn’t possible for YouTube videos.

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