Knowing 3 Ways How to Insure Your Car

How to Insure a Car — Nowadays, the need for private vehicles is increasingly becoming a priority. Moreover, when the routine is so busy, having private vehicles, both motorbikes and cars, is very useful to support various activities. As owners and users of vehicles, both cars and motorbikes, safety and comfort in driving are of course our top priority.

However, the condition of the road as it is today makes the use of a car so close to risks such as accidents, losing a car, and many others. When experiencing this event, inevitably there are costs that must be incurred. Of course, depending on the risk experienced, light or large.

In order to avoid personal costs that have to be paid out, the right solution is to insure your car with an insurance company. Car insurance will protect and help to minimize additional costs if bad things happen to your car. That is why it is important for car owners to know how to insure a car.

Knowing How to Insure Your Car

1.Through the Website

You don’t have to bother anymore about how to get an insurance policy for your car. In the era of digital technology, there is already an insurance policy in digital form. To buy the policy, it’s very easy by visiting the website of the insurance company via your smartphone or computer. So, consumers no longer need to go anywhere.

Through the website, consumers only need to select ‘Buy Now’ then upload the complete documents and personal data. After that, select the desired payment method. When finished, determine the schedule within 6 days of ordering to immediately conduct a vehicle survey by the officers of the insurance company. It should not be very hard to know how to insure a car.

Furthermore, an e-policy (electronic policy) will be sent to your email within 1 x 24 hours after the process is approved and the survey is carried out. To give you a peace of mind, the insurance company will also send a physical policy to the address previously registered. You also don’t need to show a physical policy when making a claim, just bring an active STNK and SIM.

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If normally the business of picking up cars to the garage is troublesome and time-consuming, now it’s easier because usually the insurance company provides shuttle services to the vehicle to the workshop from the customer’s preferred location and return it from the workshop. This is the first easy way in order of how to insure a car.

2.Knowing the Type of Insurance

There is comprehensive, which covers risks due to partial loss, damage and total loss due to all risks as long as they are not excluded in the policy. And then there is Total Loss Only, which covers the risk of theft and damage if the repair costs are estimated to be equal to or exceed 75% of the vehicle price immediately before the loss. Total loss only covers the risk of loss due to crime and damage only. Provided that the repair costs for the damage are equal to or more than 75% of the total price of the car.

For example, someone has an accident while driving on the road. His car was hit by another car that was being driven carelessly. As a result, there are scratches on the body. When purchased, the car cost Rp. 150 million. Since the damage was only in the form of scratches, it is certain that the cost of repairs will not be up to 75 percent of Rp. 150 million. If you already know how to insure a car, this means that the insurance company will not cover these costs.

There is also All-Risk. As implied by the name of this type of car insurance coverage, all risks to the car are borne by the insurer. Repair costs of minor, heavy, and even lost will be paid by the company. With the example of a shuffling case that resulted in a scratch above, for example. Repair costs will be borne by the insurance company. Some Insurance products all risk also cover damage to other motorists’ cars. But most of these services are included in extended warranties, so they incur additional costs.

For example, we are negligent in driving a car so that we hit another car. We can end a debate on the road that causes traffic by directly giving the driver a name card or contact number to take care of repairs using the insurance we have. Due to the extent of this guarantee, the car insurance premium price all-risk is higher than the total loss only. Because, the cost of repairs to spare parts in expensive cars is different from cars that are cheaper. That is why it is important to know how to insure a car.

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3.Following the Claim Procedure

Submitting an insurance claim cannot be arbitrary. There are procedures that must be followed in order for the process to run smoothly. First is the deadline for reporting the incident. If it is a long time ago, the claim will be rejected. To be safer, make sure to contact the insurer to file a claim at least a day after the incident. Second, the document of the damage. The existence of a video or photo of the incident can be used as evidence to strengthen the claim so that the process is faster.

Third, you need to check the completeness of the document. Requirements for submitting claims are documents such as identity cards and driving licenses. No less important is the insurance policy. For serious damage or theft, a certificate from the police is required. Then after submitting a claim, wait for confirmation from the insurance. Usually an officer will be sent to check the condition of the car and ask consumers to fill out a claim form. This is the basic thing you need to know about how to insure a car.

Lastly, the form must be filled in completely, especially the details of the incident such as the day, date and time. If an irregularity is found, the insurance company has the right to reject the claim. Then take the car to the partner repair shop. If you repair a car in any repair shop, there is a risk that your claim will be rejected if the repair shop does not have a cooperation agreement with the insurance company. So these are the things that you need to know of how to insure a car.



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