How to Increase your Smartphone’s Battery Life?

How to Increase your Smartphone’s Battery Life – Staging design, display, and performance, the battery happens to be the elixir of life of all the top-notch, high-tech mobile computational devices. Without it, your latest smartphone remains functionless and purposeless in the palm of your hands. Since it is the fuel to our mini handheld computers, and consequently, the fuel to our day-to-day mobile-dependent business, we must not neglect the red warning bar at any cost.

Low battery levels or frequent shutdowns will not only bring your activities to a halt but may as well damage the machinery of your smartphone. They may even shorten the lifespan of your device or disrupt the system’s stability! Thus, it is important to keep your battery sufficiently charged at all times.

But of course, you can not leave it on charge for a solid three hours after five hours of intensive usage. For that very reason, you need to look for ways to increase its life instead. You need to adopt ways of sustaining the current battery percentage for a longer time.

With the methods mentioned below, you can increase your battery’s life and rid yourself of the power bank or charger worries, at least for a while.

Switch to Black

AMOLED technology, also called active-matrix organic light-emitting diode, is more commonly found in the latest smartphones due to its efficient display properties.

When you apply lighter wallpapers on smartphones with AMOLED display technology, such as Samsung Galaxy A50S, they utilize extra battery energy. The AMOLED pixels require more energy to illuminate the light-colored wallpapers fully. Therefore, the application of darker wallpapers can help save more battery life.

Turn on Power Saving Mode

In Pakistan, when purchasing smartphones, the immediate query for a majority, even before the features, is the cost. Whether asking for Xiaomi mobile price in Pakistan, remember that often greater prices, and better phone ideology means more battery drainage. The slim body design, more features, and faster processing of these high-end phones drain the battery life drastically. But, does this mean there is no solution to extend the battery life? Well, don’t worry because if you have the power saving mode, you can certainly save long hours!

The installation of power-saving mode in particular models like the Samsung Galaxy a34 allows the user to make the most of the cell phone in case of emergencies. The feature stops certain phone functions, so that battery life increases. In Samsung Galaxy a34, the second power-saving mode limits access to all the applications except the essential ones like contacts.

Pause the Active Tracking System

The active tracking system of your smartphone, including Bluetooth, NFS, GPS, and Google Assistant, also consumes much of your battery life. It is because the system attempts to keep itself updated, which requires energy usage. Thus, it is advisable to pause the applications when not using it. A simple search through the settings will help you temporarily disable the features.

Avoid Extremes

Newer models of smartphones come equipped with advanced lithium-ion batteries. These rechargeable batteries work a bit differently from the older versions. Instead of working and managing themselves, best at 100%, these batteries work most efficiently on 50% only.

That’s because smartphones, nowadays, have a capacity for a specific number of charge cycles. So, if you drain the mobile to 0% and charge it up again to 100%, the device becomes short of one charge cycle. Thus, it is best to provide short-charge smartphones with lithium-ion batteries. A 20-90 percent charge will enable longer run-time than 0%, 10%, or 100%.

Along the same lines, if you’re planning to turn off your mobile phone for a while, its best to charge it to 50 percent and then turn it off.

Opt for Stronger Signals

The strength of WiFi signals or cellular data has a lot to do with your battery life. Poor signals can impose stress on your phone’s battery. That’s because the phone keeps boosting its signal to establish a stable connection with that of the distant router or tower. Thus, using energy and reducing battery life. If you have a better cellular data network at the moment, it’ll be wiser to disable the weak WiFi connection and connect with a stable, stronger cell signal instead.

In case you’re not going to have access to WiFi or cellular data for a while, you can switch on the Airplane mode. It will prevent unnecessary wastage of battery as the smartphone will quit looking for potential connections.


Apart from these quick and easy battery-saving methods, you can try removing energy-draining applications and on-screen widgets. In this complex world, where smartphones are an integral part, one must be aware of efficient tips. Best of luck!

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